This is an article about Neulo the Pikachu, a character created by CrymsonShokwave.


Neulo (pronounced NEW-LOW) the Pikachu has yellow fur, tan skin, clack markings on her ears and tail, and red circles on her cheeks. She has brown shoulder-length hair and has brown eyes. She wears a white spaghetti strap shirt, a red skirt, red and white mid-leg length boots, white gloves with black wrist bands, and a red bow on her right ear.


She is a very cheery person who always has a perky smile on her face. She is always doing what she calls it her giddy skip whenever she's super happy. She has a crush on Burg the Hedgefox, but hates him when he always call her 'Sparky'.


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She, like most Pikachus, can store up electricity in her. With that power, she can create a massive power outage and cause a lightning storm to occur. She has a stunning speed, like Sonic. With her Quick Attack, she can run up to 60 mph.


Like any Pikachus, her weakness is ground type attacks. Her other weakness is people misspelling her name, even mispronouncing it, which makes her have a huge temper.

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