Cquote1 I don't know where you're going kid. There's a lot of Mobius out there to see, I learned that only just recently. We been bashed, beaten, and all around just...not good. I understand if you want to leave, after what happened to your family and all, but you know, I was thinking. What if you stayed here with us? You could stay in a new home, with us as your new family? What do you say, Kid? What if you stay and become a knight? Cquote2
Neo talking with Delta Radon.

Neo Tranquil the Fox

Neo Tranquil (reboot)

Biographical Information
Age  17    
  • Neo
  • Thief
  • Brother (Era)
  • Master (Kala)
Relatives Ages Tranquil, Markus Tranquil, Kari Tranquil, Era Tranquil
Romantic Interest(s)

Trinity Moon

Physical Description
Species Mobian/Fox
Gender Male
  • Fur: Green
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Green
  • A world between
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliation Chaotic Good
Weaponry The Avenger
  • Swordplay
  • Aerokinesis
  • Stealth
  • Light Magic
Other Information
Japanese V.A. Kōji Yusa
American V.A. Neoexlucky
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Neoexlucky

Neo Aero Tranquil is a 17 year old green Fox and a former thief of Station Square. He is the son of Kari and Markus Tranquil, the brother of Detective Ages Tranquil and twin brother of the assassin Era Tranquil. Neo Tranquil was born and raised as a Noble family in Station Square and has never had to worry about anything in his life involving money. He formerly stole for the sheer fun of doing so, but recently had a change of heart. He became the Leader of the Mythic Knights on October 12th, 2015. He is romantically involved with Fey Wayward, despite the fact that he is technically betrothed to Trinity Moon. Neo is known for leading his team through several battles, including through the Leo Tournament and against the Scientist known as Dr. Radon. Although unknown to him, he is the virtue of Bravery in a group known as the Shards of Light.

Neo Tranquil's parents are former adventures Kari and Markus Tranquil. Both of whom got famous for discovering the ancient ruins of the Chaos Echidna tribe and for fighting off a cult of mobians who worshipped the tribe as gods. Their thrilling tales seemed to have inspired their children, as all of their kids are also involved in adventures.

Ages Tranquil is four years older than Neo, and happens to be very intelligent. After graduating High School early on in his childhood, Ages Tranquil decided to become a Police Officer and at the age of 18, was able to do so. However recently he has left the police force to lead his own team of Private Investigators under the name of the Mobian Mysteries Detective Agency.

Era Tranquil is Neo's twin sister and has recently joined a Mysterious group known as the Remnents of the Scythe. Although most of the group's identity is unknown, Era's power has increased sharply since she joined and is now considered to be one of the strongest people that Neo knows, as she was able to defeat him in a single attack.



Almost all of Neo's body is covered in his forest green fur, while his chest, and muzzle and lower part of his tail are snow white. His tousled hair is thick often falling just above his eyes. Most of his hair brushed to the left side when he doesn't want to deal with it. His eyes were blue, but simply saying his eyes are blue is like saying the sun is yellow. sufficient but not accurate. It wasn't just sky blue or the color of the flowers that spring up beside buildings and roads, or even like the paint chipping off an old farmhouse in the hot dry sun. His eyes are blue like the sea. Looking into them, you can see the foam forming near the end, you can smell the salt in the air, you can hear the waves churn as they move to and fro off of the hot sand. His eyes were blue like the sky just before the sun goes behind the horizon, dark-indigo. You can see intelligence and a gentle calm in there, but also a sense of intense mystery and an inquisitive feeling.


Neo currently wears a pair of black worn-out shoes with a strange pattern on the soles. He wears a pair of very pristine white pants which never seem to get dirty. His gloves are pure white like a rabbit in a snowstorm, with no sign of any scroff or wear on them whatsoever. His shirt is often a black or red T-shirt, made to be loose and comfy, but not getting in the way of his work. His belt is white, with nothing to spectacular about it, save for the buckle which appeared to be made out of silver.  With the loss of his beloved old coat, Neo now currently wears a white and aqua hoddie, often with the front zipper undone to show his t-shirt. The aqua padding on appears to be simply design choice, however upon closer inspection the pads are made out of some strange material, which seems to absorb damage as if the jacket were made out of metal. Although he lost most of his old clothing during his time as a prisoner, his Fedora was the one thing that managed to survive. Neo now considers it to be a good luck charm and wears it everywhere.


To be blunt, Neo just doesn't care. He's a fox who, for all of his life, has been given everything he could have ever wanted. Any and everything was his. He didn't have to worry about sharing or have to worry about money, his family was loaded, it didn't matter to him how much something cost. He's always been just a little bit stingy and because of this factor in his life, it's only gotten stronger. He doesn't care if someone he doesn't know is getting hurt, or if someone he doesn't know is suffering. He's never met them, they've never done anything for them, why should he care in the first place?

He can be a bit arrogant too. Since attending Phoenix Academy, a combat oriented school, he's gained skill in the art of combat, being specialized in his pair of claws; Arsenic and Cyanaide. He likes to think of himself as a master of battle, and while he couldn't be any farther off, he does take an AP course in combat classes, so there is reason behind why he thinks this. His pride is a big problem and his ego can be one of the biggest things ever.

Neo also loves adventure, or a type of adventure. Neo took to his thief skills as an outlet for his thirst for 'adventure'. The thrill of the hunt, having his blood boil, his heart beat harder than a drum, It was all a joy for him to experience. He doesn't really care what he steals, so long as he can steal something and feel the rush once more. One may say he is a kleptomaniac, and they would be correct, Neo's love of 'adventure' is often fufilled through stealing. Nowadays, it's often sated through the actual adventures he goes on, thanks to a series of events that led him to a becoming a 

Neo isn't compeletly heartless though, he does have a few redeeming qualities. Neo is loyal to his friends, no matter what may come. He doesn't like to owe people things, and will pay back any and all debts made on his behalf, and this includes all the help his friends give him. Zero, Fey, Trinity, and Celia all are his close friends and he will not allow them to come to harm. They all try to help lead him towards a better path, and while it may not always work, and maybe sometimes he can't stand the lot of them, they are his closest companions and he knows he can rely on them and vice versa.


Early life

On June 1st, 1998, a young, green fox was born into the wealthy Tranquil Family, raised by Kari and Markus, and being the younger brother to Ages Tranquil. Neo was raised throughout his life mainly by Kari Tranquil, his mother, which is why he has a soft spot for 'sob stories' involving someone's mother. Most of Neo's younger years are quite uneventful and it wasn't until he started middle school that things started to take quite a turn.

Neo Tranquil happened to be born around the same time that Trinity Moon was born. Both the Moon family and the Tranquil family had years of friendship between them, and both of their fathers one day got together to celebrate. During this time, they had their children betrothed to one another. The families continuted to be together for quite a while, until the Moon family changed locations to another town, when Neo was ten, and thus he never got to see his friend Trinity again.

During Middle school, Neo was enrolled at Signal Academy, a school for designing and discovering a person's innate talents. Neo went to this school for a while and it wasn't until near the end of his first year that he discovered his powers in Aerokinesis. Soon after, it was suggested for Neo to be enrolled in Phoenix Academy so that he could learn how to use his control over Air. Neo was enrolled into Phoenix Academy by his mother where he learned how to use Talons as his weapons. His family had custom made a pair of poison-infused claws for him, named Arsenic and Cyanide, which he learned how to wield and use properly in school.

Neo started to run with the wrong crowd early in his school life. Kids who often made poor life choices or the ones who often abused their new found talents in combat. Neo learned many things while running with this crowd, including how to be a proper thief. He found that, while he stayed with them, that he found himself always doings something exciting. They stole things, and Neo loved every second of it. Sometimes it was little things, like items from a store, and other times it was a full out burglery.

Then came a heist gone wrong. Neo's 'friends' were caught red-handed while trying to steal from a fairly big store. Neo, luckily, was absent due to family event and just barely escaped jail. Still, even with a sign that Neo could get into a huge amount of trouble for this, he continuted to steal. He stopped stealing from houses and stealing entire inventories (Simply because it was too much to carry) and often only took one thing in a heist. His career as a thief continuted to flourish.

Time Heist

During one heist in particular, Neo was interrupted by a chronomancer named Time Spinner, who asked for Neo's help. He was a member of a group named Lightstone who were trying to get ahold of a few items that they needed to protect. While initially declining, Neo was tricked by another hired hand on the team, named Celia, to try and steal one of the items to prove that he was as good as thief as he said. 

Well, it worked. Neo did exactly as the group wanted, and stole one of the items that they needed. Neo, while hating the fact that he was tricked, agreed to work with the group. Neo worked with the lot of them, finding the items and doing whatever it took to aquire the items that Lightstone needed.

Neo fought against several different kinds of people, including a man in a blank mask wearing dark clothing named Warlock, a unicorn with blank white eyes and red markings on his body named Deity, and a strange looking mobian who had control over the earth named Velenormu. While Neo and Lightstone succeeded, he has no knowledge as to what the items can do and while asking Time Spinner, he was replyed with, "It's better if you don't know." Neo is still unsure what the items do, but since he has left the company of Lightstone, he has been looking for new adventure.

The Mythic Knights Saga

While talking with his childhood friend Hart in the Coffee Break coffee shop, there was an incident that resulted in the biggest adventure Neo has ever been on. Two young women of very different ages entered the town of Station Square, being chased by a man in a lab coat. Neo, at the urging of Hart, put a stop it, alongside the help of a mysterious newcomer wielding a scythe. It was in this instance that Neo became aware of three of his team mates, the scythe wielding Zero Evol, the little girl Echo Serene, and her older sister Fate Serene.

Neo and Zero went on many missions together, almost starting a team out of it. The two investigated the mysterious castle in the forest and met Neo's secret love, Fey Wayward, an amnesiac girl with no recollection of how she got in the castle or anything in her past, smitten by her at first glance, Neo was very kind to the young woman and the two became rather close, even entering a secret relationship a few months later. The team later investigated the shady town of Reale, meeting Neo's childhood friend, Trinity Moon and saving the town from a dream eating monster. The team moved on to stopping a man with odd powers to put people in a comatose like state and recruiting a genie named Kala by setting her free, defeating the strange Doctor Radon's attempts at getting Echo by infecting all cyborgs with a virus that kills them, with the help of a hacker named Celia.

Finally, Neo and his friends were asked to help his older brother and his team investigate a town with two werewolves and eliminate them. There they met Leah Dubio, a young mage with the ability to use magic. The group eventually found the werewolves and they were eliminated as instructed but what really struck Neo was a little girl who thank them, calling them 'heroes.' Neo, who had done nothing but steal for most of his life felt odd being called that. He questioned his morality and eventually needed to be alone for a bit. While thinking things over, Fey had joined him in his questions. The two grew closer in this moment and at Neo's question of "Are there more people out there who need help like that girl?" Fey answered with "I don't know. I know there is a lot of evil out there, and a lot of people are going to get hurt, people like us, we'ere the only protection they have. If we can't help them, then who is going to help them?" Neo pondered over this, and after the rest of his team joined him, he proclaimed that from this day forth they would work to help protect the world from the evil that tries to destroy it, and taking the name from his brother's description he then named the team, The Mythic Knights, and recruited Leah into their ranks.

The Radon Saga

Time passed and it was almost time for the Annual Zodiac Tournament, this year being named after Leo, the lion. When the team soon discovered that an ancient artifact was discovered near the caslte in the woods. The team split up into groups with Neo meeting the person who found it and Zero going to the place of discovery. However disaster soon struck as Zero betrayed the group, Trinity was manipulated into attacking her team and Echo was changed into a monster. It was revealed when Echo's brother Apollo appeared and actiavted her dark form that Echo was engineered to be a war machine by Dr. Radon and that he was her true father. Echo was ultimately calmed by her love interest Zapor, but Zero had gotten away and Trinity was hurt pretty bad. The team learned that Echo had several siblings, and that a new sibling, known as Foxtrot, was coming . Foxtrot as an abomination, created by absorbing several souls of the dead and fusing their bodies together in some horrific amalgamation.

The team agreed that Foxtrot was going to strike at the Leo Tournament and decided that if they wanted to find him, they would have to wait them out at the tournament. The group still participated, sending a team of five to fight, while the rest of the team stayed on watch, and worked with a group known as the Remnents of the Scythe, a sketchy team of powerful warriors. The two teams eventually fought against Foxtrot and failed, and after the Mythic Knights won the tournament they were attacked by Zero, who fought them and lost due to Celia's quick thinking and knowledge of weaknesses. Zero was taken back to the base and the team was meant to go obtain gear meant to fight off Radon's family when they were drugged and fell unconcious.

Delta, a traitor to Radon's family, agreed to help the team and tricked her father into thinking they were dead, before they were attacked by Bravo, one of the brothers. Bravo was ultiamtely killed by Saren, a member of the team, leaving Delta in a state of mixed emotions. They moved onto Radon's mansion, where they fought against several different monsters, including a demon, Apollo, and an aloof member of the conflict named Aero. Eventually Echo was found in the building and her and Zapor fought and defeated Foxtrot, while the rest of the team defeated Radon. At last things in the world returned to normal and The Mythic Knights had a new member, Delta Radon. 


Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 5
Attack 8
Spcl. Atk 6
Defense 4
Spcl. Def 6
Speed 7
Reflexes 8
Spcl. Ref 8
Psyche 6
Intellect 7
Total 60/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Above average
Hearing Normal


Transon Fedora

The Transon Fedora is a hat that Neo picked up from his cousin; Christina. The hat is made out of a very comfortable cloth and has a pinstripe design on it. Neo really likes this hat, and is often seen wearing it. He aquired this hat in the first episode of Tales of the Echo; Plastic Problems.

Time Turner

A gold resin pendant with an hourglass on the front of it. It was given to Neo from an old friend in the first forgotten tale: The Reality Shift. Weaing the necklace seems to increase Neo's speed. "If you need help with anything, come to the clock tower." -Time Spinner.

Tranquil Jacket

A custom made black jacket crafted from Tranquil industries. The top half of the jacket is made out a bullet proof material and the bottom half has a very light but strong metal within the cloth. The jacket is surprisingly light, but is quite warm to wear.

Jump Shoes

A pair of light weight, black shoes with some interesting designs on the soles. The grips on the bottom appear in an odd pattern that seem to allow Neo to help push himself with air.

The Avenger

The Avenger is a white longsword with special

Chaos Emerald (Red)

Neo recently obtained the Red and White Chaos Emeralds. The Red One was aquired during the Leo Tournament that he and his team won, and the white one was gifted to him by the leader of Lightstone, Time Spinner, in preperation for the assualt on Radon Manor.

Fan Game Appearences

Celebrating the return of Christina to the Tales of the Echo series and the birthday of Neo Tranquil, creators Darkest Shadow and NeoExlucky began work on a new fan game titled Neo and Christina: Crystal Prism. Neo stars as one half of the main protagonists (the other being Christina) and one of the four playable characters. In this game, Neo is hunting after a thief who stole the Crystal Prism from him, and has tracked the thief all the way to Malaria City where he enlists the help of his cousin to find his artifact. This game also features Neo's first form; Glimmer Neo and is the first time we are introduced to the real Treasure Evol.


Ages Tranquil the Fox

"I get that you're my older brother, but could you just get off my back!"

Neo and Ages have a strange relationship. Although at first, Ages was very protective of Neo, causing the younger brother to be extremely annoyed, recently things have changed. Since the end of the Radon Saga the two seem to be on very good terms with one another, as if the two are patching up their relationship.

Christina 'Christie' the Hedgecat

"So how's the um...dress...thing, coming along?"

Neo and Christina have a very friendly cousin relationship. Unlike Ages, whom Neo can dislike due to his over protecting nature, Christina and Neo are more equals to one another. Neo tries to be very civil and pay attention to Christina's dress making skills, but most of it goes over his head. Still he is loyal and while he would never admit, he does love her.

Zero Evol

"We let him stay, he is still a knight."

Neo and Zero were once close friends, almost on the level of brothers. The two were constantly looking out for each other, and Zero was the only one who Neo called to deal with the new threat in the Necromancer story. That being said, after Zero betrayed the group, most of the team lost faith in Zero, and Neo is one of the only few who is trying to make things right between everyone.

Echo the Cat

"She's doing pretty good."

Neo looks to Echo as a sort of younger sibling. The two care for one another and Neo was the person who promised to take care of Echo no matter what. To add onto this fact, the Mythic Knights were also created to protect the people of Station Square, and one of those includes Echo. Despite being invited on several missions, and being an active hero, Neo has not made Echo a Mythic Knight.

Fate the Cat

"Where did you learn to fight like that?"

While Neo did take to Fate and Echo pretty early, Neo still has a few doubts about Fate. Specifically with the cat claiming to have no training in any of her skills, but being able to fight like she has been a vetern military spy for years. Even still, Fate is often invited to the adventures Neo and his friends go on, and Neo does seem to care about Fate's well being.

Fey Wayward

"I kinda hope they do know, makes things more exciting."

Neo and Fey are romantically involved, and are currently dating one another. The two are seen very close all the time and the pair even live together. Fey is also the person who convinced Neo to start the Mythic Knights and acts as the team's second-in-command. The two's relationship seems to be going strong, although in the story: What makes a Hero, Neo did not choose Fey in the Trial of Love.

Trinity Moon

"My childhood friend, and fiance?"

Celia Takashi

"We can't go around killing everybody!"

Leah Dubio

"Take care of everyone..."

Saren Arcturias

Relationship Score: 50


Relationship Score: 50


Relationship Score: 50


Relationship Score: 50

Masako Haruno

Relationship Score: 50

Rose Hellsing

Relationship Score: 50

Ciel Fay

Relationship Score: 50

Friends (Add a Character if your interested.)

Ages Tranquil the Fox (Brother)

Christina 'Christie' the HedgeCat (Cousin)

Zero Evol (Friendly rival)

Fate the Cat

Echo the Cat

Rivals (Add a character if your interested.)

Era Tranquil


Fury the Robin

Millie the Mouse

Dr. Radon



A recently new ability that Neo has learned, this young fox is able to manipulate the air around himself. Normally these allow for great gusts of air to be pushed around him, allowing for parkour movements to be made easier. Neo is able to double jump using this ability. The downside however is it's use it battle. Due to being a reletivly new ability, Neo doesn't have full control over it, and as such the air cannot be used to harm anyone, only to allow him to push things or himself, for short periods of time.


Lock Picking

Neo is shown to know how to pick Locks but he normally just breaks them instead. When it comes to picking locks, he cannot be under pressure, or he will probably fail. Breaking the lock is just much easier.


Neo knows how to sneak around enemies and fight them in other manners, besides head on. He has a low-moderate skill level in sneaking.

Fist weapon Training

Neo has been trained in fist weapons, most notably Talons but iron knuckles and gauntlets aren't all that different from Talons. Neo has a moderate skill level in this.


Although not a skill that he likes to brag about, Neo is indeed quite a skilled dancer. He danced a lot with his childhood friend; Trinity, and it is known that he continuted to learn more about this trait.

Shadow Claw

“Shadows of the night, guard this thief, as he sends his foes flying away. This is it, Shadow Claw!”

Neo's ultimate attack, sneaking around the enemy and using a combatitive combo on them from behind, finishing with his claws glowing black as he lands a piercing strike at the enmy. This attack, although skillful, is mainly just a trick of the mind. Neo sneaks behind the enemy and attacks them, then using the or dark around him, he changes how he holds the claws so they appear black, making it a placebo effect to the enemy.


Brute Strength

Let's be honest, a large hammer going up against a small set of claws? Yeah, that's not gonna work out for the claws. In all honesty, if brute strength is the way someone is gonna go, and Neo cannot escape, they're going to have a very easy time taking care of him.

Earth element

Neo can't stay in the air forever, and what better way to knock him down a peg than with something that he was once standing on? The earth element is something that Neo has a hard time going up against. In fact, it's almost impossible for Neo to fight someone who can control the ground, at this moment, if he doesn't have backup.


Neo is very arrogant, often proclaiming that he is the world's greatest thief. Let's get two things out of the way. The first, he is far from the greatest, in fact he's mediocre at best, and second, that arrogance will get him killed. Neo will often due reckless and stupid things to try and prove that he is the greatest. He has scaled a 200 foot tall clock tower to steal a golden lamp once because he thought there was no chance he would fail, During said climb, he nearly died twice.


Neo does not think things all the way through, often just going with the flow and doing whatever he feels like doing. That is not okay, in any sense. Sometimes when he is in the moment, he'll chase after an enemy no matter what, which can often lead him into the worst situations possible. He has once even gone into a room full of armed guards, and nearly died had it not been for careful planning on his brother's part.

Outlaw Moveset

A normal mobian is not one to be taken lightly. They like to use tricks like technology or aerokinesis to keep themselves up to par with everyone else but, when the wind doesn't blow and technology has failed, you'd think thier bad would be empty.Their will does not fail them and they will even resort to shady tactics if need be.You would think when they are out of both those options, they'd be no threat. You'd be wrong.

An outlaw, like his weapons, does not appear to be much at first. A simple set of claws or daggers, and that's all you see. You may take a caouple hits in battle but it's not much, and they don't hurt all that bad, just a little blood . The outlaw leaves in as short of a time as they appeared and you carry on but by then the damage is already done. It starts with a tingling, a numb sensation that could just be fatigue. Then it starts to burn a little, and then a lot. Your entire body is engulfed in pain. Wounds don't close, blood continutes to flow in small amounts, the excrutiating pain makes you wish you bled more, just to end the pain, but it doesn't. The blood pours slowly, never closing, until finally, after hours of pain in the darkness, you finally bleed out, and by then he is already on his way. This is the path of the Outlaw.


Although his claws are named after lethal poisons, he does not use them in his arsenal. Neo's main poison of choice is Solanina, a non-lethal poison which causes disturbances in the nervous system, stunning a person. He also likes to use Tetrodotoxin, a non-lethal poison that puts people in a comatose like state for a short period of time. Often he does his claws in each, one for each set of claws, just because he likes variety. For a more dangerous and painful affect, Neo will resort to Warfarin, a poison which causes near-instant inflammation within the body of the host.

Poison Claw

Neo's basic attack. It deals a very light physical attack which deals little damage to anyone, however it is meant to lay in more of the poisons than anything else. The attack is quite common for Neo to perform, in fact almost all of his normal attacks are poison claw.


A novice attack. Neo quickly moves behind the target and stabs them in the back, sinking his claws in the flesh. This attack deals a moderate amount of damage and injects poison into the bloodstream. This attack requires a little finesse in order to accomplish.

Blades of the Wind.

A novice attack. Neo pulls the wind to blow a large gust at the target with such short and choppy power that it releases in the form of sharp wind. Often knocks the target over and deals light damage.

Roundel Grenade

A novice attack. Neo pulls the pin on one of his technological Roundel Grenades, throwing it at a target area and waiting for it to explode. Deals large damage to an area after a certain time has passed.

Flurry of stings

An intermediate attack. Neo quickly launches a series of stabs with his claws at the target, doing his best to stab them. Each attack deals very little damage, but each attack also injects a series of poisons into the victims bloodstream. Requires a bit of finesse to perform successfully.

Refreshing Breath

An intermediate attack. Neo pulls the wind into a gentle breeze, providing his companions with fresh air, and healing wounds using nature's majesty. Also provides them with a short morale boost.

Roundel Charge

An intermediate attack. Neo launches a smaller roundel grenade onto a targetted person, which release electrical shocks onto them. Deals large amounts of damage to a single person on hit.


An expert attack. Neo very quickly digs his claws into the clavical of the enemy, and continutes to do so for as long as possible, digging in as much as they can. Attack deals a large amount of damage and injects the enemy with poison. Requires a lot of finesse to perform.


An expert attack. Neo forces the wind out of a target, and keeps it away from them for as long as possible. Silences them, making them unable to speak, and unable to breath a short while. The target also will take a physical and nature damage due to the wind constricting air flow around the neck.

Roundel Inferno

An Expert attack, Neo throws a grenage at a targeted area, which explodes in a firey pit of flames, coating any enemy in it, and burning them for a few seconds. Provides large damage on impact and moderate damage over time.

Mythic Tornado

Neo's ultimate attack. Neo calls onto the wind, forcing it into a spiral motion, and forces a target up into the air, taking a constant stream of nature damage, then uses the wind like a phyiscal whip to grab them and force them onto the ground. The final move has the wind clammor together and slam on the enemy, giving the impression that a boulder landed on them. Deal extreme amounts of damage.



A general title that Neo wears, with a little hint of pride. Neo is a thief who loves the hunt, and not always the reward. Most of the time, he tosses the item away a couple feet from where he stole it, but when it comes to historical artifacts, they're his.

Rich Boy

Often a title Neo hates to be called, though he is indeed this, Neo is sometimes reffered to by others as a "Rich Boy". Given that Neo does have rich parents and has gotten everything he has wanted as a child, you could say he is that, but if you call him this prepare for a melt down to take place. Neo, being the punk that he likes to think he is, despises anyone who calls him this.

Pride Leader

Neo won this for being the leader of a winning team in the Leo Tournament. They faced tough opponents and even an evil organization's interference, but in the end, they managed to overcome whatever came their way, and he led them on every step of it.


"This sucks." - Getting E rank.

"I don't like this..." - Getting D rank.

"Yeah, whatever..." - Getting C rank

"Okay, I'll settle for that." - Getting B rank.

"Alright, now we're going somewhere." - Getting A rank.

"Yeah, I know, I'm awesome." - Getting S rank.

"Once again a master thief beats the odds." Getting S rank on a boss battle

"I won't go down easily..." -fighting in 2 player mode

"Don't even bother!" -After winning in 2 player mode

"What? How did you...?" -After losing in 2 player mode

" teleport using sand...?" -Neo in Teleporting skit.

"There's no way we can lose!" -Neo when encountering a weak enemy in The Aries tournament.

"Look, the life of just 'sitting back' and 'letting others take care of it' just wasn't for me. I wanted excitement, fun, I wanted a challenge. What was the point of sending me to a combat oriented school, if I was never going to use those skills? Did they want me to turn out like Ages? Well, sorry to disappoint, but I'm not my brother. I'm a thief." -Neo's 'monologue'.


  • Neo has been revamped on August 6th 2014 for brand new roleplays, and for the reboot of Tales of the Echo.
  • Neo's weapons are known as Arsenic and Cyanide, named after two poisons.
  • Neo has a twin sister named Era, who for a while was not introduced into the series. She is an antagonist and Rival to Neo.
  • Neo is the first character of NeoExlucky who started out as a fursona, but later after his character was changed many times, became something less like NeoExlucky and is now just his own character.
  • Neo is considered the main protagonist of Tales of the Echo, and is the main character used by NeoExlucky.
  • Although not mentioned in his history, Neo does have knowledge on how to play the guitar.
    • Neo also has a pretty good singing voice.
  • Neo's favorite food is Steak. His favorite drink is Root Beer.
  • Neo enjoys lots of punk music, but pop is a guilty pleasure of his.
  • Neo and his siblings all have a time theme to their names. Ages means the past, Neo means the future, and Era means a point in time.
  • As a child, Neo liked to draw and loved dancing with Trinity.
  • Neo secretly wants to be a super hero
  • Although he is the main protagonist of Tales of the Echo, he is also the most normal character there. Every other character uses their powers in combat, while Neo is hardly ever seen using his aerokinesis.
    • Neo is also considered to be the weakest character in terms of strength when compared to every other character in the series.
  • Neo thinks that energy drinks are disgusting, but he enjoys coffee regularly.
    • Neo's favorite kind of coffee is English Toffee, much like his creator's brother.
  • Neo's middle name is Aero, making his full name Neo Aero Tranquil.
  • Neo's coat is made out of an unknown material. It has metal on the bottom half, and a bullet proof material on the top half. It is surprisingly light.
    • Neo's coat is also made by an unknown clothier. There is a tag on the back but it is so faded that it can no longer be read. His shoes, gloves, pants, and belt all come from this same person.
  • Neo cannot use chaotic energy, such as chaos powers. They upset his stomach and make him throw up.
  • The Tranquil family is one of three families to have named siblings. The others being the Evol family and the Serene family.
  • Neo shares his voice actor with Time Spinner, another character from the series.
  • As NeoExlucky has stated, "Neo has a very Slice of Life counterpart as well. I got the idea on a really boring day to write a page about a Neo in which there are no real heroes or villians. He's a musician in a band, playing music with his band, but I didn't know if I would ever use that, so I've never posted the page, but there is one written."
  • Neo's trademark fedora is the only item he wears that does not give any purpose to his combat abilities. However he does say that it boosts his ego.
    • The hat itself was aquired by him in the first episode of Tales of the Echo, from his cousin, Christina Transon. He has worn it in every episode since.
  • Neo wears a gold resin necklace with a small hourglass in the center. This was a gift from the leader of Lightstone, Time Spinner, for working with him on such a short notice. The necklace is said to carry a microscopic portion of the Time Vortex in it, which boosts Neo's speed.
  • Neo Tranquil has had the most romantic interests in the Tales of the Echo series than any other character. During planning of the series, Neo was originally going to date Dusk Evol who, at the time, was Zero Evol's older sister. This was then changed so that he would date a character named Jazz Aude, a musician who used music magic. Afterwards he was going to be romantically partnered with Celia Takashi, however this was later changed to a character more like him, Trinity Moon. He currently is secretly dating his second in command, Fey Wayward. There were also plans for him to be romantically involved with Kala, the genie in a new form. This makes a total of six different romantic interests, not counting any in the previous incarnation of Tales of the Echo.
  • Neo Tranquil originally did not have a rival, however NeoExlucky heavily enjoyed the idea of rivals in the series and he wanted for all the main characters to eventually have someone to rival them. Zero Evol, during the planning stage, was going to have a rivalry with his partner, Andrew the Hidden, however after some plot related changed, NeoExlucky decided to design a new rival with Neo. He wanted it to be a fox, and he enjoyed the idea of a sibling rivalry, and so Era Tranquil was designed. However it wasn't until the series had already begun that Era Tranquil would be finished, and thus why she did not make an appearence until episode 107.
  • Neo Tranquil and Era Tranquil are Fraternal Twins, meaning they do not look alike. The two don't appear to share many physical qualities besides their eyes being the same color. However they do share more qualities than one might think. They both have an oddly shaped birthmark on their right shoulder blade. They are both ambidexterous, envious, arrogant, great at sneaking, hate rules, and they are both aerokintetics. It is known that Era does not use her aerokinesis, just to spite her brother.
  • Not much is known about Neo and Era's history. It is known that the two grew up together and according to Ages Tranquil they got along well, but later in life something changed where they both started to hate each other and started to isolate themselves. 
  • Technically Neo has to be some part Hedgecat. Since it was revealed that he and Christina the HedgeCat are both related by blood and are First Cousins, then Neo would have to be somepart Hedgecat, in fact Neo is actually 25% HedgeCat. Logcially this is also true with Era, his twin sister, and Ages, his older brother.



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Theif's Treasure

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