Neptunian Utopia is the fourth stage in team Heroes' story in the game Sonic Shockwave Riders.


The Babylon Rogues await Sonic, Tails and Knuckles on an isolated underwater temple. After giving them the coordinates of the location, the team head to their destination. Inside, they discover an altar where they place the 3 Shockwave Keys, revealing information about them through a hologram. The altar releases 3 beams, each leading to the next Shockwave Keys. The temple is revealed to be an ancient Babylon Garden.


The race takes place in an underwater temple. Although underwater, many chambers in the temple lack water in order for the race to happen. There are several broken collapsed pillars for the player to make his way through the course and perform tricks. The course mainly consists of waterfalls, broken pillars and bridges. In the middle of the race, the player makes his way by jupming from a huge waterfall and landing onto a broken pillar ejecting from the waters. Having little loops, large ramps and wide long roads, the stage is relatively easy. The stage has multiple shortcuts for speed, power and fly-type characters, most of which are easy to find.


In the race, the player can choose up to 3 characters. In this stage however, there are a total of 3 racers only: Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. The mission of the player is to simply reach his destination on time.

Mission Clear the stage in under 2:20 minutes.
Characters Sonic or Tails or Knuckles
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