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Cquote1 Hello, Snow. A little, frozen, aren't we? Cquote2
Nathan joking with Snow


Nathan is a tall, big, white polar bear with a round belly, powerful long arms and hands, short legs, and long, silver-metal, curved claws at the end of his fingers. His head is medium sized with a scruff of ruffled hair, and two round ears. His eyes are a bright, fiery yellow. His tail is small and white. A good example of what he looks like is Baloo the Bear (from the Jungle Book, the cartoon movie, not the human, realistic, 2016 movie).

Some parts of him are cyberized/Roboticized, the parts in question being his right arm and hand, his left leg and foot, and his right ear and neck, down his spinal cord. His entire chest is also cybernetic, sporting a hidden barrel laser cannon which fires huge lasers manually through command. The rest of him is organic.

He wears a blue snow jacket with the usual Eggman Empire symbol and metal buttons, black snow-proof leather boots, blue pants, and dark blue goggles with yellow rims.


Nathan's spirit has been hardened over time through his Clan's banishment and through this, he has developed a brutal taste for destruction and revenge. So saying, he is abusive and mean towards his men, his enemies, and those who are weak and inferior to him, treating them like scum and such. In other words, he has learned to use his hate and revenge on others, and in the process has harnessed it as a power source, a source that keeps him going.

Nathan is very serious about his job as Egg Boss, and though his legion often loses, they are able to accomplish some wins under his leadership.

He cares about his Clan very much, and, because he joined the Eggman Empire, his Clan has been given food and provisions to survive in The Barren Wastelands, the home of their banishment. He also treats Nuk-ka the Wolverine and his Clan well, since he had spent his teenage years with him and the Wolverine Clan ever since their banishment, so the two treat each other as old friends.

Even though he tends to like to supervise from the sidelines, if ordered to fight or dragged in when all odds are failing, Nathan is a hard-core and determined fighter, and will fight to the last ounce of strength.

Even though he is an Egg Boss, Nathan claims he is able to register some humor. Sometimes, when his enemies are trapped or in a tight spot, Nathan spouts out some random pun, whether it is funny or not, which annoys his enemies terribly. As a result, Angus the Ermine called Nathan a "gummy bear" once. Nathan didn't like this, but Angus did, and he's been calling him that since.


Early Life and Clan Banishment

Before his Clan's banishment, Nathan lived his life with his Clan in peace and prosperity, but his Clan being known for their fierce and brutal strength and policies which violated that of the other Clans, Nathan and his Clan, along with the Wolverine Clan were forced to start a long and perilous trek to The Barren Wastelands. Many of both Clans perished in the journey and in the process, Nathan lost his parents. By the time both Clans had reached their destination, Nathan was an orphan and just holding onto life. The Barren Wastelands offered little to no provisions, and many of the sick and injured of the Clans died upon arriving. But Nathan lived. But the Clans were disunited and soon dropped into isolation, families leaving families and children forced to live on their own.

Teenage Years and Promises

When Nathan turned 16, he was still suffering from the death of his parents, and his unhealthy being. Living and surviving in one of the huge canyons of The Barren Wastelands, he met a wolverine Mobian named Nuk-ka, and the two became fast friends, helping one another. Nathan met Nuk-ka's family, and angered at how cruel both Clans' banishment had become, he promised he would do anything in his power to set things right and to get his revenge on those who had inflicted their banishment upon them. Nathan lived with Nuk-ka and his family and did everything he could for them.

Joining the Ranks

Several years later, ships of the Eggman Empire arrived at The Barren Wastelands and established a base on the land. After realizing that the land was populated, robotized and cyberized soldiers along with robots came to robotize the inhabitants. Nathan and Nuk-ka tried to defend their kind, but were knocked aside, watching helplessly as their kinsmen were thrown into pods and transformed into cyborgs and robots before their very eyes. Nathan couldn't stand it, and threw himself at the feet of one of the commanding officers. He told him to stop enslaving his people and Nuk-ka's people and he would join the Eggman Empire willingly. Nuk-ka also did the same thing. And so, they became what they promised. They became loyal to the Eggman Empire, and their people were spared. While serving the Eggman Empire, they also were able to provide for their people, droids sending food and provisions to them every month.

And Nathan continued to live by his promise, doing everything in his power to right the wrongs dealt to his people and Nuk-ka's people, living to serve the Eggman Empire, but also living to serve them.


Because of his bear genes, Nathan possesses the strength of a bear in his limbs and jaws, able to crush the bones and tear the limbs off of other Mobians without even twisting a muscle.

Because of his cybernetics, Nathan is given a limited time shield that protects him against attacks for a couple of minutes. In the time it takes for the shield to wear off, Nathan can either prepare himself for attack, make up for the extra time and attack, or charge up his chest cannon.

Also because of his bear genes, Nathan is able to survive in the harsh environment of the Alpine Region, and he uses his hunting instincts to find food and shelter. But, because of his lack of good vision, smell, and movement, he can be at a great disadvantage in combat, but an opponent to be feared nonetheless.


Nathan exercises superior leadership skills with such brutal mastery that everyone, from his enemies, to his soldiers, to even those of the Human Clans, fear him and know to stay away.


Nathan wields two Electrified Batons which he uses to shock his enemies to submission. It is especially painful because the batons both shock the victim while beating them terribly hard. It is not too surprising that his enemies are known to break some limbs or suffer severe injuries from his attacks.

Nathan uses his Barrel Laser Cannon located in the upper region of his chest, where his heart is, is used to fire out huge lasers that are shot out at a rapid speed, but offer a higher and more deadly effect when charged longer. It is operated through direct contact to Nathan's brain cells from his heart. It is basically controlled through thought or feeling.


With his cybernetic abilities, combined with his bearish strength and intellect, he is a powerful and dangerous enemy one would be wise to stay away from.

His clawed paws and sharp teeth are powerful enough to leave someone with a serious injury.

When enraged, Nathan looks more like a bear than ever, and his eyes glow yellow. This can instantly cause those nearest him to back away in fear and caution, for when like this, it is unpredictable what his next move will be.


He is very weak to fire, since he has cybernetic limbs and body parts. Fire, as can be guessed, can be used to melt his limbs, and, with lack of limbs, he can be vulnerable to attack.

If cornered from all sides and attacking all at once, being of his huge size, he can have numerous blind spots, and can have some trouble attacking from all sides of him.

His back, where his cybernetic spinal cord is located, if jumped on or kicked, can shoot some terrible pain up his back and into his head which can leave him paralyzed for a short time.


  • When I first made the fanfiction article Snow the Arctic Wolf and Friends: Part 1, Friends, Allies and Enemies, (which was somewhere in July I think), I believe I wanted Nathan to not be as terrifying a character as he is on his profile. But after I finished with The Mobian Clans of Holoska page, I guess I decided to make him fit the description of his Clan.
  • Nathan shares a slight comparison to Baloo from the Jungle Book that can be seen in his rather big and tall body.
  • He can also probably be compared with Boomer Walrus of the Anti-Freedom Fighters, since both are evil and have cybernetic limbs and enhanced abilities.
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