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Necro the Hyena

Name Keith Elliot Smith
Age 13
Relatives All dead
Romantic Interests Flare the Echidna
Enemies Atlas Jack
Species Hyena
Gender Male
  • Fur:Brown
  • Eyes:Red
  • Skin:Tan
  • Height: ???
  • Weight: ???
Affiliations None
Weaponry None
  • Able to break the 4th wall
  • Necrokinesis
  • Dead things
  • Laughing at just about anything
  • Mirrors
  • Himself
  • The Lord of the Dead


Necro is a red eyed, brown hyena with tan skin. Necro has long red hair that is pulled back into an odd pony tail. He often wears a yellow jacket, yellow shorts and long grey shocks. Once in a while, when teamed up with Aero, he wears a blue and grey vest, with a blue short sleeve shirt under it and light blue shorts with long grey socks.

Every so often he will die his furry Green and dress in red and black clothes. During this time he refers to himself as the "Lord of the Dead"


Necro is a care free, goofy, trickster. Necro finds just about anything funny, whether it is funny or not. This sets him off into a laughing fit, however if told to do some multiple times or is faced with something he does not like, he will cease laughing and throw a temper tantrum. Necro has a strange fascination with the dead, hence his name Necro. He uses this fascination to creep people out which he finds to be the funniest of all. When he is the"Lord of the Dead" his finds every little thing funny, even the things the piss him off.


Necro was born into a normal life, with a normal family who lived in a normal town. He full name is Keith Elliot Smith, however at a later date Necro adopted his current name. Necro didn't fit in and had a terrible time with the people of his town. His family did not understand him and wondered why he was so much different from all the others in his town. His town and family were never seen again. It is said that Necro killed them all, but there are no records of the town ever existing.

Necro's fisrt encounter with anyone out side of his town was with Aero. Unfortunately this encounter involved Aero trying to kill Necro, because of the foolish antics Necro had began. After days of fighting with one another, they both realized how stupid they were being and slowly from that day on because the best friends. Aero became like a broth Necro never had.

Sometime after Aero and Necro became best friends, Necro began to hear voices in his head. He later learned of his powers and learned the hard way that they were no good. Necro had since then been keeping this a "secret" from Aero, as he fears that Aero will hate him if he were to learn that Necro has secretly tried to kill him in his sleep. This is a cause of his powers and is something Necro has no control over.


Necro has necrokinesis, hence why he calls himself Necro. He has no true control over this power and is often controlled by it. One could even say his powers have a mind of their own. His powers speak to him, making him think he is crazy. He has referred to his powers as "the face behind the Lord of the Dead" This hints the his powers are actually and alternate ego.


Necro has the ability to break the 4th wall. He often does this when he thinks it's time to making things more complicated than they need to be. Unlike Aero, Necro is able to let others break the 4th wall with him. As the "Lord of the Dead", Necro is unable to break the 4th wall.


Due to Necro's constant laughing he is often left open to anything. Necro's anger is also seen as a weakness as his lose of control over his abilities and powers is often caused by this. Necro has a strange fear of himself. Simply placing a mirror in front of him sets him off into a frenzy. Necro is unable to run, he clams it is because the dead won't let him.

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