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Necro the Hedgehog is a blackish-blue hedgehog that looks very similar to sonic the hedgehog. He wears light red shoes with blackish blue fur and light skin. Unlike turing golden like most super form hedgehogs, his form is darker gold fur with a red aura.


He is the exact opposite of sonic. He is cruel, and very mystery. However, he still shares sonic's cocky attitude.


He was born in slavery and grew up serving a rich group of foxes. Eventuly, his rage and hatred finally erupted. One night, Nazo the hedgehog appeared before him. He said,"Necro, you have so much anger inside, but have no power. I will bind my spirit to yours, and forever have my dark power." At this time, he transformed, it to his super state. (His "super state" is not actully a super state, but a consintrated form of anger.) He escaped while he had the chance. He promised him self he'd one day return.


He can move as fast as sonic.

He has Nazo the Hedgehog's dark powers.

Chaos control without a chaos emerald.

Anger State

Special Abilities

He has the ability he calls "Second Sight". It enables him to predict an attack or a hazard with 99.1 percent accurcy. It can be fool by having many dangers at one.

His other ability is power drain. He heals himself in his super state after delivering a blow.


Martial Arts


Sword Fighting


Family: If reminded of his family about his family he will lose the will to fight


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