Native Gaians are a intelligent animals similar to Mobians, but different in many aspects, and the original inhabitants of Gaia, the planet Sonic Unleashed takes place.  Their distinguishable from Mobians by having long canines and nails, and their hair being a different color from their fur for some creatures.

They are the most prominantly featured in the Funky Town series.


The creatures that make up the inhabitants of Gaia are the same as Mobius, but differ greatly in appearance. Eight 'special creatures' are born to Gaia and Gaian blood only, and are associated with their guardian spirits, legends, and folklore. Due to the conflict between Mobius and Gaia, most of these species are either endangered, threatened, or extinct.

Skyhogs; The Children of the Dragons- Hedgehogs with large butterfly or dragon wings used to fly across the air.  According to legend, a dragon had a hedgehog lover, and their children grew the wings. They originally were born in Laputa, the Castle in the Sky, but a handful moved to Adabat, where they founded the Spike Tribe. They lived in the trees using nests made from leafy branches.  They are believed to have died from the pollution the sky suffered.

Amphibian Echidnas; The Children of the sea- They were echidnas who were amphibian and lived deep in the bodies of water. There were different specie depending on where their country and habitats.  They are believed to have been killed by the pollution the water supplies.

FireFoxes, The Fire Tamers -Foxes that highly resemble Mobian Foxes (mainly Miles "Tails" Prower), but have pyrokinetic abilities.  They lived by dormant or extinct volcanoes, but soon disappeared for an unknown reason.

Werehogs; The Grandsons of the Moon-Werehogs are hedgehogs that transform in the light of the full moon or by Dark Gaia's presence.  They were once the defense against Dark Gaia and consisted of Seven Tribes. However, six of the tribes were killed, leaving the Jackson Clan as the last Werehog Tribe of Gaia. Every now and then, Dark Gaia Werehogs appear on Gaia, but most of them lose their memories and are turned into monsters, with the only Acception being Sonic the Werehog.


All the tribes follow the Laws of Nature, and believe in keeping peace with one another.  They also believe that Mystic Beings are to leave their own tribes to seek their destiny when they come of age.


Their religion is a monotheistic religion that worships one God of Many Names.  The names are AbbaRai (Father of all Creation), Osawa, Patheo, Zeus, and Solroi. This religion is very similar to Christianity, Judaism, Islam, but includes Native American and European beliefs.


The people, including the eight main specie, live around the world, and adapt to their environments with their technology and religious belief.


According to the Gaians' Book of Outset, AbbaRai made the universe after a series of explosions and endless fight for existence (The Big Bang).  He created the planets, suns, moons, and the stars, and made Gaia with a distinct fondness.  He created all the creatures of the planets, and to Gaia, he gave some of his mortal power, bringing to life the Mystic Beings.  He gave the task to watch over his children to the Mystic Beings, and support them in any way possible.

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