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Natalie is a light brown oncilla Mobian with a few black markings on her face (near her eyes and forehead), on the back of her ears and tail. Her muzzle, underbelly, and hands are white with a few dark spots on the hands. Her auburn colored hair; sleek, shiney, and well groomed, trails down to her mid shins, bangs parted in the middle with a little strand of hair freely flowing to the left. Her choice of clothing can be either a Victorian or lolita style. The colors ranged between a soft pink, midnight blue, or jet black, preferably wearing short sleeve dresses on a regular basis while wearing long sleeved ones on special occasions. Her eyes are mostly closed, but if she opens them, her irises are a lavender color with no pupils. She carries around a dark, midnight parasol to match some of her dresses and a nearly dead, corpsified barn owl to act as her 'eyes'. Lastly, her only accessory is a blue topaz pendant that holds her necromancer powers.


Natalie can be considered sweet, gentle, and innocent at the first sight of her. But because of her tragic past, she is harsh, bitter, and can latch out a fork tounge to anyone, friend or foe alike. She rarely shows any hint of anger, but when she does she will be very threatening in a calm and sweet (but scary) kind of a way. But if things get out of hand or if her owl is either in danger or taken from her, she will turn to a more dark and serious matter and will stop at nothing to eradicate her target. The only thing she has a love for is animals, and loathes the way they are mistreated. She even despise Mobians who have a Chao right beside them, as she thinks they are treated as pets.


Birth and Rebirth

Natalie Vida Sweeney shortly died a few minutes after birth from and unknown and incurable disease to Mariann and Octavos Sweeney. Sadden and distraught of the sudden new additions passing, they looked for a specialized doctor who has the ability to revive anyone at will. But the only requirement to meet woth this doctor is if the deceased have been dead for nearly an hour, at a price......Not knowing did they know is that this certain doctor happens to be a slow aging Necromancer, looking for young blood to find as its new vessel. The ritial was initiated against Natalie's parents will, but the little onvilla kit prove to have a stronger spirit than the necromancer. The spirit of the dark entity was transfered to Natalie, killing the doctor in a matter of seconds and reviving her at the cost of losing her eye sight for life. Even with no eye sight, the parents prove that Natalie's life is far more precious to hold than anything.

Early Isolation

Natalie spend most of her early childhood life within the masion walls, hiring a personal tutor and teacher to help her learn aboit everything that needs ro be learn like everyone else in the world. The reason to her everyday isolation away from making friends or meeting the rest of her family remains a mystery solely, which her own father can never explain to her. But the only mesaage Octavos can tell her is to 'Trust no one but those who protect you'. Throughout that time, all Natalie can do is to ponder the phrase her father taught her, thus having Octavos let her make friends with his personal, baby barn owl pet, Winstinn. Even in her lonesome days away from the outer walls of the manor, Winstinn remained with her to keep her company.

Claimed as Heiress

By the time her 12th birthday rolled by, Natalie's parents have invited all of her family members to meet the young oncilla with a special announcement at hand. Though the thought of meet every one of her family members should bring a smile on her fave, but in reality, it make her shy and self-concious due to years of isolation from everyone except her parents and Winstinn. Upon introducing herself to her family, with some assistance from her parents, her father announce that Natalie will become the next heiress to the Sweeney Manor when she turns 16 years old. Although most are quite honored to have the young, blind oncilla to take the precious title of heiress, there was an exception of two: Natalie's eldeest Uncle Stanley Sweeney (Octavos's half-brother), and Natalie herself. Natalie was quite shocked to know that she will be the next in line for the title of heiress, but wishes her father can at least speak to her about the situation before agreeing to being one. It was not until a few hours later, she accidently hear Stanley telling her father (in a room away from everyone else) that a blind, sheltered and isolated child of the current heir can never order him around. Ever since that event, she wothdrew herself away from her parents, wishing they have never made her the new heiress without her consent in the first place.

Tragic Loss




Extra Hearing


Semi Anti-Aging


Silent Stealth










​Natalie has several known weaknesses. Her main one happens to be her owl, Winstinn, whom is the key source of her "eyesight". Without him, Natalie won't know who will come for her in any direction in case of an attack will be cause to her.


Her secondary weakness is her pendant, which holds all of her necromancy abilities. One crack will expel her life force bit by bit, but countless spirit energy will consume her life to nothing if the gem is shattered.


Fire is proven to be another weakness of Natalie's. Though it is given that her undead companions is of no use and will disintegrate on contact with fire. But the main reason to the weakness is that Natalie will be easily burned and scorched if she ever has even one little ember on her ear.


Natalie's species is part of the cat family, and is natural to dislike water at any point. Water makes her undead compaions sluggish because of their decayed bodies, and makes her movements and spell casting slow down by 78℅, making her a quick and easy target to hit.


  • Her middle name, Vida, is Spanish for life. Reason to it is that she was given a second chance at life through necromancy after a rare disease killed her a few minutes after birth, which in fact cost her eyesight.
  • Winstinn, her barn owl, use to belong to her father before he was killed along with her parents from a raid.
  • Natalie was semi inspired by N in Pokemon Black & White. She wishes to protect her animal companions from further harm or being perished.
  • Natalie prefers to be isolated with animal instead of any other Mobians.
  • Her birthday is December 5th, hinted by the month's gemstone: Blue Topaz.
  • Her species, oncilla, is nocturnal. She does come out in the daylight, but she carries a parasol to shield the light from her and Winstinn.
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