Nega Lake is a small lake, located out between Fearful Cavern and the Transitory Mists.


Nega Lake has a small community on the side farthest from the Transitory Mists, with a population of around 25 residents. Many are experienced soldiers, trained to stop anybody from coming across the lake from the Island in the center and attacking the surrounding lands. Another large source of residents and visitors are Pokemon trainers, due to the lake and surrounding area being rich in Pokemon life. The main industry of the area is tourism, with fishing and the production of engine components and other major commodities.


The lake has a typically gloomy sort of weather pattern. Normally, it is overcast or foggy, with regular rain showers, thunderstorms and snowfall. Other events, such as tornadoes and blizzards, happen once every few years. The water is normally turbulent and twisted, due to the dark energies radiating from the island. The land is reasonably hilly, with thick forests surrounding the lake on either side, making them difficult to traverse. The forests are renowned for the large variety of Fire, Grass and Psychic-type Pokemon within the confines, plus heavy numbers of Water-types in the lake itself, but due to one forest being a Ranger-patrolled reserve, the vast majority are protected. Other beasts also dwell within the forests, including many non-Mobianised creatures and a few other shadowy beasts, but most are well-documented. There are some unique plant species dwelling within the forests, which again are protected from logging. There are very few boats able to cross the lake, due to the powerful whirlpools and turbulent surf, so Pokemon are often used to get around on the island.


The community around the lake have seen little action since the Demon-Celestial War millenia ago, when the island was used to keep a powerful demon imprisoned. The being vanished at the end of the war, believed to have been captured, but a powerful Nega Emerald was kept there instead, guarded by a fearsome Psychic-type Pokemon of an as-of-yet unknown species. Since then, it has become peaceful and stagnated, although guards still come by and make sure that the Emerald is protected constantly.

Species List

  • Vulpix family (Vulpix - uncommon, Ninetails - rare)
  • Beldum family (Beldum - uncertain, Metang & Metagross - rare)
  • Chimecho family (Uncommon)
  • Slugma family (Rare, seen in the rockier highlands)
  • Terrakion (One, seen in the protected zone)
  • Gastly family (Gastly & Haunter - common, Gengar - unknown)
  • Oddish family (Oddish - common, Gloom - uncommon, Vileplume & Bellossom - unknown)
  • Lileep family (Rare, seen in the rockier highlands)
  • Numel family (Common)
  • Bellsprout family (Bellsprout - common, Weepinbel - rare, Victreebel - unknown)
  • Mankey family (Mankey - common, Primeape - rare)

Within Lake

  • Mudkip family (Rare)
  • Horsea family (Horsea - common, Seadra & Kingdra uncommon. Some members of the family appear to be of a different type to normal, and know moves they don't normally learn)
  • Corphish family (Corphish - uncommon, Crawdaunt - rare)
  • Magikarp family (Magikarp - common, Gyarados - uncommon)
  • Psyduck family (Psyduck - common, Golduck - rare)
  • Feebas family (Feebas - common, Milotic - rare)
  • Omanyte family (Rare, seen near the rocky coasts near the Transitory Mists)
  • Piplup family (Rare)
  • Buizel family (Common)
  • Lotad family (Lotad - common, Lombre - uncommon, Ludicolo - unknown)
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