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Neos the Hedgehog
3 ft. 7 in.
77 lbs
March 21
Chaos, hamburgers, fast cars, stealing stuff
Flowers, the police, rules
Original Creator


Neos is just plain mean most of the time. He is primarily characterized by rebilliousness and selfishness. That, and his attitude. Like many bad guys, he thinks he's better than everyone else. Along with that he believes everything is his to take if he wants it. He enjoys havoc and loves nothing more than to cause trouble. He especially likes standing off against people who are supposed to have authority. Also, he is a loner and won't let anyone close to him, with few exceptions. He is rather outspoken and has some sort of comment about everything, regardless of rather it is appropriate or intelligent. Despite this, he is not one to talk about his "feelings".

Physical Characteristics


Neos is a black hedgehog with dark blue stripes on his spines. He has purple shaggy hair that covers his forehead and a peach muzzle and arms. His eyes are purple.


He wears a black jacket over a purple sleeveless shirt and baggy pants with chains on them. His shoes are purple with white stripes and he has black gloves.


Neos has very casual mannerisms, to the point of sometimes being rude. The way he walks and stands has a kind of cool-guy attitude. He'll sit wherever he wants and put his feet up on tables or anything nearby.


Neos has the ability to control his shadow. When dormant it sits flat on the ground like any other shadow except it stays more defined regardless of the lighting. He is able to simply make it stretch across the ground and grab things and also to make it fully stand up as a semi-solid figure. These abilities are the most powerful at sunset when the sun creates longs shadows. The shadow is very strong and has many powerful slashing attacks. Neos often tag-teams with it or has it break stuff or fight while he does something else.

His shadow is mostly indestructible but can be weakened with energy blasts. If people can avoid the shadow a weakness would be to go after Neos himself.


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Dana the White Wolf

Dana is the one person Neos ever truely loved. When they met it was love at first sight. He doesn't even care that she's technically a hero.

Dan the Red Wolf

Dan doesn't like Neos messing with his sister, Dana. Neos doesn't care what he thinks and does it anyway. This obviously causes tension.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Although Neos never really liked Shadow to begin with, thinking he was some lame G.U.N. lacky, now he absolutely hates him for hurting Dana.

General Tower

In Neos' opinion, General Tower is a stupid stick in the mud with too many rules.


Neos hates the fun ruining G.U.N. Especially since the captured him once.

Roleplay Apearances

Attack on Downtown

Disease X

Off The Grid


~"Nope." - (Attack on Downtown)

~"She's talking about me, genius." - (Attack on Downtown)

~"We're supposed to be afraid of plants?" - (Attack on Downtown)

~"HEY! No one steals my burger and lives!" - (Attack on Downtown)


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