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Neddy The Horrible (Also know As Neddy Prower, Ned Bandicoot, Ned BitchLasagna, Knuckles Gloves, Mr. Violence, Neddy "Violence" Prower, Satan With Knuckles Gloves, Australian Bandicoot Does Wrong, Mr. Bleeeh From Hell (Used in Vienna Clothing), 4-Spiked Prower, Krono Mezzutô Bandicoot, Sky Bandicoot (Used in PrisonSuit of Universal Pictures and British Sky), Mr. Live (Used in PrisonSuit of Windows), Knowledge of the Way Bandicoot (Used in PrisonSuit of Uganda Knuckles), Le Horrible Bandicoot and Bitch Lasagna Neddy (Used as PrisonSuit)) is a Terrible, Orange, PrisonSuiter and One-Bit Faster Marsupial Than Dong, Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow.

It's a Fan Character Created by Derick Alexsander (A.K.A Dong's Dad) Because Derick is a Crash Bandicoot Fan, a Sonic Fan and a Recycle Fan.


Neddy uses a Nice Gnu Horns, 4 Spikes, a Lion Tail, Purple Arms, Modified Knuckles Gloves and Purple Shoes.

The Eyes are Creepy, The Mouth Have Fangs Because Sonic Have no Fangs, a White Spiral for a Belly And a Gray Clown Nose.

Neddy is Very Angry, One Bit Tolerant, One Bit Dumb, Already Intelligent than Dong.


"You're Annoying Me"

"What Are you looking at Dog Face!!!"