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Cquote1.png You thought you can kill me? HAHAHAHAHA PREPARE TO BE DISAPPOINTED!!! Cquote2.png
Nega Memph's final statement before he is slain by Nega Hikem

Biographical Information
  • 7 (child form)
  • 20 (Khaotic barrage form and true age)
Romantic Interests
  • Nega Hikaru (Wife)
  • Handsome Knight
Team affliction
  • None
Physical Description
Species Humanoid, anti
Gender Male
  • hair: White with a red streak
  • Hair style: Nya nya cat head
  • Eyes: yellow
  • Cat ears
  • Dark red sleeveless shirt
  • Dark red scarf
  • White combat boots
  • Dark red belted arm sleeves
  • Belts
Abilities and forms
  • High speed
  • High acceleration
  • Hand to hand combat specialist
  • Dark energy manipulation
  • Light energy manipulation
  • Dark energy
  • Light energy
  • Claws
Super Forms
  • Deruka mode
  • Khaotic rampage
Theme Song

CROW'SCLAW - Eclipced

His theme song

Instrument Profession
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Singer
Created by Memph the Lord of Darkness. 00:31, May 25, 2011 (UTC)


Dictator of a region due to being one of the overlord's of the nega Sonic Fanon universe. He rules with an iron fist and is feared and respected by his nega-wikicitizens. After fruitful years with his wife he had two children and with years to come he was slain by his children. This was a coming of age for his children, but being one to not play fair he made sure to implant his power and lifespan into an orphaned child. Forcing the child to lose his body and soul as it was consumed and transformed into Nega-Memph. But a surprise came forth as the child's pure and innocent heart tainted the evil overlord's spirit and cleansed him of his dark nature. Leaving behind a child with great power and pure spirit. It is known that he also did the same process for his wife but if she became cleansed as well is still a mystery.. He has now entered the Canon Sonic Fanon Wikia realm in an attempt to assert himself in the new dimision as a rival for the original Memph and as a new childish hero.



Cruel, distructive and cold hearted the dark overlord was not one to make friends with. However he only showed his dark loving nature to his wife and children. In battle he made sure to enjoy it with every fiber of his being. Known to torture his foes by drawing out their demise.


Child form:

Cute as a button but sharp witted as the original Memph. The young boy is one you can look to for advice. He will always put his friends and counterparts canon creations first when it comes to protecting them. He is highly curious about the new world and will explore it with childish demeanor. He is not one to back away from his fight and he will quickly switch into his barrage mode.

Barrage form:

A spitting replica of the old Overlord with the exception of his dark attitude. Barrage form is made for battle and his cool demeanor is simply made to make him look sexy to women and irratating to his opponents (and men). In this form he has the mindset of a teenager and a child, as such he tends to make hasty decisions.


Coming soon.


  • It was a hard decision as to what make his alignment but a hero seemed to fit him more.
  • His childish nature is a reflection of Memph's love for children.
  • Although the physical age of Nega Memph's body may change his clothing remains the same.
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