Neo the celiod
Real Name
Celloid Cyborg
Hand morphing, various weapon knowledge, Hacking, Seduction, Diplomacy, Assassination skills
Betraying people, killing people she no longer needs, Dating, Pasta
Being betrayed, men in general, her family, People she can't kill
Ideal Voice Actress
Meredith McCoy
Theme Song
Toxic Rain by Two Steps from Hell

Character Overveiw

Neo (neɪoʊ) also known as Raven, Is a Genetically Engineered Mobian with reptilian and feline qualities. She Is one of the three Celloids created by Spawn the Shade. She was made to reflect a Gizoids abilities to turn their bodies into various weapons. Because of this she has robotic hands that can do just that.


Spawn the Shade created Raven and Victor as the first ever Celloids, Raven was given the job to convince Spawns old allies to reform their villainous ways. Raven felt this was an impossible mission but she atempted to carry out her purpose for 10 years. When she reached the age of 16 her brother Victor tried to kill her. This Led her to renounce her Family and she changed her Name to Neo so that Victor couldn't find her again. She decide to dedicate her life to cutting all ties to her past so that no one could betray her again. Over time she has become more and more paranoid and has even gone as far as Killing her boyfriends when they break up.


Neo is a twisted Celloid who's Paranoia can escalate without a moments notice. But on the surface she is a short tempered Seducer with a genius for deception. Despite this, she has been known to show sincer kindness to others, and seems much more comfortable when around honest and kind people. However, Neo's paranoia always wins out in the end and she'll eventually grow to mistrust even the most honest of people.


Having the genes of felines and reptiles Neo is viciously agile. Her Metallic hands can morph into any sort of weapon but the weapons functionality is limited to melee weapons unless she is given some sort of ammo for a ranged weapon. As it is based on Nocturnus technoligy, she can also use gizoid parts to expand the size of her hands transformation, though only until she needs to rely on her agility again as larger weapons would slow her down. Her reptile genes grant her the ability to fully recover from any ingury if given enough time, even to the point of regaining a lost limb, though she cannot regenerate her hands and would need to recover them if lost. She also has jet shoes that she uses for combat rather then travel.

Neo battle by blazecandy-d5dt45g

Neo making use of her Jet shoes.


Seeing as Most of Neo's life is not set in stone, Her age is not given. This is so that when she is used she can be whatever age suits the story. It should be noted that she cannot be under 16 as she is an entirely different character before then. If she is depicted as 15 or under She will not call herself anything other than Raven. Raven's Bio may be added at a later date but until then She will be merely "Neo" and always 16 years or older.


Pc neo and james by c8lin the hedgie-d53oj0i

Neo Teasing her younger brother.

James The Celloid When around James, Neo tones down a lot of her Mannerisms, This is either because she cares about him more than anyone else, or because she's indifferent to his innocent demeanor.

Victor the Celloid Neo despises her twin brother with all her heart, but she often helps him with his plans either accidentally or to keep her identity hidden from him.

Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze the Ookami Neo attempted to assassinate Jonic when she was 20. The two fought on equal levels and wore each other out within a few minutes. Jonic took Neo to a village with him to recuperate and since then Neo has been questioning her motives.

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