Whoa! He looks sick!

Biological info

20 (physical

????/Ageless (Chronological)

Relatives Unknown
Alias None
Romantic Intrest None
Physical Info

1/2 Android

1/2 Hedgedragon

Gender Male
  • Fur:Red
  • Eyes:One Red Bionic Eye and a yellow organic eye
Alignment Evil
Affiliations Himself

Necross the Demonic is a Red Hedgedragon, an ultra special type of said species. Why? Two reasons : ONLY ONE Red Hedgedragon is born every fifteen generations, know one can explain why, so most people just don't bother with it. The other reason is that they can master all elements, even ones unmentioned. Necross is a pure evil cyborg Hedgedragon who uses his powers to get stronger and make other people suffer. Even worse he's also Ageless, he will never die of natural causes. His current location is unkown.


Necross is cold, ruthless and pure evil. He even subjected himself to inhuman and painful test to turn him into a cyborg. He always accomplish his goals no matter who gets hurt or killed. When he makes a threat, he'll have any and all intentions to carry it out. Being a cyborg with a half robotic brain, he almost never shows emotion. If he wants you dead, you have two suggestions:RUN FOR YOUR LIFE or Become another person.


Necross has red fur and scales, black sclera and muzzle , and one yellow eye. His Red eye, hands, stripes on his feet and tail growth are all mechanical. He sports two "Nebulizers" on his neck. Each and every of his neon green stripes, yellow spikes and white bonelike growths are mechanical.


Being a Cyborg, Necross is has an indestructible endoskeleton. His cybernetics also grant him agelessness so he will never die of Natural causes. He also has ridiculious physical strength, possibly greater than mighty the armidillo. Being a Red Hedgedragon, he has mastered All elements, you name it, he's mastered, in both Kinesis and Mancing. He knows a ton of Chaos Powers, Including the dreaded Chaos Extinction Attack. His hands are made of a shapeshifting alloy he can control remotely. His machinery is virtually indestructible, and he can survive in lava, space, most toxic enviroments, EMPs, subzero tempatures and nuclear fallout. His brain can proccess and store data hundreds of times faster than the average mobian. With help from his robotic eye, he can see almost anything.

However, he has a few weaknesses. He's slow, even when flying, only able to go 843 mile per hour max. He also has a weakness to earth and fire based attacks. A supercharged blast of light energy or an attack that creates a very powerful shockwave could do serious internal damage. A power syphoning attack or device can paralyze him for some time.


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