Natural Gift is a bizarre elementless technique, which draws upon the power held within foods and inanimate objects to give the user a single burst of elemental energy.


The most basic form of the technique involves the user eating something, and tapping into the intrinsic power held within. Typically, these are berries or wild plants with actual use outside of combat, although all foods have a slight elemental connection, which can be influenced by things such as how it was grown, how it was cooked, even how fresh it is. Each food item varies in power, though, making each use uncertain for effect. More experienced users prefer to crush the berry, or use pre-prepared berry juices, and absorb the energy through the skin before attacking, as it prevents the berry's effect from activating on being eaten, and thus causing the loss of the energy.

However, masters of the attack gain the ability to tap into and use the power of other items, not just foods. As such, any weapon could be used to power this technique, with the same sort of power variance as the foodstuffs. When activated, the user would recite "I accept this gift from nature", a sign that they have drained some of the power from the item. Most basic items only have enough power for a single use before being left to recharge, although empowered items often could last multiple drains.

Interestingly, most advanced elements can also be summoned with both methods, although the items capable of generating them are incredibly rare.

Elemental Bursts

Note: These attacks are prone to change in the future, as the updates to the advanced elements takes place and more advanced elements get added.
  • Fire - The user creates a large ring of fire that erupts from underground around them.
  • Napalm - The user summons an wave of unlit napalm and unleashes it in all directions in an attempt to affect as many as possible.
  • Blaze-flame - The user unleashes a spiraling torrent of black flames at the opponents.
  • Hellfyre - The user triggers the dark flames of Hell to burst through the ground beneath the target.
  • Corona - The user launches an array of laser-like flame into the enemy.
  • Plasma - The user compresses a ball of plasma and throws it at the target.
  • Corrosion - The user summons vapors of the corrosive smoke from beneath the ground to burst up beneath the target within a small area.
  • Water - The user releases a spiraling blast of water at the target.
  • Bubble - The user forms a large bubble filled with explosive gas and hurls it at the target.
  • Torrent - The user launches a large number of insanely fast water jets at the target.
  • Heal - The user forms a wall of shining water and immerses themselves in it.
  • Storm - The user creates three Storm-laser beams and launches them at the target, bending as required.
  • Mud - The user inhales sharply, then exhales, sending a spiraling column of mud from their mouth.
  • Ice - The user forms and throws an array of icicles at the target.
  • Lunar - The user creates a dome of frosty dark waves before unleashing it in a blast.
  • Comet - The user forms a icy-blue aura, before creating a wave of small chunks of ice and rock to fall from a pair of crack-like formations created of the aura.
  • Electricity - The user shoots a large sphere of electricity at the target, trapping them inside and shocking them.
  • Blare - The user growls, the attack amplifying it until it reaches the form of a solid shockwave.
  • Laser - The user unleashes a rapid array of small laser blasts into the target from each hand.
  • Neuro - The user unleashes a series of small slashes of psychologically-damaging energy at the target.
  • Earth - The user makes the ground beneath the target break apart and slam into the target.
  • Metal - The user launches a slash in the air which solidifies into a blade of iron that fades on impact with the target.
  • Sand - The user forms large orbs of sand and throws them at the target.
  • Growth - The user channels energy into their mouth from plants in the area as well as the energy provided, before breaking the energy and launching a beam of energy.
  • Wind - The user unleashes a sharp gust of wind at the opponent.
  • Fog - The user condenses the thick, sapping fog into a ball and launches it at the opponent.
  • Poison - The user vents a jet of toxic sludge at the target.
  • Gamma - The user forms a shockwave of high-charged energy around their body and lets it loose at the target.
  • Venom - The user releases a spray of toxic particles, which sap as much as they cause damage.
  • Nature - The user glows with natural energy before launching a wave of it at the opponent.
  • Light - The user unleashes a bright flash of light to blind the opponent.
  • Darkness - The user releases a wave of thick darkness to blind and damage the target.
  • No Element - The user unleashes a weak burst of Aura-like energy.
  • Chaos Energy - Functions similar to a Chaos Burst with greater power fluctuation.
  • Soul Energy - A silvery aura forms around the user, which is then released in a short-range blast.


Pokemon Users


Technique Rank

Due to the fact that the technique could draw upon any form of elemental power, most argue that it should bear an S-rank. However, the severe drawbacks of the technique is the unpredictable amount of power that each source provides actually limits the technique down to an A-rank.

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