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Ned McMuffin

Ned McMuffin
Ned McMuffin
Made on Paint Tool SAI
Pure Evil (many people)
Burmilla Cat
Slate Blue fur, Chocolate eyes
Denim jacket w/ Emerald T-shirt,

Bleu de France Basketball shorts, Lime Green & Steel Blue shoes, White socks,

White gloves
Cliff (brother) Ginger (sister)
Romantic Interest
Fifi (on his side)
evil, getting his way, winning, teasing people, showing off, anarchy, fighting, tricking people, double-crossing, boxing, baseball, hitting home runs
losing, knockouts, strikeouts, getting double-crossed, getting tricked, when people hurt freckles, heroes, not getting his way

Double Crossing, Spin Jump, Spin Dash, Spin Claw, Cat Claw, Silly String, Bad Luck Ray, Bugle Blow, Switchblade Toss,

Switchblade Stab
Freckles, Crush, Big Buela, Mercy, Bad Fairy, Mad Fairy, Setia
Most Everybody else

Ned McMuffin is an original, evil, Slate Blue, anthropomorphic Burmilla Cat created by Pumpituppartyzone. He is 98 cm tall and weighs 35 kg. His older brother is Cliff McMuffin and his younger sister is Ginger McMuffin. He is the speed formation of Team Freckles, which consists of himself, D.W. the Rabbit, and Freckles Jeeperchomp (his best friend). He has a "gang" that consits of himself, Freckes, Pool Shark, and Crush the Bandicoot.


Ned was created in 2008, and is somewhat based off of a Toontown Online character design. He was originally supposed to be a black cat named Wade created on Halloween. Pumpituppartyzone couldn't wait until then to create Ned, so he just made him right away. Also, because Wade wasn't a valid name in Toontown (because of the character in Kim Possible), Pumpituppartyzone settled with the name Ned. After he was deleted (most likely to create Moe Flippercorn), he was used as an evil character for an unknown reason.


Ned is usually described as "heartless" or "pure evil," which he takes as compliments. He hates a lot of things; so many that it takes hours to list it all! He is sort of hypocritical; he says that pranks are juvenile, yet he plays them all the time. He usually tries to act too cool for everything, and he pulls it off well. He enjoys scaring people and blackmaling people into doing what he wants. He usually doesn't even think about helping people unless there is something in it for him. The only people that he will help with nothing in return are Freckles and Crush.


Ned is great at tricking people. He is very manipulative, and is good at blackmaling people. He is also a strong fighter. Like most characters, he can use the Spin Jump and Spin Dash, He can use the Spin Claw and Cat Claw. He enjoys using Silly String on people aswell. He can blow a bugle at somebody to make their eardrums explode. He also usually uses a switchblade to stab or even throw at enemies. One rare occasions, he uses a Bad Luck ray to give somebody bad luck for 50 seconds.

Game Appearances

Baseball Party Zone

Ned is one of the 16 team captains in this game, but he is a secondary captain. His team name is the "Big-B-Ballers", his special pitch is the "Tricky Ball", and his special swing is the "Liar Swing". His default team is the "Freckles Slammers".


Name Team Name Special Ball Bat/Glove Pitching Stats Fielding Batting Batting Stats Running Stats

Ned McMuffin


Tricky Ball








Freckles Jeeperchomp

D.W. the Rabbit

Crush the Bandicoot

Big Buela the Gorilla


Almost Everybody else


Fifi the Bear

Ned has a crush on Fifi, and makes it obvious. He always picks her up and acts like they're dating, which usually creates an awkward silence between the two. Fifi may have an attraction to Ned, because she always sweats when he is around her.


Freckles Jeeperchomp (Best Friends)

Crush the Bandicoot (Great Friends)

Pool Shark (Great Friends)

D.W. the Rabbit (Great Friends)

King Crab (Good Friends)

Fifi the Bear (possibly, to an extent)


Almost everybody else



Memorable Quotes

"I'm ready when you are." - Acheiving Team Blast

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" - Taunt 1

"Get ready to fail, loser." - Taunt 2

"This time, you'll pay." - Taunt 3

"I might go easy on you this time." - Taunt 4

"I warned you. You fail!" - Win 1

"How does it feel to suck so badly?" - Win 2

"I am a total beast." - S Rank

"That was pretty epic." A Rank

"That was good, I guess." - B Rank

"Coulda done better, but I'll deal with it." - C Rank

"I gotta train more." - D Rank

"Failure. I can't believe this." - E Rank

"I wasn't even trying. Don't get your hopes up." - Loss 1

"I gave away that win because I was feeling generous." - Loss 2

"I'm finished." - KO/Death

"Huueeaah!?!" - Falling

"Hmm!I knew I'd do that." - home run

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