Nazo the Hedgehog (謎·ザ·ヘッジホッグ, Nazo za Hejjihoggu) is a male hedgehog created by the Necks of Orochi by the combination of all eight members powers. He is the nineth member of the Necks of Orochi and hinted as the most powerful.


Nazo is a ghostly pale gray hedgehog with low quills and ghostly pale blue eyes. He wears a pale green kusode with a lavender shitagi, and a dark green hakama. On his arms and legs he has chains and on his jaw is a refraining mask.


Nazo is an emotionless, sadistic and over all a complete silent psycopath. Although he is unable to speak, he speaks through his actions againts everyone he sees. His sadism is by far the worst out of all the Necks seeing that he will not stop brutalizing people, even going as far as still attacking a dead corpse or an unconsious body.

Nazo's mind and over all inteligence is very primative seeing that he will not listen to anyone or anything and he solely relies on instinct. Nazo also has a the curiousity of a child seeing that when he attacks he will continue to attack just to see what would happen. Also he would stare at the faces of his victums before he attacks. Also he has no loyalty to his fellow members of the Necks of Orochi and almost the majoraty of the time has to be retrained so that he wont attack them.

It has been hinted that Nazo seems to have an attachment to Lilith and also, he is rather obsessed with Blaze. Seing that she was the person that he decided to brutalize slowly and painfully as he broke her bones. How this happened is still unknown.


The only history that Nazo has is that he is the creation of all eight members of the Necks of Orochi by fusing their powers and the powers of the Chaos and Sol emeralds.


Nazo has brute strenght, supper speed, the ability to hide his presence and also all the attacks of the Necks of Orochi. But his high level abilities have one draw back, due to the fact that his powers are powerful it also means that his inteligence is very primitive and he solely rilies on instincts. He usualy attacks with lethal punches and kicks and his other abilities are still unknown.


Lilith (serogate mother)









  • This Nazo is sometimes confused with Nazo the Hedgehog but are no where related
  • Nazo means 'mystery'
  • He has a sadistic obssesion with Blaze
  • The only person he listens to is Lilith
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