Nero the Greninja is an antagonistic, corrupt, and evil individual who was a minor antagonist in The Legend of Fox the Brave, serving as the main antagonist of Dawn of the Alliance. He is a major character/villain in the Legends of the Megastone Rogues series, being the main antagonist of both Tai's Travels stories, and being the Protagonist Villain of Nero's Vengeance and Nero's Madness.


Being a Greninja, Nero looks like an anthropomorphic blue frog with a tan face, belly and tan webbing between his fingers and toes. He also has red eyes and his long pink tongue is wrapped around his neck like a scarf(this does not impede his ability to speak, however)


As Froakie/Early as Frogadier: In his youth, Nero was very friendly and shown to extremely dislike his lineage as the son of Shuri-the evil Greninja who led the Outsiders at that time.

Late as Frogadier/As Greninja: After his prison sentence, Nero went mad. Despite his madness, Nero is suave, confident, aggressive, corrupt, mean, somewhat sadistic, short-tempered, and manipulative.


As Froakie: Nero was brought along on Shuri's raiding party that resulted in the murder of Morocco and Maya and the abduction of their younger son Cori's egg(before Cori himself hatched). Nero didn't like this and visited Tai the day after the attack, comforting him and becoming his friend. He admitted to being the son of Morocco and Maya's murderer, Shuri, after an elderly Mightyena revealed this in an attempt to get them apart. Despite his dislike of Nero's lineage, Tai became close friends with the Froakie, and they also befriended a Bunnelby and a Snorunt.

As Frogadier: Despite his father's objections, Nero remained Tai's friend. At an unknown point in time, Nero was caught and arrested for a theft. During this time(revealed in the Prologue of Nero's Madness), Sonic.EXE visited him with the promise to help him kill Tai in return for help killing Fox. After being released six months later, Nero attacked and began strangling Tai after leaping on the Charmeleon once he was released from his cell. Tai managed to throw him off into a wall, and Nero fled. He returned to the Outsiders and told his father what he'd done. Satisfied, Shuri praised his son for what he'd done, thus worsening Nero's madness and the rift between him and Tai. An unknown time later, Nero evolved into Greninja.

As Greninja: Nero would partake in several raids on The Megastone Rogues' camp, one of which resulted in the death of his father Shuri after Tai-now a Mega Charizard Y-performed a front flip, unintentionally and fatally breaking Shuri's spine with a blow from his tail. Nero swore vengeance against a shocked and upset Tai. Later, Nero would find himself in a relationship with Nya, a young Frogadier who also loved Tai. Nero would become enraged when Nya revealed that the two Froakie eggs that would be his sons were going to be raised in the Megastone Rogues, since she knew Tai would teach them right from wrong. After Clamshell and Splash hatched out, Nero attacked the camp and stole all the Young Ones, and was more than willing to let Tai get his sons Pyro and Flare and Tyrone the Tyrantrum's boys Grunt and Runt back in exchange for him keeping his sons. After Nya renounced any allegiance to either the Outsiders or the Megastone Rogues, Tai angrily confronted Nero about this, but he passively remarked that she was "too blind to see where [their sons] truly belonged". While Clamshell and Splash grew up, he frequently bullied them and continued to antagonize the Megastone Rogues. Clamshell and later Splash would flee from the Outsiders, with Clamshell disappearing(his fate never revealed), and Splash journeying with Austin and Locke for a bit before finding the Megastone Rogues and rejoining them. When he and some of his comrades attack a Megastone Rogues patrol consisting of Tai, Nya, Splash, and Evan the Trevenant, Nero unintentionally kills Nya when she takes a blow meant for Splash and dies as a result. He is then beaten badly by an enraged Tai despite the Charizard's Type Disadvantage. During Dawn of the Alliance, Nero would begin bullying Fox, who was recovering from serious injuries suffered during his fight with Sonic.EXE prior to the events of the story, but was defeated. In Nero's Madness, Nero manipulated Fox's bitter nephew Wilder, who was angry over the death of his father Maako because of Metal Sonic(in the short story The Tyranny of Metal Sonic). Wilder would later betray Nero in favor of his uncle Fox, however, when Sonic.EXE temporarily returned, and Wilder saved Fox-who had a broken arm at that time-from falling off a ledge. After Sonic.EXE was defeated by Fusion Fox, Nero was arrested. He later made a very minor appearance in Dallas and Dakota: Brothers in Trouble, when he is seen in the cell next to Scourge the Hedgehog's in the highest cell block. It's mentioned that even he is nervous at Austin's furious outburst after Finitevus captures Dallas.


Nero's full moveset has never been mentioned. The only moves he's seen knowing are Water Shuriken, Smokescreen, and Double Team.


Nero's exact Ability is unknown, since he's mentioned to have Protean at one point, then Torrent at another.


Like all Greninja, Nero can utilize stealth, and can use his tongue-scarf like a hand to reach things out of reach or use it like a weapon to slap his enemies. He has been seen doing neither.


As with all Pokemon of his Type(Water and Dark), Nero is weak to Electric, Bug, Fairy, and Fighting. He resists Fire, Ice, Steel, Dark, and Water, and is immune to Psychic altogether. Unlike Fire, Rock, and Ground-Type Pokemon that have appeared in the series, Nero's weaknesses have never showed up as a fear at any point in time.


Though Nero's fate has never been revealed after Dallas and Dakota: Brothers in Trouble, the creator of The Legend of Fox the Brave has confirmed that Nero died in prison of old age.

  • Given that he was mad and evil at the time of his death, but originally a good-hearted character, it's unknown whether he join the Spirits in the Stars(where the spirits of good or neutral people go), or the Spirits in the Shadows(the Fox the Brave Universe's equivalent of the Place of No Stars/Dark Forest from the Warriors book series)

Nero was originally to be named Vero, but a typo occurred and the name stuck

  • The name Vero has since been given to his great-grandfather, the Greninja who helped Redstone and later his grandson Ferrell.
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