This is written by Rayla_Lynx (a.k.a. WildCat7812)

Chapter One: The Break In

United Federation Laboratories 23:30 Hours

Flyng, Predator, and Lightning had broken into the base via air vents. This was easy due to them being the most flexible, slim, and swift members, so they could fit. The plan was to break into the control room and open all the experiments' cages and open all security doors, so Sleuth, Drago, and Simian could break in more easily without much effort. It wouldn't be long.

Control Room 23:31 Hours

"What was that?" one of the gaurds staring at one of the monitors asked.

"I don't know. It looks like-" Another said before the infiltrators burst right into the room via the air vent. Flying Frog wrapped his tongue around the guy in the revolving chair infront of the controls so he couldn't touch anything to alert the other gaurds, completely covering the gaurd's entire torso and arms with his long, sticky tongue, while Predator and Lightning beat the other gaurds to submission. Flying then flung the guy into the opposite wall before pressing the red button, which opened the gates from outside.

Gateyard 23:32 Hours

"Alright!" Sleuth yelled. "Destructix! Move out!" And with that, the bigger, brutal members moved in through the gates.

Dimensional Gateway Testing Grounds 23:40 Hours

A young blonde girl with blue eyes was at the controls of the Dimensional Gateway, while other people in lab coats and goggles (like her) were standing around. Her name was Hope Robotnik.

"Okay," she said, "Energy stabilized, all systems are a go! Staring test now... What the--!" she exclaimed when the Destructix burst through the heavy metal doors. Soldiers and lab assistants received brutal beatings from the criminals when they tried to resist. Hope was under the control table, walkie-talkie inhand. "Commader Tower? Commander! Please come in!"

"This is Tower. What's the problem, Hope?"

"We're under attack! SEND HELP!!" She was then grabbed from under the table and the walkie-talkie fell out of her hand, causing her to let out a yelp.

"Hope? Hope! Come in!" the Commander called to no avail.

GUN HQ Briefing Room 23:41 Hours

After seconds of silence, the Commander turned to Shadow and Rouge, ordering, "Go to the Dimensional Gateway testing grounds now. Hope's life might be in danger."

"Yes, Sir, Commander," The 2 stated before leaving.

Dimensional Gateway Testing Grounds 23:42 Hours

"Alright, little girl," Drago snarled, "Who was that on the talkie and what did you tell him?"

"Nothing! Just let me go!" she cried while Lightning tried to dislodge the purple emerald.

Suddenly, Drago got angry and yelled, "YOU TELL US NOW!!!" before slamming a fist on the panel. This started the machine up, electrocuting the lynx, sending him (and the emerald) into the opposite wall. His comrades immediately stopped fighting and went over to him.

Simian picked up the unconscious lynx stating, "We have what we came for, lets go."

"Agreed," said Sleuth. "Let's go." And with that, the group left, leaving the Dimensional Gateway sparking, acting strangely.

Chapter Two: Interdimensional Chaos

Special Zone: Viral Barracks Prime 23:35 Hours

"Are you sure this is the place, Wind?" a female lynx asked the hawk beside her. She was pink with white hair, and a white muzzle/front. She wore a short, purple skirt with darker trimming and a round, golden buckle, a short-sleeved, midriff-baring, purple blouse with similar trimming, purple, short, high-heeled boots with purple stripes, purple, long, detached sleeves with the same trimming, light purple tights, and a purple headdress with lighter trim, two red diamond hanging from the sides, and an orange, tear-drop-shaped jewel in the middle.

The blue, male hawk with her nodded his head, stating, "This is where they keep their warp rings, Chelo. This has to be the place." He had blue eyes, wore a brown bandolier, belt with holster and silver gun, and brown ankle boots. He also wore round, brown goggles on his head.

"Well, if you say so, Love, then you're right." Wind smiled back at Chelo and kissed her on the lips before the two went further into the armoury. They soon came across a metal, cylinder casing with a glass window in place. Chelo saw what looked like rings inside. She opened the door and grabbed one before closing it.

"I got it," she stated before she turned around. "Now let's g-" She was suddenly knocked to the side by a strong slap at her head. When she hit the wall, she felt a sharp pain where she hit it. She touched the area and looked at her hand. It was a warm, red substance: Blood.

"Where do you think you're going, Traitors?" the attacker asked. She wore a black bodysuit with long, black gloves, thigh-high boots, and a crown with the points going to the back of her head. She had red fur, with white hair and green eyes. Her face was completely white as salt.

"Uh-oh!" Chelo stated when she saw the angry lynx Queen.

"Daemon." Wind said coldly. "Should've figured when someone revealed who I was that there was a spy." Chelo picked up the ring and put it on her ring finger.

"Maybe we should go," she suggested before she and Wind ran for the door. They ran for the door, but Daemon was already there infront of it.

"Chelo," Wind said in a very serious tone. "Get behind the crates. Now." Chelo ran as fast as she could to the crates. Daemon attempted to take a grab at Wind, but Wind was fast. He jumped in the air and landed behind Daemon. He got onto her back and held her neck in a headlock. "Waver! Laser!" he yelled at a small computer on his wrist. a laser then shot into Daemon's skull, but she survived that.

"You fool!" she angrilly yelled at the hawk. "I have been in battles for years! What made you think that a small laser would hurt me, let alone kill?!" She then grabbed him and threw him on the ground. Her claws then extended and she stabbed the hawk in the chest with them. He let out a scream as he felt all his life energy being drained from him, turning him transparent. She then threw him to the crates.

"WIND!" Chelo screamed as she ran over to him. She then crouched down and held him in her arms, crying softly.

Wind then let out a groan before speaking, "Ch-Chelo?"

"Yeah?" Chelo asked as she felt tears drop from her eyes.

"T-take this." He then placed his pistol belt around her waist. "This." He put his bandolier on her. "And...Take my bag...Avenge me..." He then passed out and died. The lynx lowered her head and cried, not noticing Daemon was right behind her. Daemon extended her claws and nearly striked Chelo in the back, but she suddenly flashed along with Wind and disappeared just moments before impact.

"Curses!" Daemon excaimed as she freed her claws from the metal ground.

Special Zone; The Badlands; 22:30 Hours

Terios and his siblings ran away from the Viral patrol as he carried his girlfriend Terra in his arms, as she was shocked from an earlier laser blast.

"Terios the Hedgehog of the Elemental Resistance! Surrender and pay for your crimes!"

"Never, Morons!" He yelled. He knew that he and everyone that was with him would be killed anyway, so he had nothing to lose by running.

Suddenly, he appeared to be running in-place as an aurora enveloped him and the group. When he saw they were being transported, he smirked at his hunters and gave a wave goodbye before being transported, causing them to curse as they jumped up and down on the ground in anger.

Chapter Three: Troubles Begin

Mobius Prime; Great Forest; 23:50 Hours

Chelo and Wind were transported into the forest. Chelo continued to weep over her dead lover. "Wind...Why?WHHHHYYYYYY!!!???!!!" she cried. After she had a good cry, she turned her body to see some huge figures rustleing in the leaves.

"Who's there?" she asked timidly.

Empire City; Central City; Station Square; 10:30 Hours

A drifter by the name of Retro Coolness was riding his motorcycle in the area when an aurora appeared infront of him.

He was a blue fox with a pomp and ducktails hairstyle and a black leather jacket with matching boots.

He turned and pushed down on the brakes, burning rubber as he skidded to the side. He was just mere inches of hitting the aurora when he completely stopped. Fwoosh and Frostria then appeared from out of the aurora before it disappeared, dropping onto the concrete with a thud. "Where...Are we?" Frostria asked, stunned. They then noticed Retro.

"Who are you?" Fwoosh asked.

"I'm the Coolness, but you can just call me Retro," he said as he offered her a paw, which she took before he helped her up.

"I'm Fwoosh the Fox and this is my best friend, Frostria Valentine," the vixen replied with a sweet smile.

Empire City; Skyscrapers; 11:10 Hours

Terios and his brothers suddenly appeared over the many sky scrapers. One problem: They were too high. They then fell as Terios yelled, "ACTIVATE YOUR POWER!!! ACTIVATE THE STUPID THINGS NOW!!!!" scared stupid.

Terios got his activated first, creating a long downward ramp of ice, so he and Terra were safe as he slowly slid to the nearest building. Fireball activated his pyrokinesis instead and flew high above the skies to see where they were as Aqua used his to turn to water, so he could servive the fall to the concrete. Stryke turned into a bolt of lightning and spindashed into a building, destroying all the windows in the entire thing, causing Terios to slap himself in the face at Stryke's disregard for human life and property.

"That idiot's gonna get us into so much trouble and debt one day...!"

"Hey Terios!" Fireball yelled, causing the icehog to look up. "I got some bad news! We aren't anywhere on Vi-Ron!"

"Well...Where are we?" Fireball then got out a stopwatch-like tracker and pushed down on the top button before worrying.

"Umm...It says we are at 'Unknown Location'."

"Blast it!...Well, we better get to Aqua before the local fuzz gets here and busts us for the windows." And with that, they left down the building.

Mystic Ruins; Train Station; 11:30 Hours

Sylvan and Flare had accidently landed on an explorer in the area, and after some apologies were made, they got on the train to Station Square to find Frostria and Fwoosh, as they knew of Frostria's obvious obsession with shopping, malls, and clothes.

Mobian Jungle; Ape Colony;A Week Later; 7:00 Hours

Chelo slowly woke from a long sleep in the bedroom of the Colony Elder's grandson, Simon. He had left over a year ago. At first they thought he was dead, but he later came back stronger and muscular than ever before. They tried to make him a sergeant, but he just took the sergeant sash and left them.

She got changed from her purple nightgown into Wind's boots, gloves, gun belt, katana, bandolier, and goggles before heading outside with Wind's bag on her back.

After saying her good-byes to the colony, she left on her way.

Time to see what this new world is like... she told herself, unaware of a creature in the shadows following her from the bushes. It had one right red eye and one green eye, both slitted.

Chapter Four: Overall Aftermath

Station Square Regional Mall; 11:30 Hours

"Oh...My...Gosh!" Frostria screamed when she saw all the sales. "Look at all these cute clothes!"

"Well this is one of the biggest malls in the city, Frosty," Retro pointed out.

"What're you gonna buy, Frostria?" Fwoosh asked her friend.

"Maybe that cute dress with the matching shoes, and the purse, and....and..."

"FROSTRIA!!!FWOOSH!!!" 2 familliar voices called out. They turned to find Sylvan and Flare running at them.

"Sylvan! Flare!" Fwoosh exclaimed.

"Where were you 2 by the way?" Frostria asked.

"Over 250 shopping malls later," Flare responded, causing the white vixen to giggle.

"Who's that guy?" Sylvan asked, pointing at Retro.

"I'm Retro Coolness, but you can call me Retro." Just then, a tomato came out of nowhere and hit Retro in the right eye. "MODERN HIPSTER!!!!" the fox yelled before running in the direction that he got hit from.

"Does this always happen?" Sylvan asked.

"You don't know the half of it," Fwoosh responded.

New Mobotropolis Collisium; 12:30 Hours

Chelo was watching the new Forget Me Knots concert. After the show was over, Sally came to give Mina a medal, as her music had helped the Freedom Fighters over the years.

Freedom Fighter...That was what opened Chelo's mind up. This was a kingdom, but everyone here seemed happy and free. Back in the Viral Kingdom, everyone was in fear and everything seemed depressed. Maybe this was going to be her new home.

Suddenly, a gun shot was heard. Chelo turned to see who shot it, and it turned out to be Fang the Sniper. She then turned to see the Princess shot and on the floor. While others were tending to her, the weasel was getting away.

'I don't think so, Weasel Boy!' Chelo thought before chasing the weasel. She climbed onto a high building and followed him by hopping building to building. When she was ahead of the weasel, she jumped down from the high building and landed right infront of him, leaving the place where she landed cracked. She then gaqve him a punch in the face, knocking him out as the Freedom Fighters arrived.

Later after the police took the weasel away, Sonic said, "That was awesome what you did! Not alot of people would do that!"

"It was nothing!" Chelo replied, blushing, while scratching the back of her head.

"Would you like to be a Freedom Fighter?"

"Sure!" Chelo said excitedly, clapping her hands and jumping up and down.

Her career as a Freedom Fighter had begun.

Chapter Five: The Division

New Mobotropolis, Chelo's House 13:30 Hours

Chelo packed her items into a brown, rugged backpack, huffing with anger. These disloyal Mobians just gave the crown of the Naugus just because of their fears. Things had been going so bad months after the Iron Dominion was defeated that Chelo wasn't sticking around for anything worse to happen. After she packed all her gear into her bag, she grabbed her green extreme gear board, left her home and left the protective shields of the city. She then made her way to the Bottom of the Barrel Bar 'N' Grill, her badly torn and ripped boots and gloves flapping in the wind.

Great Forest, 14:01 Hours

Chelo was boarding when all of a sudden, a dark beam hit her board, causing her to fall to the ground and cough up a few drops of blood. She looked to see who her attacker was and saw a grey wolf with green eyes. He wore a green undershirt, black pants, black boots, a black coat, and black, fingerless gloves with purple squares and cuffs .

"What was the big idea, buddy-boy?!" Chelo yelled.

The wolf just smiled at her and said, "My name is Andrew Nightlord, expert mercenary assassin, and I've just been contracted to kill you."

"Fine then, Wolf, you won't kill me for your boss!!" She charged at Andy and threw a punch at him that connected to his jaw, knocking him back a bit. He reacted with a dark slash that barely missed Chelo, but it took off her bandolier and tool belt, angering her beyond boiling point. She threw down her goggles and charged at Andy, attacking as fast as she could with some Martial Arts style. This was one style Andy didn't know. Suddenly a laser came into contact with Andy's chest. His body started to glow black. His eyes became red and black smoke. She felt her heart beat up to her mouth as his hands glowed purple.

"Whahahahaah! I'm back! Nightflare is all the way back!! I have my host under control again! Now I'm free too devour souls! Starting with yours, Chelo Viral!!"

Chelo quickly ran away from him, but he was faster and grabbed her by the neck. She used one hand to try to pull his hand off, but then he grabbed off Waver. He then crushed, crushing it beyond repair.

"Prepare to face bloody death, lynx! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!" He then teleported them into the sky, then slashed, stabbed, punched, and kicked the lynx to near death, then finished off with a knee to the back when they were near the ground. It left a huge crater. Chelo was badly hurt and bleeding. She appeared dead.

He approached her slowly so he could devour her soul, but when he tried, he felt nothing. "What going on--" Then Chelo leaped at him, extending her claws, stabbing with both hands into his stomach. Dark energy bagan to drain into her.

"Nooo!" Nightflare screamed. "YOU WON"T TAKE MY HOST FROM ME!!!!" He then exploded, sending the 2 of them away from eachother.

"ANDY!!!" a voice screamed from Fiona as she ran to his side. "What did that girl do to him?"

"I don't know," Simian said, "But Andy's back to normal now." While the others attended to Andy, Lightning approached Chelo. He knelt down next to her body. He sent a hand through her hair. Chelo slowly opened her eyes, only to meet Lightning's. She gasped as her eyes widened. She quickly kicked him off and ran far away.

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