Negaonic the Hedgehog is an evil red mutated hedgehog and the evil twin brother and cousin of Sonic. A older evil clone version of Sonic the Hedgehog, he was created by his arch enemy Dr. Robotnik while he was trying to clone Sonic the Hedgehog. He is also the antagonist of the series.


Angry and frustrated about his failures at destroying Mobius and obtaining Sonic the Hedgehog as his own adopted nephew, Dr. Robotnik begins to lose control of himself. He decides to create a clone of the hedgehog by secretly taking DNA samples from him from their battles. Being a scientist, he begins to engineer clones in a secret facility in Death Egg.

Much to his dismay, the clones of Sonic are very unstable, and melt back into ectoplasm every time he tries to make one. However, the one clone that survives was one where he apparently switched a chromosome and created a slightly older, evil version of Sonic. Although he is stable and uses her powers, he doesn't begin to melt into ectoplasm like the previous clones did. Dr. Robotnik realizes that he will do anything for his "father" who he believes hates him very much, so he decides to use him as one of his pawns to get to Sonic. He calls him "Negaonic." He sends him on a mission to get Sonic the Hedgehog, and tells him that if he does, he can use his "mid-morph" DNA to help stabilize his. He really plans to get Sonic's "mid-morph" DNA to create a better clone, and not help him at all.

Sonic arrives, seeking to capture Dr. Robotnik. After a fight that destroys his lab, he was captured in a containment chamber. Dr. Robotnik orders Negaonic to overshadow Sonic and force him to transform, but he escapes and defeats them.


Negaonic also shares some of Sonic's likes and personality traits. A evil, very agressive and somewhat vindictive mutated demonic hedgehog, he's a lot like Sonic, only more destructive and disgusting.

Potentially stated to be seventeen years of age physically at most, in reality, his actual age is at possibly a few months at most.

Physical Appearance

Negaonic has rough red fur, tan skin muzzle, inner ears, tummy/chest, and arms/hands, vibrantly intimidating, glowing scarlet red eyes with golden yellow scleras and black pupils, grimy, yellow sharp teeth, a forked tongue, six elongated, frilly, contoured quills coming out of the back of his head, and two frilly arching quills on his back, triangular, perked ears, long, shiny black nose and small, slightly arched tail. He also has sharp, retractable black claws, two extra, retractable arms, and a type of Alien-like outstretchable mouth.


Negaonic wears a pair of yellow gloves with large, sock-like cuffs, a pair of black sneakers with a red strap, golden buckles, and gray, special resin soles with an impossibly high friction tolerance and yellow socks. He also wears a purple jumpsuit with black belt.


Negaonic has access to many of Sonic's powers and abilities.

In addition to Sonic's abilities, Negaonic has numerous personal capabilities. He can use telekinesis, breathe fire from his mouth or ice from his nose, like Dulcy, disguise himself as Sonic by changing his fur from red to blue and his skin from tan to peach, stretch his arms and legs to great lengths and strike from a distance, generate powerful electricity from his body, and generate a diamond-shaped force field to protect himself.

His most powerful and impressive ability is that he can scan other characters, copy their life data into himself, and immediately and flawlessly replicate not only their abilities, but also form himself to look and sound exactly like them. His acquired abilities are listed below:

  • Chaos Control from Shadow
  • Super-strength from Knuckles
  • Shapeshifting (in a manner similar to the T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day) from Chaos
  • Speed from Sonic

His only weakness is his loud, uncontrollable laughter.


  • Negaonic speaks in a deep, bass voice similar to Darth Vader from Star Wars.
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