"Need For Speed"
Adventures of Sonic and Orange
January 2, 2012
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Need for Speed is the ninth episode of Adventures of Sonic and Orange. It aired January 2, 2013.

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It's the day of the dance in Norman, and every citizen must bring their spouse/love interest to it. It's on the far side of town, but Dr. Tacoman puts a stop to Sonic from going by replacing Sonic's chili dogs with drowsy dogs, thus slowing him down.


The episode begins with George Sparks, the local news reporter of Norman, talking about the Valentine's Day Dance at the Norman High School Gym. Tickets are $4, since it's optional. Sonic suggests he and Orange go. Orange refers back to middle school, when he had a love interest named Bridgette West. They only came in contact a few times, but after the latest one, she moved to South Norman High School. Now, she just lives in another part of town and will go to the dance. She later calls Orange, and they agree. Amy, who just entered the city on the interstate, calls Sonic and then they agree. Everything is set up.

Dr. Tacoman hears the news of the dance and gets very jealous. He didn't have any love interests back in high school, and he still doesn't have one. The dance is in a few days, so he must do something fast. The doctor then comes up with replacing Sonic's chili dogs with drowsy dogs, which make him slower and won't be able to move any faster than a turtle. He does this that night, replacing everything in their fridge with the slowest things of mankind. The next day, Sonic looks into the fridge, not noticing any difference at all. Sonic takes a bite out of one, and he instantly collapses. He isn't even able to stand up.

Orange finds him on the floor eventually and asks him if there is anything wrong. He says no, but he just can't stand up. Orange takes the drowsy dog and examines it. He finds out they are not your every day chili dog. Orange is concerned, because the dance is starting at the end of the day, so he may be trapped. Orange rushes over to Dr. Tacoman's place and steals the chili dogs. Dr. Tacoman asks him why he knows there's something wrong, and Orange says he has a lab. Sonic takes a bite out of one of them, and he's back to normal.

Sonic, Amy, Orange, and Bridgette arrive at the gym, and have a great time. Sonic is break-dancing, while Orange makes a reference to Gangnam Style by Psy, by stealing his moves. Amy loves Sonic's moves. Bridgette is seen making her own dance moves. At the same time, Dr. Tacoman finds Izzy Fuller, who actually wants to take over Norman too. They dance together and sing an evil love song. The episode ends with Sonic's last act.

Additional Information


"Evil Love" by Dr. Tacoman and Izzy


Roger Craig Smith as Sonic

Daran Norris as Orange

Matthew W. Taylor as Dr. Tacoman

Cindy Robinson as Amy/ Bridgette West


  • This is the first "Sonamy" reference in Adventures of Sonic and Orange.
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