Nazo the Hedgehog is a manifestation of negative chaos energy and the main antagonist of Sonic: Nazo Unleashed. Nazo originated from the original trailer for Sonic X where he appeared for a brief moment, he never ended up making an appearance in the series and the mystery behind him led to him becoming extremely popular. He will return in Sonic: The Wrath of Nazo, the 2019 sequel to Nazo Unleashed.

Physical Appearance

Nazo appears as a hedgehog similar to Sonic and Shadow, he is white in color and possess a glowing white aura. In his initial appearance in Nazo Unleashed he wore red and blue shoes.


Sonic: Nazo Unleashed

Sometime after the events of the Shadow the Hedgehog, Nazo appears from out of a Chaos Emerald due to the build up of negative energy within it. He immediately steals the Master Emerald and then goes to collect the other six Chaos Emeralds, destroying Metropolis in his rampage. Nazo then heads to the badlands of South Island. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles head to combat Nazo, once they locate the Chaos Emeralds Nazo appears, Knuckles attacks him and is quickly beaten with a simple backhand. Nazo then attacks Sonic, and is surprised by his speed, however he gains the upper-hand using Chaos Control to teleport above Sonic and knock him into the ground. Nazo then proceeds to finish Sonic with another blast. However, Shadow saves Sonic before he can be killed. Shadow then confidently attacks Nazo and the two have a clash of Chaos powers. Shadow appears behind Nazo, holding a pistol to his head, but is immediately incapacitated by Nazo, causing the last Chaos Emerald to fly from Shadow and land in the collected Emerald. Nazo mocks the fact that Shadow claimed to be the Ultimate Life Form, and goes to attack Sonic again, but is stopped by Tails. Annoyed, Nazo brutally blasts Tails, grievously wounding him - and causing Sonic to transform into Dark Super Sonic. Nazo attempts to fight, Dark Sonic, but is overpowered by Sonic's power. Sonic returns to normal, and uses the power of the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic and waits to confront Nazo.

Later on,Nazo recovers and reappears to engage Sonic in battle once more, only to find him in his super form. He briefly mocks Sonic' use of his super form, only to suffer an arrange of Sonic's attacks. Nazo then rights himself and clashes with Super Sonic, eventually managing to outmatch him in the battle. With Sonic of commission, Shadow attempts to ambush Nazo but is knocked down. Shadow becomes Super Shadow, and Nazo and Super Shadow begin to fight relatively evenly, though Nazo has a slight upper-hand. Shadow manages to get an opening and uses an incredibly powerful rapid attack of of Chaos Arrows before finishing with a Chaos Spear, however Nazo heals from the attack. Sonic turns back into Super Sonic, and the two attack Nazo together using the super version of Light Speed Attack. Nazo cannot follow their movements and is beaten down by their combined powers and abilities, eventually blasting him into a crater and momentarily defeating him. As Sonic is celebrating with Knuckles and Tails - who had been healed by Tails using rings - Nazo quickly grabs all of the Emeralds and takes them to Angel Island, causing it to return to the sky, and leaving Sonic and the others to peruse him.

Nazo stands atop the Master Emerald with the Chaos Emeralds at the Angel Island emerald alter as Sonic, Shadow, Tails and Knuckles appear via Chaos Control. Nazo tells them they are too late to stop him and explains his origins as a being of pure chaos. Nazo states he will use the power of the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald to go beyond the strength of a god, with even Perfect Chaos being nothing compared to him. Using the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald, Nazo then transforms into Perfect Nazo. Sonic becomes Super Sonic and attacks Nazo, but is unable to deal any damage to Nazo, despite Nazo not resisting his attacks, Sonic attacks with a spin attack but is halted by Nazo and blasted away with a Perfect Chaos Flare - knocking him out of his Super form. Shadow becomes Super Shadow and uses Chaos Control to speed up his movement, but Nazo responds with Perfect Chaos Control - which makes Shadow appear to be moving at a snail's pace, he then blasts him out of the air. Shadow removes his limiter rings and transforms into Dark Super Shadow, grabs Perfect Nazo by the throat and teleports him into a cliff-side, then releases a point blank Chaos Blast, reverting Shadow to normal from the power used up. However Nazo is unharmed, and when Shadow asks who he is, declares that he is the Ultimate Life Form - not Shadow, and knocks the black hedgehog into Sonic. Nazo then mocks the two hedgehogs as the planet's only defense to stop him. Beaten, Sonic and Shadow then remember their friends, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream and Cheese, Rouge, and E-123 Omega, subconsciously tapping into the power of the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emeralds. With the chaos energy they transform into Hyper Sonic and Hyper Shadow respectively before using Chaos Control into each other - performing Chaos Unification into one being: Hyper Shadic.

Perfect Nazo laughs - declaring that they are only delaying the destruction of the universe - but is unexpectedly overwhelmed by Shadic's power. Hyper Shadic and Perfect Nazo power up and begin fighting. Nazo uses Perfect Chaos Control and Shadic uses Hyper Chaos Control and the two fight in the time frozen space. Shadic is knocked back, but attacks with the Hyper Light Speed Attack, outmatching Nazo with his speed, Nazo's Perfect Eruption clashes with Shadic's Chaos Wind and the two continue to fight, Shadic knocks Nazo into an asteroid, and Nazo responds by knocking him into the moon, Shadic uses Hyper Chaos Control and then spin dash to knock Nazo back to Earth. Nazo proves to be exhausted while Shadic is fine, Shadic is confident but Nazo questions how many rings he has left, causing Shadic to lose his confidence immediately. He then reveals that since Sonic and Shadow had turned the Chaos Emeralds into Super Emeralds, it had amplified the amount of negative energy, which Nazo then absorbs, turning him into Hyper Nazo. Nazo then explains his goals, he is naturally inclined to obtain as much power as possible and in time will have more energy than any universe, but that he will never have the infinite energy of the Master Emerald and thus he will detonate Earth, shattering the Master Emerald into thousands of pieces and making it impossible to restore it.

Shadic tells him there is no way he will let that happen, so Nazo responds by teleporting into the air and prepares his ultimate attack, the "Master Breaker". Shadic absorbs all of the rings in the world to create his Billion Ring Chaos Wind attack in an attempt to counter Nazo, with everyone giving their rings to Shadic - even the likes of Metal Sonic. The two attacks are fired and clash, Nazo amplifies his attack and begins to overwhelm Shadic, however Tails and Knuckles turn into their Super states, and Super Tails throws Super Knuckles at Hyper Nazo as Shadic puts nearly all of his power into his attack, Knuckles punches Nazo into Shadic's attack, apparently destroying him, but he teleports out of it unconsciously into the void of Chaos. Nazo is surprised he is still alive, when Hyper Shadic appears before him, Nazo is weakened in the void and so Shadic is able to take back the energy that he stole, reverting him to Perfect Nazo, and turning Shadic into Full Power Hyper Shadic, Perfect Nazo prepares a final attack, declaring that he has had enough, but Shadic reverts Nazo back into his normal form and obliterates him and the void of Chaos.

However, one of Nazo's rings survived his destruction and was picked up by Eggman.

Sonic: The Wrath of Nazo

Many years later, after the events of most of the Sonic games, Nazo is revived by Eggman.

Sonic: The Return of Nazo

In an alternate continuity, shortly after locating Nazo's wrist ring, Eggman was approached by Sonic, but hid the ring from his foe and managed to slink away without Sonic aware of it. A few years later, Eggman is at his base examining the ring and it's properties.

Powers and abilities

Nazo possess speed that rivals that of Sonic and Shadow, even in their Super forms, however he cannot track the super version of Light Speed Attack. His normal form possess enough power to outmatch Super Sonic and Super Shadow individually, but he is no match for their combined power. He also possesses an incredible healing factor, as any wounds he receives are healed near-instantaneously, but this ability has only been shown in his normal form. It is currently unknown if he can use his healing factor in any of his other forms.

Special moves

Nazo possess great control over chaos energy, utilizing orbs of Chaos energy of varying sizes as his primary form of attack and is able to heal any injuries, he can also fly using chaos energy, he utilizes moves such as Chaos Control, the Chaos Torrent energy beam, the Chaos Flare energy blast (and it's perfect version). All of his abilities are far more powerful in his Perfect and Hyper forms.


Super Nazo

Super Nazo

Super Nazo

Nazo's Super state Super Nazo, which only appears in The Power of Nazo. This form is achieved using the Master Emerald only, in this form he is able to outmatch Super Sonic and Super Shadow, but is quickly beaten by Hyper Shadic,

Perfect Nazo

Perfect Nazo

Perfect Nazo

Using the power of the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald, Nazo achieves his true Perfect Nazo form. Perfect Nazo is able to easily defeat Super Sonic and Super Shadow, and nearly match Hyper Shadic (who is implied to be as powerful as Solaris) in battle.

Hyper Perfect Nazo

Hyper Perfect Nazo

Hyper Nazo

By absorbing the negative energy of the Super Emeralds, Nazo becomes Hyper Perfect Nazo (or just Hyper Nazo), becoming exponentially more powerful - more powerful than Hyper Shadic - requiring Super Tails and Super Knuckles to make him drop his guard so Shadic's ultimate attack can hit him.

Chaos Nazo

Chaos Nazo

Chaos Nazo

Chaos Nazo is another form of Nazo, which he uses after he is revived by Eggman.