Nega-Nick is the polar opposite of the cheerful Nick, making him sadistic, manipulative, uncaring, scheming, and generally pure evil formed into a person. He was originally created as a "joker" Mii on Nick's Wii platforming system for the fun of it, and Nick ended up putting him into the Mii Parade (which is considered "Mii Hell" by the Miis inside the system) for currently unknown reasons. Nega-Nick grew a hatred for the controller of what the Miis call the Master Hand, and he made a device that would pull whoever controlled the Master Hand into the Mii Parade itself. Nega-Nick absolutely HATES internet memes and stupidity, and he goes out of his way to turn the "T-Rated Parody Humor to an M-Rated Angst Horror fic" to solve his bloodlust. So far, Nega-Nick has made more appearances in the recent chapters with eviler intentions that mere bullies like Grant, Dylan, and Joey. He has also three underlings: Nega-Sean, Nega-Steven, and Iama (Nega-Yorobot).


Nega-Nick originally started out looking exactly like Nick whenever he first appeared in the real world, with blue jeans and a black-and-gold t-shirt on. However, the next time he appeared, he had drastically changed his outfit (although it is humorously relatable to Melvin's outfit in the popular internet series Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series). Nega-Nick's new appearance (which is his appearance to date) consists of "a blackish-purple cape, tan jeans, a black muscle shirt, a brown belt, black tennis shoes, a gold necklace with a crystal skull on the end of it, and a crown made out of light stone." Nega-Nick's hair was also changed from Nick's poofy and curly golden-brown hair to a spiky tanned-white hair color to suit Nega-Nick.


Sonic's Reality Check

Relations To Other Characters





  • Despite being Nick's polar opposite, they both share the same height, the same eye color, and the same DNA.
  • Nega-Nick was able to create Iama from the scepter he had obtained, so it is possible he can create more clones when the time is right.
  • Since Nick hates the "Absolutely Flawless" recurring gag in Sonic's Reality Check, it might be possible that Nega-Nick actually likes that joke.
  • Nega-Nick was the first person in the series to find a Chaos Emerald.
  • Nega-Nick is based off of Melvin from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, a popular internet comedy made by LitteKuriboh.
  • Nega-Nick's first encounter with his enemies in the real world was against Tails and Yorobot.
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