Natalie is an aquamarine scaled chameleon with peach skin and violet eyes. She also has cyan and azure spots on her scales, dotting under her eyes, on her forehead, her arms, her legs, and her tail. Her tail is long and straight and tiny spikes run up her back.

Casual Attire

Natalie's casual attire consists of a leaf green T-shirt with white flower imprints, a light, white jacket that is tied around her waist, jeans shorts, and green and brown sandals. Her gloves (whenever she wears them) are white finger gloves with green bands.

Work Attire

Her botanist/park ranger uniform consists of a standard puffed brown vest, a dark brown shirt underneath, short light brown pants, white socks, brown gloves, and brown hiking boots. She also carries with her a small traveling pack which she keeps water, food, her botanist license, and her plant journal in. She is also either wearing a brown ranger hat or a white bandana. When a park ranger, she wears a yellow badge.


Natalie is outgoing and compassionate towards others, always ready to help those who she sees need help the most, always ready to take them under her wing and take care of them, whether they are a villain or a hero. She is very kind and selfless towards others and never lets one person go hungry or unsatisfied without her saying so.

Though she is outgoing and very social towards others, she is careful to keep herself on guard and ready to say when enough is enough. She is careful on who she is dating or hanging out with and makes sure she knows who she is hanging out with first before she starts getting into a relationship with them.

She is insecure when alone outside, especially at night, and always brings with her something to use as a weapon when she finds it necessary.

She greatly cares for plants and will get overly upset with those who mistreat the environment and the plants that dwell in the area.


Early Life

In Natalie's younger years, Natalie was greatly fascinated in botany and plants. In her after class hours, she would often hang around the school greenhouse, sketching diagrams of the plants down in her journal and the facts about them. She longed to be a botanist when she grew up. Though some students said she was overly obsessed with plants, she ignored them and in later years, she managed to become a Junior Botanist, a rank given for young botanists.

Looking Beyond

When she was 14, Natalie had moved up in her rank as a Botanist, and had just about found and wrote down every plant of the Dragon Kingdom. Seeking to journey throughout the world to find new species of plant Natalie departed from her home and embarked on many world-wide adventures, discovering many species of plant that not even botanists of a higher rank than herself, had discovered. She was making her way in the world, gaining a favorable position among many of the botanists she met on her journey.

Meeting Espio

During her stay in a town of Downunda, Natalie met and became acquainted with Espio the Chameleon. They met in the Downunda library, Natalie researching plant locations, and Espio researching ancient temples. Not really a romantic spot to first meet at, but in this case, it was perfect. Though they didn't technically fall in love the first time, their meetings soon became all together intertwined with one another, since some exotic and illusive plants were located at some of the places Espio went, and some of the ancient temples and shrines Espio visited had some kind of plant that Natalie was interested in and wanted to sketch down in her journal. After Natalie's stay in Downunda, the two chameleons bid each other farewell, and only met again a year later.

Espio x Natalie

When Natalie was 15, she moved into an apartment in Station Square and commuted in between traffic and the subways to go back and forth between her journeys, and her job as a park ranger. One day, when heading home from work, she ran into Espio again. The two went to the park, caught up with each other on their travels and adventures, and then Natalie made an offer to Espio to stay at her place for a couple days before he moved out again. The silent ninja accepted her request, and three days later, the two came into a close relationship and were acclaimed boyfriend and girlfriend a week later.

Though most would have thought the relationship to last, a year and a half later, Espio and Natalie broke up and Espio went on his way. Some would say that they weren't right for one another, but the relationship broke apart mainly because Espio had his duties as a member of the Chaotix Agency, and his separate life as a ninja devoted to secrecy. Espio just didn't want Natalie to get hurt if his enemies found out about her. And Natalie understood and agreed, though both were very much hurt by their break up. They never saw each other ever since.

Powers & Weapons

Natalie has a power known as agrokinesis, (plant manipulation), which allows the user the power to control or manipulate plants under their own will, whether emotionally, physically, or mentally.

Using her journal, which contains different plant entries, Natalie can either summon the plants by name from the book, or control the plants nearest to her. Sometimes, when Natalie is overwhelmed with fear or grief, she involuntarily controls the plants to defend her.


Like all chameleons, Natalie has an extendable, sturdy, and sticky tongue that she uses both as a grappling hook and a means to reach high places, such as a mountain or a tree.

Natalie also has the ability to change the color of her scales depending on either the environment or the background of the area. Like Espio, her body blends in so well with her surroundings that she appears to be invisible. But unlike Espio, Natalie can be a klutz and a bit distracted when using this ability, and can knock into things and blow her guise. Her eyes also sometimes blow her cover, because sometimes they are not affected by her ability.


Having a vast knowledge of plants and whether certain plants are dangerous or not can be a huge help at times when Natalie needs to provide some information on what type of plant the plant is.

Using her speed and experience of the terrain and the environment, Natalie is often found as useful when scouting and gathering data. She is also able to recognize a land marker right away when others are blind to it, which makes her a good navigator.


Natalie is unable to stand cold temperatures, and would much rather stay inside by a warm fireplace, then outside in a snowstorm.

Natalie is not a big fighter, so she is especially helpless when it comes to direct, or forced attack.

When enraged about something, Natalie openly exposes herself, revealing to people of her location, and that can endanger both her and whoever she is with..

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