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Neil Clements is a character by Monk the Cat.

He is a twenty year old scorpicat with the abilities to manipulate earth and poison. He has inherited those abilities one apiece from his parents.

Physical Description

His head and torso are that of a sand cat, being tan with some ruddy-red stripes on the top and back of his head. His arms are covered in a very dark green exoskeleton that gets larger on his forearms. he has half claws-- it is more of a five inch long spike with blood red at the end-- with tan furred hands where the other half of the claw should be. His back has "plates" over his shoulders and about three inches thick running down his spine. His tail is that of a scorpion, but having the mobility of a cat's. He has plates over his hips and knees, but the rest of his legs are a sand cat's.


Neil is a rather laid-back and calm hybrid. He is by no means lazy, but tends to take a neutral view on most things. He can also be seen as a shy person in public, but that is from experienced abuse and ridicule. He will not usually be one to start a fight, but won't pull any punches. He can however practice fight without hesitation. He will try to solve or diffuse problems quickly to avoid conflict. When he does have to fight he will attack with careful brutality. If there's one thing he hates; it is accidentally sting people and poisoning them.


Neil can manipulate earth and poison. He also naturally produces venom in the stinger on his tail. He is much more adept at using his earthen abilities, than his poisonous abilities(Aside from stinging people.)


He is decently skilled in using both his large, straight staff and his swords for combat. He can also utilize his claws and stinger to fight unarmed. He is skilled with his words and can often stop an argument before something worse happens.

Items in Possession.

  • Twin Kilijs: Short sword with a decent curve. They are well balanced to be light and quick, the curve also makes slashes straight and accurate.
  • A Bo Staff: His other primary weapon. A five foot tall wooden staff, waked and fire-hardened to be strong and durable.
  • Metal Caps: These are blunted covers for his stinger and claws, so he doesn't accidentally stab or cut someone. They also can make him look strange(er).
  • A Scorpion Costume: Used to make him look like a pure scorpion.
  • Various supplies: Used for surviving in all sorts of situations. They involve a portable tent, a coat and warm pants, and a canteen.


Neil was born to two rebels from different families. They somehow fell in love and ran away to live a happy life and have children. Neil was that child. From a very early age he was met with ridicule, abuse and rejection from both families because of his mixed parenthood. His mother also started teaching him how to manipulate earth when he was young.

At the age of six his father once left for a few days to get supplies. During this time he accidentally stung his mother twice, leading to her dying from the venom. The heart-broken scorpicat waited until his father returned and they buried the mother.

At the age of twelve he had already begun training in his poison powers. His father soon was captured, leaving the scorpicat to fend for himself. Neil traveled to a town and was given a school's training. He had to raise himself and hone his powers.

By the age of eighteen he had been a nomad for years and bought his swords staff and other supplies.

By twenty he was often seem roaming around various areas, usually around Station Square.



Toxicity the Ocelot

She is one of Neil's few friends. He likes her cheerful and energetic attitude and her eagerness to try new things and explore. He likes teaching her how to use a sword properly. She sure knows how to brighten up an otherwise boring day for him. Neil considers her a close friend.



Jackson the Bear

For some reason that bear just will not leave Neil alone. Neil doesn't know why, but Jackson continues to try and kill him. Neil has tried all sorts of things to be left alone, but all have failed.


  • Whenever he tries to facepalm he hits his head with a claw instead.
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