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This is an article about Nate The Hawk, a character created by YoungEezy27 on 10/29/2013.

"I am the Son of Jet the Hawk, The Warrior of the Wind and The Guardian of the Arks of the Cosmos. I am Nate the Hawk!"
—Nate the Hawk introducing himself

Nate the Hawk is the son of Jet the Hawk and Wave the Swallow. He is the "Guardian of the Arks of the Cosmos" and is a swordsman and Aerokinetic. His board is called the Storm Shock.


Nate basically looks like the spitting image of his father Jet the Hawk. Except for that fact that his feathers are grey, he wears shoes similar to sonic's Sonic Riders shoes, he carries a sword on his back (Think of the Black sword from Shadow the Hedghog except it's white) and he wears 2 of the Arks of Cosmos on his wrists. He also wears a turquoise-green t-shirt and blue jeans.

When he is in his Awakened Form, Nate's pupils disappearand his hair/feathers stick upwards. His feathers don't change color, however, his arms do gain light turquoise tattoos on them. He also gains a white aura around him that sparkles with white and black electricity.

In his Dark Form, Nate's feathers turn a crimson red and his eyes become yellow. Just like his Awakened Form his pupil's disappear and his hair/feathers stick upwards as well. Purple tattoos form on his arms and a violent, dark purple aura wraps around his body as well.


Nate is noted to have a somewhat complex personality in the eyes of others. He is usually easy going somewhat laid back and chilled. He knows when to work, when to play, and when to get serious. He's not one to get angry much but when does, expect a world of hurt. However, at times Nate can easily seem depressed (possibly due to that long term sadness of loosing his parents at such a young age). Due to his Djinn Soul Nate can also be perceived to be extremely dangerous and on numerous occasions has been deemed a vigilante and renegade at times. In his Awakened from, Nate is quite a serious and calm person due to the effects of the positive Djinn Soul he has accumilated. However, in his Dark Form he is extremely reckless and  his emotions can be likened to that of Asura from Asura's Wrath (at one point they even traded blows Nate obviously lost). In this form his mindset is always. Kill the thing that angered him.


Early Life

It all started a long time ago when he was about 11 years old. Nate the hawk grew up in with his mother Wave the Swallow and his father Jet the Hawk. Ever since he could remember Nate knew how to ride extreme gear, he was a natural, pulling off stunning tricks at a young age. That it all ended one day. The day before he was supposed to get his Babylonian spellbook his home was attacked by a lone figure. Nate had no idea who the person was as he was hiding. Nate hid inside his closet as he heard his parents die. The figure then came close to the closet and whispered 4 words.Get stronger than me. After the death of his parents he moved in with his "Uncle Storm". There he learned how to become a master swordsman and extreme gear user. He later (when he was 15) went back to his old home to find the items that were inherited to him. His fathers Bashōsen (which Nate had to put his own feathers on), his fathers Babylonian spell book, the mystical wind box his carries around and last but not least. A map of where the Babylon gardens, and the Arks of cosmos are. He then set of on multiple adventures hoping to become stronger and avenge his parents.

The Days of the Black Arms

One day while on a trip to the Gigan Rocks of Megalo City, the Black Arms attacked the world. During the confrontation between the G.U.N soldiers and the Black Arms, Nate decided to help the humans and join the fight. He acquired  his first sword which was a Black Sword from one of the soilders. He continued to use it on all of his forthcoming adventures as a hero. He didn't witness the defeat of the Black Arms and does not know the truth of how they were defeated.

The War on Gangs: The Reapers 

Nate lived in a universe known as the Fusiverse, it is real, which consists of almost every fictional series in the known world. Each series is split into multiple Galaxies, from video games, to books, to movies. Nate lives in the center of the Fusiverse which is the fictional "Earth". This is a world in which Spartans (Halo), Galactic Rangers (Ratchet and Clank) and G.U.N (Sonic) keep the peace and enforce the law and each city is governed by a fictional president (from the President in Sonic to Prince Grimly from Crash Bandicoot). Nate lived a peaceful life in Megalo City after the attack on the Black Arms until one day when the Reapers (a gang from the InFamous series) came and attempted a hostile takeover at a nearby restaurant. Nate saw the standoff on the News whilst watching TV and decided to try and help. He managed to sneak into the restaurant and take out all of the gang members silently. The leader of the group (a white clothed reaper, whch was different from the original orange) spotted Nate and they proceeded to have a fight in which Nate won. Serpent managed to escape but the hostages were freed and unharmed.

A few days later The Reapers attempted an armoured truck heist which went wrong since Nate happened to be skating at the nearby park. Nate managed to stop Serpent and his gang from taking most of the money, however, the group did escape once again. Afraid that the group was going to cause more trouble, Nate decided to follow a suspected gang member throught the streets of Megalo city until he was led to a secret hangout spot under Megalo Station. Nate managed to sneak inside the hideout and discovered that there was a factory of some sort there which Serpent used to mind control innocent people into joining his gang. He did this by infecting them with some mutated oil. After some surveillance Nate eventually revealed himself and Nate and Serpent clashed once again. Nate managed to defeat Serpent using his N-Strike attack and freed all of the young members of the gang. Nate then arranged with G.U.N for them to be rehabilitated at a nearby hospital and those Reapers became The Savers (who wear a blue uniform now).

The Black Arms Return (A.K.A The Black Blood Virus)

After the events of shutting down most of the Reapers, the Black Arms returned and attempted to take over Megalo City. Nate fought against many of them during the ensuing war and eventually defeated most of them with the help of G.U.N. A few weeks after the war, news reports started showing up of Bio-mechanical, deformed-looking robot zombies that are infecting the whole of Megalo City. Nate was one of the heroes that was chosen to stay to fight the beasts during the qurantine and not much was known about what he did. 3 days into the qurantine, while Nate was doing a patrol with some G.U.N soldiers, Nate discovered that one of the other heroes assigned (a young boy called Flash Fletcher) had become corrupted and prcoceeded to fight with him. Nate was defeated by Flash but hours after his defeat the Black Blood Virus started to clear out because a cure was spreading.  Sometime after the qurantine, Black Doom used his psychic powers to mind control Nate using his own sword as a medium. G.U.N managed to detain Nate and free him from Black Doom's control by breaking his sword.

New Sword, New Foes

Nate eventually gained a new sword from his great great grand father who was in Cyrogenic Stasis aboard the newly risen Babylonian Gardens. The sword (known as The Biting Gale) was a better sword than the Black Sword and was even naturally attuned to Nate's gravity powers. When coming back to the city, however, Nate encountered Galeom (SSBB) hwo was tasked with killing Nate by an unknown person. When Nate asks who sent him Galeom replies by saying "Your sister..." and Nate replies that he hasn't got one and they start to fight.Nate is no match for Galeom and is almost killed. Galeom then proceeded to taunts Nate about how even his father was stronger then him and that he's a disgrace to his family line. Nate (now angry and regretful) then inadvertently fills his body with Djinn Soul  to achieve his Awakened form which makes him a lot stronger and faster than before. With this newfound power he One day not long after his brush with Galeom,Days after the fight, Nate hears on the news that Serpent is back and is on a spree destroying anything in sight to draw Nate out.The hawk decides to put an end to this and fight Serpent. Nate meets with Serpent in front of the hospital where he claims that he has killed everyone there (he actually hadn't he just hid them all behind). Nate , furious at Serpent's actions, attained the form of Dark Nate. After a long brutal fight Nate eventually defeated Serpent and threw him in jail.

​The Tournament, Clashing with Emerald

Nate entered a tournament in Megalo city. At the tournament he met a hedgehog known as Emerald, he had fire and lightning abilities, he could turn into a gizoid and he had a sword that he rented out for the tournament. They eventually fought each other in the Semi finals to which it was a tie. Nate was the called out to a Grudge Match with Gray Fox (Metal gear) who was hired to kill him. Nate defeated Gray Fox and then G.U.N came and took him to jail. Nate and Emerald became friends and rivals.

Otto Destruct

Nate's first ever encounter with Otto Destruct (Ratchet and Clank) was on a peaceful day in the city. Otto destruct, angry with all of his failed attempts to take over the city, managed to find a sample of Cell Jr (Dragonball Z) DNA. He then cloned one from the DNA sample and set it loose in the city. Nate eventually found the Cell junior while chasing some robots who were robbing a bank. Nate and the Cell junior were instantly in a fight with the Cell Jr having the upper hand. Nate then transformed into his Awakened form and the tables turned quickly leaving the Cell Jr being battered and tossed about by Nate. The Cell Jr then decided to pull out his trump card. When he fighting he was not at full power and was in fact in his first form. In order to solve the evolution problem (as Android 18 and 17 were not in this universe) Otto destruct had given the Cell Jr syringes containing a fluid that would allow it to attain it's perfect form. The Cell Jr injected itself during the fight and became perfect and the fight really got serious. Nate eventually defeated the Cell Jr with a powerful attack called Fury of Babylon

Annihilation Nation

A few months after the Cell Jr incident, Nate mysteriously woke up on the floor in the middle of an arena for the galactic, famous (and totally legal) Annihilation Nation (Ratchet and Clank). This is a gladiatorial show in which contestants must fight for their lives in a vast array of challenges such as deadly obstacle course and arena combat. Nate instantly thought this was an easy job, until he noticed his Arks of the Cosmos and Sword was gone. He had to fight his way through the obstacle course on the show in order to earn back his sword. He was then faced with the challenge of fighting The Terrible Two, to earn back one of his Arks, and Scorpio to get the other one. His final challenge was to fight the Cell Jr from months ago who was found and brought to the show. Nate managed to escape with the help of the G.U.N Commander who came in on a ship to take him back to earth. 

The Dragon Balls of the Namek

Quite a while after the Annihilation Nation Incident, Nate the Hawk was called on by Dende to New Namek in order to help him recover the Namek Dragonballs from a frog like race called the Gadroon (Champions Online), Once of the planet Nate had to become invisible and find a way into the main chamber where the Dragonballs are being held and retrieve them from the aliens. Whilst in the room, the king of the Gadroon was about to make a wish and Nate secretly whispered to the dragon a wish to unlike the former's full potential and to cancel out the rest of the two wishes. The dragon heard the wish and granted it causing the enraged Gadroon army to attack Nate. Nate finally transformed into his Ultra form and wiped out the army.

Meeting Kraze

A few days after the New Namek Dragon Balls adventure, Nate received a tip from the G.U.N commander that the First Sons (InFamous) were planning on building another Ray Sphere to cause and even bigger blast. Nate manged to find there base in Rail Canyon and a battle ensues. During the battle Nate accidentally causes on the of Bullets of the scientists to hit the incomplete Ray Sphere and cause it to open up an strange blue portal which threw out a purple echidna named Kraze. Kraze relentlessly attacked to scientists with Nate's help and then attacked the latter after realizing his was of Babylonian heritage. A fight between Nate and Kraze breaks out which ends in Kraze losing the fight and being taken to their newly captured base in White Acropolis.

Nate visits the facility to check on Kraze only to find that the latter had somehow built a mini Ray Sphere in his cell using excess Ray Sphere energy that had caught onto him. Nate manages to evacuate everyone before the explosion and Kraze escapes custody. A few days later a large fleet of battleships envelope the sky as an alternate dimension counterpart of Shade the Echidna comes to Megalo City to take over the place. Nate and the C.H.A.S.E team manage to fight their way through forces and manage to drive Shade's army back into space. Nate jumps onto Falco's (Star Fox) Arwing and they pursue her army into space and land on her flag ship. Nate fights his way through the ship and manages to make it to the bridge where he fights Shade and seems to be losing. Kraze manages to reach the bridge in time to save Nate (only after he forced Nate to apologize for putting him in prison) and the two face off against Shade only to be severely beaten. Kraze then explains to Nate that his spellbook can open up pocket dimensions and a particular one can lead them to where Kraze's Armour was banished to. Nate, Kraze and Shade get into the dimension and a powered up Kraze and transformed Nate manage to defeat Shade. When they get back onto the ship Nate and Kraze get into an argument about whether they should kill her or not and a fight breaks out. Nate transforms into his Dark State and Kraze transforms into his Armored Bezerk Mode which destroys the fleet and saves everyone. The fight finally ends when they both crash down to earth. Nate and Kraze get up and declare a truce before they both collapse of exhaustion.

The Root of the Problem

Nate was training in his private training room when his Uncle Storm came downstairs and offered to spar with him. Though Nate was obviously quicker, Storm was still quite filled with Raw Power and the session was exhausting. After the session Nate recieved a call from the Commander of G.U.N saying that Serpent had once again broke out of prison and his whereabouts are unknwon. Nate promises to keep a look out and hangs up. 3 hours later, at the hospital owned by The Savers (reformed Reapers) their leader, Breeze, was helping out an elderly patient when the Reapers attacked the hospital and rounded up all of the them including Breeze. Nate, annoyed at this event, decided to dig up dirt on the Reapers location. Nate decides to ask Flash, since he used to be a Reaper, and the young boy helps Nate by telling him about his local informant, Cage.

Nate manages to find Cage and asks him where the Reaper's hideout is, much to Cage's chargrin. Cage refuses to reveal the location because Serpent might kill him and Nate loses his temper so a fight begins between Nate and Cage. Flash interrupts the battle and fights Cage instead. Flash is nearly beaten but Nate defeats Cage and the latter reveals that the Reapers live underground. Cage leads Nate to an alley which has a secret door attached which leads to the a blocked off section the off the sewers, This section leads to the abandoned underground oil station which is where the real leader of the Reapers, Sasha, is holding Breeze. After a breif fight with Serpent which ends in him ditching Sasha, Nate proceeds to fight Sasha who has the ability to control Oil and Fire. Nate manages to defeat Sasha, rescue Breeze and the Savers and liberate a large amount of other Reapers.

Dr GreyFarious (aka The War on Gangs Pt2: The New Dust Men)

Months after the defeat of Sasha, Nate decided it was time to settle down, relax and chill out. He eventually retired to seaside hill, met a girl, got married had kids and what not......sike! Our hero's journey is far from over! Whilst Nate was training with his Uncle Storm, news spread of a powerful mechanical force that seems to be taking over the central slum districts of the city. G.U.N found out that a new force which seemed to have the skills of a samurai and have the power to use energy blasts. Nate investigated further and found out that the threat was now the leader of the Dust Men (InFamous) and that it was non other than a fusion of Gray Fox and Dr Nefarious (Ratchet and Clank), After a heated battle in the center of the city Nate manages to finish them off using the Astral Bomb attack in conjunction with Nate's Gravity Wave.

Items Commonly found on Nate

​​The Biting Gale

The Biting Gale is Nate's second and now most commonly used sword and weapon. This weapon was given to him  by the Babylon Elders which were cyrogenically frozen deep within the Babylon Gardens. This is his second sword, as his first sword (A Black Sword from Shadow the Hedgehog) was shattered after it took control of him. The Biting Gale is a sword only usable by Nate and anyone he says can use it. If someone he doesn't want to hold it tries to reach for it, it will repel from his/her hands. The Biting Gale looks a lot like the Black Sword in Shape except for the fact that it's white and the hilt is golden with a green design.It is commonly found on his back.

His Father's Bashosen

Nate's Father, Jet the Hawk, left his Bashosen to him as an inheritance. Nate took off his father feathers and attached his own in order to declare ownership. The Bashosen are a deadly set of weapons that can be used to swing at the opponent and can launch a barrage of Nate's feathers which can magically reappear. Nate rarely carries his Bashosen around with him but he can summon them from his "Pocket Dimension" at anytime.

The Babylonian Spell Book 

Nate was also given a Babylonian Spell Book as inheritance from his father. This spell book is very powerful and can do a number of different spells (e.g. opening the Pocket dimension, Summoning the Babylon Guardian ,Elemental spells, Teleportation etc). The spells in the book are rendered in the ancient Babylonian language and is translated into Bird calls. This means that only Babylonians (or scholars) can understand and use the book.

The Arks of the Cosmos

Nate was also given a map to the locations of the Arks of the Cosmos as an inheritance. After and Indiana jones-esque adventure he manages to find them all. However, due to how dangerous they are he only carries two of them with him (which give him his gravity powers). The other three are kept in the Pocket dimension. The Arks of Cosmos are extremely powerful objects the can manipulate and control gravity at a massive scale by drawing gravitational energy from the planet it is on or by making it itself. There are many cons of using them however. If they were to be cracked the planet they were one would experience sever gravitational phenomenons (e.g in some continent people will be floating while in other people will be stuck to the floor). If they were to ever ever break then the planet they were on would practically implode on itself. Yeah, with great power comes great risk.

His Babylonian Arsenal

Apart from these Nate has 3 other weapons that he uses in combat. These were all given to him by the Babylonian Elders during his 1 and a half years of training in the Babylon gardens. 

Here they are:

  • The Cyclaws: These are fighting claws in which the blades are piratically made out of very condensed wind that can slice through almost anything, The claws can also be fired at rapid fire speeds. They are very useful for close and long distance combat.
  • Newton's Hammer: This Hammer is very strong and can smash through almost anything also. The design is based off of Kratos's Blades in God of War Ghost of Sparta when they aren't glowing red. The Hammer just like the other two weapons are kept in the Pocket Dimension.
  • The Tsunami Scythe: The weapon is actually not a scythe but is more like one average sword-sized Blade of Athena. This is a chain blade which can be used for quick and precise attacks that are very dangerous and can be very fatal..


Here's a list of Nate's powers

  • Gravity Manipulation:Nate has the ability to gather raw Gravitational energy through the Arks of Cosmos on his arm and can alter gravity. e.g firing gravity bullets and lasers, Making gravitational force fields, altering gravity etc. He can also change the way gravity affects him and others (e.g lessening gravity on his body to speed him up and let him jump higher or increasing gravity on his foes to make them move less).
  • Wind Manipulation: Nate can naturally manipulate wind causing things like tornadoes and strong gusts of winds to make attacks. He can also materialize himself into wind to go through walls, travel long distances, fly and move through tight spaces. He can even make himself intangible and decrease the air resistance in front of him while running in order to speed himself up.

Natural Abilities

Here's a list of Nate's Natural abilities:

  • Djinn SoulDjinn Soul is a very powerful ability exclusively used by Babylonians as they are relative descendants of Genies. Djinn soul can either be positive or negative depending ion the users emotions. Nate is a user of the Warrior Trigger, a type of Djinn Soul which allows the user to attain their Awakened Form or Dark Form.
  • Magic: >Through babylonian bloodline, Nate has a natural link to magic as long as he knows the spell (which can be read from the spell book).Nate has learned to be able to use some spells of head (mainly elemental spells) with minimum control. However, the amount he can do is limited to the amount of Mana he has remaining.
  • Enhanced Strength: Nate is strong enough to lift up things like cars and the front of lorries without aid of The Arks Of The Cosmos.
  • Enhanced Speed: Nate can run pretty fast, not sonic the hedgehog fast but fast enough.
  • Above Average Endurance and Stamina: Nate can run and fight for long periods of time. His stamina and oxygen debt built up in his body can be replenished at lot faster in his body than normal people. The only possible way to wear him out would be to make his muscles tired.
  • Enhanced Vision: Nate's vision is extremely good. In his last eye test it was stated that his vision could reach that of 120/20.
  • Master Sorcerer: Nate is a Masterful Sorcerer, Being able to use most of the spells in his Spellbook with accuracy, though he doesn't rely on his spells a lot.
  • Master Swordsman: Nate has been learning the art of swordsmanship from a young age. He is now a master swordsman being able to do all sorts of tricks and attacks with his sword "The Biting Gale"
  • Extreme Gear Specialist: Nate knows how to use Extreme gear very well and has one many competitions with his skills.


Nate has a wide variety of moves and techniques at his disposal. Most of the are available to use due to his large array of weapons and powers at his disposal.

The Biting Gale

  • N-Strike: Nate slices his opponent 3 times performing an N shape. He first does a jumping upward slash on his opponent and then lands with a downward slash to for the two vertical lines of the N. He then finishes them off with a diagonal slash with joins the two vertical lines together to complete the N.
  • Fury of Babylon: Nate runs at his opponent and as he passes them he slashes at them. He then runs back and repeats the process, slashing them at multiple angles on the ground and in mid air. Once he has finished the opponent is usually dazed. Nate then jumps into the air and transforms into his Awakened state and shouts "Leave me alone!" or "Out of my way!". He then fires out a beam of gravitational energy that blows the opponent away.
  • Wave Slash: Nate does a wide swing with his sword which causes a slash shaped wave of gravitational energy to be released. Nate has been able to make the sizes of the wave vary, he usually uses the thin variant in order to slice the target.


  • Twister Strike: Nate pulls out the weapons and begins to spin around with them outstretched. This forms a Nate-sized tornado that can blow away his opponents. This move was inspired by his father.
  • Cyclone Column: Nate runs toward his target and jumps into the air, lining his body parallel with the ground. He then outstretches the Bashosen and then spins around at a high velocity. Nate then launches himself into the target, causing large crushing damage and disorienting the opponent and Nate.

Tsunami Scythe

  • Whirlwind Flurry: Nate rapidly swings the Tsunami Scythe around in a wild ball, slashing any nearby opponents.


  • Gust Bullet: Nate points his claws at the direction of his opponent and fires out the wind blades that were embedded in them. The wind claws regenerate quickly allowing Nate to fire them in a machine gun like fashion.

Newton's Hammer

  • Shooting Star: Nate gathers an aura of raw Gravitational energy around the hammer and prepares for an upwards swing. When he eventually swings, the impact will send the opponent flying tremendously high into the air.
  • Crashing Star: Nate gathers an aura of raw Gravitational energy around the hammer and unleashes a powerful downward swing. If it were to hit the ground a seismic shock wave would form, sending surrounding objects flying away from his position.


  • Swift Strike: Nate moves at blinding speed in a ghostly wind type manner. This is the equivalent of a homing attack for Nate.
  • Sonic Squawk: Inherited from his mother Wave the swallow, Nate can squawk reakky loudly, So loudly it can deafen the hearer.
  • Suffocate: Nate can grab an opponent and literally drain the air out of them.This is only used when Nate is in his dark state.
  • Mirage: Nate can create wind clones of himself.
  • Intangibility: Nate can make himself Intangible for long periods of time.
  • Invisibility: Nate can make himself invisible for long periods of time.


  • Gravity Bolts: Nate clenches his fists and gathers gravitational energy within his hands. He then releases it by throwing balls of gravity at the opponent(s). Similar to Vegeta's Continuous Energy Bullet.
  • Gravity Dive
  • Gravity Wave: Nate out stretches his hand outwards to his sides in a similar pose to Vegeta's Final Flash. He then brings them together and unleashes an energy wave of gravity.
  • Gravity Disc: Nate creates a disc of gravity that can be thrown at his opponent Similar to Destructo Disk
  • Hmph you fell for it: This move is very useful for when Nate wants to bring an enemy close to him. Nate fires a wall of raw gravitational energy at the opponent and it passes through the opponent. The opponent will usually stand there confused or will taunt Nate to which he will reply "You fell for it". The wall of energy will then come back and hit the opponent in the back. This can then be followed up with other attacks.
  • Gravity Storm: Nate raises his hand to the sky and then fires dozens of gravity arrows to the sky.  They then come down in a heavy barrage, This is similar to the Genocide Blast from DBZ.
  • Gravity Sphere: Nate raises his hand up to the sky and gathers gravitational energy from the planet and the air. It then forms a giant ball of gravity which he can throw at his opponents. Similar to the Large Spirit Bomb.
  • Gravity Blast: Similar to the Chaos Blast. Nate releases a large amount of gravitational energy out from around him
  • Gravity Thrust: Nate gathers a highly concentrated ball of gravitational energy in his hand. He then runs at the opponent and pushes it into them. Kinda like a  Rasengan.
  • Planetary Devastation: Heavily inspired by Pain from Naruto. Nate creates an orb of gravity which he throws into the air. This sphere attracts tonnes of objects towards it creating a massive sphere of earth and anything else attracted by it. The Sphere can then be launched compressed and expanded to Nate's desire.
  • Gravity Curse Band: This move is very deadly. Nate forms a ring of gravitational energy in the air  (Similar to Galactic donuts) and then throws it at his opponents. The ring the wraps around the opponents arm, leg etc and binds to it and can only be removed by Nate. Once it is attached Nate can multiply the amount of gravity affecting the wearer  (similar to the Kaioken multiplier).
  • The Black Hole Attack: This is Nate's all or nothing move. Nate gathers a massive amount of gravitational energy into his body creating a sphere. He then releases it all literally creating a Black hole. Depending how long he charges it, the size can be altered to the point where it can destroy planets. However the charge for that magnitude must be of at least 40 minutes. The actual attack can hurt Nate himself and could even kill him.


  • Healing: Nate lets off a series of Squawks and his body begins to glow green. He can then fire of a green vapour that heals people upon contact. He can also heal himself.
  • Blaze Ball: Nate lets off a series of Squawks and a large fireball appears above him in rhe sky. The ball then fires off a volley of medium sized, powerful fireballs.
  • Crashing Wave: Nate lets off a series of Sqwuaks and a large stream of water is then fired from his hands.
  • Astral Bomb: Nate lets off a series of Squawks and a purple portal opens in his book or on the floor if the book isn't open. Angelus the Gatekeeper comes out of the portal and raises his hands in the air. He gathers a ball of purple energy and throws it at the opponent. This move is the name i gave to the same attack in the final boss of Sonic Riders.


Throughout Nate's Adventures he has attained a number of transformations throughout his life it goes as followed:

  • Awakened State Nate

    Awakened Nate: 
    When his Djinn soul is positive (usually when he is feeling heroic and his emotionsare calm), Nate can unleashed his hidden genie powers through this transformation. He can easily control this form and it generally increases his speed and power. He also becomes more adept with his Bashosen and Wind powers.This was first attained in his fight with Galleom.

Dark State Nate

  • Dark State Nate:  When his Djinn Soul is negative (usually when he is angry), Nate can unleash his Dark form. This form generally is a lot stronger than his Awakened form however it comes with a price.Nate barely has any control over this form. His natural instincts take over and he rarely ever snaps out of it. He always attacks the last thing he was angry at before he transformed.
  • Ultra Nate: This form was achieved through a wish on the Namekian Dragonballs. Originally the form required 7 chaos emeralds the 5 Arks if the Cosmos and Jet's Wind Box. This move makes Nate look like he's gone super saiyan 3 except he's lacking in pupils and still has the same fur color. This transformation can only be attained through Burst Djinn Soul.
  • Giga Nate: This transformation is an extremely rare phenomenon that occurs when Djinn Soul is both positive and negative. When Nate is feeling postive yet enraged it can invoke this powerful transformation. This can also be invoked with the help of the Babylon Guardian as well. In this form Nate still looks SSJ3-ish, has no pupils and has purple feathers.
  • Demonic Hawk Drive: This transformation is extremely powerful. When Nate is pushed to a rage which practically has a category on it's own. This form looks like Ultra Nate except his feathers are dark red and his gravity moves become purple. In this form he cant distinguish friend nor foe. Only destruction. It takes pure exhaustion to get him out of this mode.


Nate is a tough cookie however even the toughest of heroes have their weaknesses. One of which as bad as it is his hesitation to finish people off. Yeah let's face most heroes are like this (I like to call them righteous coward). But Nate is the type to give second chances, though Nate does know when not to. Nate also has a thing for bad luck streaks. Once something goes wrong a barrel of other things have to go wrong until he does something right. He also has temper a weird temper which can only be described as a see saw. He's either really chilled or really angry, though he is hard to make angry, once he does get pissed of he instantly loses all focus and will attack what angered him. Another weakness is practically anything that doesn't have weight, except for air, is something that he cannot counter with his gravity powers. Things like electricity light and darkness is something Nate cannot really counter though he can block it.


"You killed...all of them?"                                                                                                                                    -Nate speaking to Serpent

"DON'T TALK LIKE THAT ABOUT MY HERITAGE!"                                                                                            -Nate while transforming in the battle against Galeom

"Why me?"                                                                                                                                                          -Nate waking up on Annihilation Nation

"Don't Blink, you just might miss it"                                                                                                                      -Nate, before starting a race  

"What? I lost? That race was rigged" '                                                                                                                -Nate when losing a race

"No way was i gonna lose! Heck i sound like my dad..."                                                                                     -Nate after winning a race

"My name is.....what? My name is...who?My name is Nate the Hawk!"'                                                              -Nate celebrating

"Don't get your hopes up, you might lose y'know!"                                                                                              -Nate before a fight

"Not bad"                                                                                                                                                             -Nate during a fight                                                                               

"Come on, you can at least try an hit me?"                                                                                                         -Nate mocking his opponent while dodging an attack

"You had me for a second there"                                                                                                                        -Nate winning a close match    

"Hey wanna go again sometime?"                                                                                                                       -Nate after winning a match

" 2 out of 3?"                                                                                                                            -Nate after losing a match          

"Uh oh, Your goin to jail now!"                                                                                                                             -Nate transforming into his Awakened form

"Now you've done it!!!"                                                                                                                                       -Nate transforming into his Dark form

Theme Songs

Renegade by Manafest

Nate's casual theme song, it represents who two sided his personality.



Connection to Character

It's not like i'm not trying to work it out/but things are so much harder when your not around                               -Nate tries hard to keep is anger in check, it's hard when his parents (or anyone else for that matter) aren't around to guide him

I'm not always who you think i am/sometimes i feel like i'm the renegade                                                              

-Nate is always assumed to be the typical do good hero but sometimes he feels like the outlaw when he's angry

Impossible by Manafest


Manafest- Impossible Lyrics

Nate's Dark Theme, represents how in his Dark Form he can't hold back.

Connection to Character

It seems Impossible/For me to let this go                                   -In this form Nate always goes after the person who angered him he finds it hard to forgive in this form           

Feel like and animal/ I'm ready to lose control.                            -This describes Nate's feelings as he's about to transform. Nate feels a burning sensation and feels like he's about to do something that the person who angered him will regret

Take everything you need/Take every part of me/Give me some room to breath/Before i lose control                 -a sharp and effective warning to stay away from Nate and give him some room or else they're gonna feel some pain.                                 

This is the last time/i cry lullaby's all night/Can't sleep i here the doors creek                                                     -It tells the story of Nate's parent's death, when he was a sleep at a young age (hence the lullaby line) he heard the floors creek as the killer entered his house

I just don't know what to do/God i'm calling you send an angel send who                                                             -Nate was praying to God that someone would save his parents while he was hiding in the closet away from the killer


  • Nate's board name breaks the naming rule of the Babylonians. His board name should actually be Type-N
  • When Nate does the "My Name is..." quote, it's a reference to the song by Eminem, "My Name is".
  • When Nate says the "no way am i gonna lose" quote. He's referring to Jet's line in Sonic Riders.
  • When Nate says the "Your going to jail now" quote, He referring to the Infamous "Bus Driver Uppercut" video.