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Neel the Tiger is a member of the Northamer Freedom Fighters and an exceptionally unusual member at that. While physically powerful, Neel often has to choose between taking an active role in combat or stepping back and supporting through his family's techniques. As the active summoner of an Infernowl; Neel stands against the plans of Dr. Eggman and his Empire in Northamer as a well-respected member of the local Freedom Fighters.


Tall, broad and built like a brick wall; Neel often astonishes others in Northamer with his physical presence. All of his muscles are highly toned, even with the limited workouts he takes the time to perform. Primarily, he has golden yellow fur with black stripes, though some occasionally argue that his stripes seem vaguely purple up close. Even his faintly reflective green eyes seem intimidating.


Still fully casual in his choice of clothes, Neel wears a simple black sleeveless shirt and blue jeans, plus a pair of old combat boots. This serves partly to focus attention onto his huge arms, but also leaves the small crystalline disk he wears on a necklace even more curious. The orange crystal seems to almost pulsate from within, even with the precise cut of the gem.


As a child; Neel grew strong with his family. While they were hardly the biggest family, they had some degree of wealth; and lived comfortably within Northamer. However, when he was nine years old, the Egg Army arrived. The tigers were fairly well known; and the forces had decided they would join the army; by force if required. What they had not counted upon was the loyalty of the Chronilka. While his father utilized his Teleport Room; his mother rushed the cub out of the house to safety with a rucksack of supplies before returning to fight. Within minutes; the house was ablaze, and Neel found himself romaing into the cold tundra alone.

Early on; he stumbled across an abandoned Infernowl hatchling. To some degree blinded by his desire for revenge, the young tiger named the bird Ares after the god of war. He did his best; sacrificing some of his precious food to keep the small bird alive as they were, in his eyes, kindred spirits. Two days later, he stumbled across members of the Norhamer Freedom Fighters. Still a small group of rebels; they were more than happy to bring the tiger cub and baby firebird along once they heard his story.

Over the ten years that followed, not only did Neel adopt the Freedom Fighters as his new family; he grew protective and powerful, as did Ares; the Infernowl showing protective signs over the man it had adopted as his trainer.


Neel's family, the Chronilka, are an ancient bloodline known around Mobius for the ability known as Teleport Room. With this ability, Neel is capable of creating a space around himself that seems to make himself and his allies flicker while immobile, and teleport within a defined area. This is somewhat of a misnomer, as there is no spatial manipulation involved; the wrong title just stuck. Indeed, Neel does create a rectangular zone with a "null" area around himself roughly equal to double his armspan. Once active, all allies that were within the null area - including himself - experience and move through time at a different rate to the outside world, with the visual distortions caused by the boundaries of the technique causing the flickering and teleportation-like techniques. In order to maintain this temporal distortion, Neel has to remain still as a focal point, and can only hold this for a max of ten minutes so far. In order to fight while he has the Teleport Room up, Neel relies on his psychic abilities, often spinning opponents with a telekinetic slap, or utilizing subtle misdirection through telepathy.

If Neel chooses not to utilize the Teleport Room, he is incredibly dangerous in physical combat. In these situations, he shies away from any sort of psychic or temporal displays in combat, instead preferring to fight with pure physical strength, skill and his claws. While fighting in this way, his Infernowl Ares is normally over his shoulder unleashing Fire-elemental attacks at range, always taking advantage of the distractions Neel can create. While he is capable of sitting back and letting Ares fight for him; Neel prefers to get up into the action with only the occasional command to his summon.

If pushed to the very edges in physical combat, Neel has an ace-in-the-hole that he wears around his neck. An item passed down through his family for generations; the small disk-shaped crystal is an Alchemic Elemental Drive; similar to the kind ancient Mobians would use to power weapons or empower themselves. By channeling a certain level of psychic pressure into the disk, it begins to glow and unleashes a temporary enhanced state where Neel's physical form is sheathed in fire. This burning aura not only makes his physical attacks Fire-aligned, it also increases his strength even further. Similar to the Teleport Room, Neel can only hold this for a maximum of ten minutes. Unlike the Teleport Room, which he can recreate after a half-hour rest so far, the Drive Boost is something that his body cannot handle using more than once a week, as warned by his parents. It is uncertain what would happen if they used the crystal more frequently.

Outside of combat, Neel is capable of divining events from the future through meditation, though his mental state plays an influence into the kind of events that he witnesses. Due to the variation in his visions, Neel typically views these as a fluid occurrence rather than a predestined path; though he rarely has the patience or time to meditate with Ares needing attention or fights against Eggman to perform.


The "big brother" figure of the Northamer Freedom Fighters; Neel is seen as both a hero of his allies and a nightmare for the Eggman Empire forces that face off against them. While intimidating as a first appearance; thanks to his huge musculature and massive size; Neel is almost always immediately warm and welcoming to newcomers to the team. He's almost always happy to help the others in the resistance band; be it in sparring or simply talking through things.

When it comes to the Eggman Empire; however, Neel grows vengeful and brutal in an instant, and is mostly held back by his desire to protect the family he has adopted; the freedom fighter band. Indeed; his typical instinct is to utilize his raw power and strength to be in the heart of the fight, but due to his love for his team and desire to protect them; he is not above utilizing his Teleport Room to allow the group to fight as one.

Neel's companion throughout is Ares, his Infernowl. A fairly prissy and overconfident elemental bird; Ares is often slow to take an interest in people and takes time in solitude, though the affection he holds for Neel is clear. While the two are dissimilar in personality; their bond has led to a deep trust and strength between the two, resulting in their impressive combat synergy.







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