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Cquote1 No, I’m not normal, nor are my friends, nor are my family. But we’re people. We laugh. We love. And we can do things people wouldn’t believe until they saw us. And maybe, if we stick together, we can find something better: a different kind of normal. Cquote2
Natalie Walker, ADKON Chapter 23

Natalie Walker is the daughter of Sasha Walker and Vendeta the Hedgehog and the main protagonist of A Different Kind of Normal. She is a member of the Powers Club who possesses telepathic powers.


Natalie has a relatively average height and build for a Mobian woman of her age. She is a white Mobian hedgehog with white hair tied in a braid that falls down to her shoulder. She also has golden-brown eyes like her father.

In terms of attire, she usually wears a white T-Shirt and blue denim jacket. She also wears jeans and white trainers.


To many, Natalie is withdrawn, rarely saying anything other than snarky remarks. She generally has an “I don’t care” attitude towards many. However, Natalie only acts this way towards people she doesn’t like or know, and acts very differently towards her friends.

Natalie tends to be very open towards her friends, usually trusting them completely. She’s still quite snarky, but not in an offensive way. She still sometimes comes across like she’s very casual, although with less of the uncaring attitude she had before.

Although she’s a quick thinker under pressure, especially with the rise of her powers, Natalie can be too trusting of others and is easily shaken or manipulated, which can be exploited by others, namely Kable the Fox. She’s also surprisingly easy to anger, especially when others try to harm Angel. Moral wise, she has traditional heroic values which can come across as slightly naive.


Early life

Natalie was born in Iravia to Vendeta and Sasha Angel. However, Vendeta disappeared for a job with the Guardians and never came back when she was 4, and Sasha refused to mention Vendeta after they met again later during the Guardian Civil War, so Natalie grew up knowing little about her father. She went to school in Iravia and made friends with Marcee Archer, who had been there for 3 years, and Oliver Dragen, who had recently moved to Iravia. The three were best friends for years, but eventually the Walkers moved to Westopolis as Sasha was looking for a better job, although the 3 still keep in touch.

At school in Iravia, Natalie didn’t have any friends and was bullied for her accent just generally being odd compared to the rest of the students. At this point, her powers started to manifest themselves, meaning she completely avoided a barrage of punches from one bully and caused another to crumple to the floor in pain.

A Different Kind of Normal

After coming home from the latter incident, Sasha told Natalie that she had discovered a club for people with powers run by Johnathon Persona, which she hoped would make her come to terms with her powers. During her first meeting in the club, she met Angel Skyheart, Rugal Paramount and Carl the Hamster. When asked about her power, Natalie said she didn’t know how to control it, although Carl helped narrow down what the power was, and she managed to accidentally mind read John. Over time, she began to practice her powers. She also discovers some information that she wants to take to Rugal about.

3 weeks later, Natalie talks to Angel outside of the club and the two give each other their phone numbers. Angel also squeezes Natalie’s hand, which startles her for a moment.

A month later, Natalie manages to meet with Rugal in private. Although Rugal is initially hostile, Natalie manages to enter Rugal’s memory, discovering that Rugal had been bullying Carl for months beforehand. Distraught, Natalie leaves Rugal alone.



Natalie possesses telepathy, which can manifest itself in various forms. She can read people’s minds from a long way away, with thoughts manifesting themselves as whispers to her. She can also control the brain’s nervous system, meaning she can make people do what she wants, dull pain, and even make herself or others invisible, as well as creating illusions. Natalie can also enter people’s mind or their memories by touching their head.


Natalie can be too trusting of others and is easily shaken or manipulated, which can be exploited. She also has minor vertigo (the fear of heights), although she can usually ignore it unless she’s really high up.

On a powers level, all of Natalie’s telepathic abilities except her mind reading can only affect one person at a time, although she reckons she can do multiple people with practice. Also, her powers to do not work on artificial beings like robots or Ice, and she can receive psychic backlash from people with multiple personalities like Johnathon Persona. Those with strong willpower can also shake off her influence.


Angel Skyheart

Natalie didn’t fall in love with Angel instantly, but once she had she was utterly devoted to Angel. Although Natalie knows Angel is struggling to come to terms with being lesbian and has anxiety problems, she is trying to help her as much as possible, although she isn’t above being an old-style romantic.



  • Although Natalie is bisexual, she is more attracted to women than men.
  • Natalie is voiced by Ashly Burch in Disaster Club

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