This is an article about Natalie Alister, a character created by MaverickHunterSigma sometime in 2011, and revised on 6/29/2016.
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Natalie Alister, pretty much all the time

Natalie Aliser is a fan character created by OmegaExalted. Originally rising to infamy as a vigilante serial killer, she was captured and recruited by OmegaCorp, who granted her permission to hunt down and execute wanted murderers. Since then, not only has she become OmegaCorp's deadliest assassin, but was also chosen by Lyndis to become the Aspect of Terror.


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She has sort of a split personality, so you'll have to wait twice as long before this gets filled out.


Physical Traits


Abilities and Powers

Natalie is experienced in the art of stealth, allowing her to slip in and eliminate her target, then escape without being noticed. Most of the time. If for some reason, things should get loud, she has a number of other attributes that allow her to survive in battle.

First off, in both its sealed and unsealed state, Octavus Serpentum: Orochi passively feeds on the fears of others, drawing their deepest nightmares to the surface and making Natalie's targets more vulnerable. Unfortunately, this can also have adverse effects on her allies as well. This means she's most effective when working alone.

Secondly, Natalie has an accelerated healing factor when Orochi is in its unsealed state. She regenerates wounds much more quickly, meaning she can spend more time in combat and less time hiding from her enemies.

Lastly, her legs. Yes, her legs. She possesses an inhuman amount of leg strength, so she can jump pretty high and kick really hard. Her fighting style frequently utilizes her legs, namely in techniques such as Serpent's Infernal Rapture and Serpent's Unholy Judgment.


As is expected with her line of work, Natalie is armed with several karambit knives hidden in her apparel. She uses these with deadly efficiency, striking critical points in the enemy's body and dealing severe damage.

However, the most fearsome weapon at her disposal is her Arma Antiquorum, Octavus Serpentum: Orochi. Orochi manifests itself as a sort of chain weapon, with the head of a serpent fastened to the end of the chain and is thrown in a straight line. With each strike, it attacks the victim's mind and soul directly, weakening them and amplifying Natalie's damage to that target. If a target has suffered eight consecutive injuries from this weapon, Natalie can execute a devastating melee attack that is fatal to all but the most resilient of enemies. She can also use this for utility, using it as a grapple to zoom across the battlefield. It has shown the capability to phase through matter, as well.


Coming... eventually.


Coming... eventually.


  • ...And is also slightly inspired by Dexter Morgan, the main character from the television series of the same name.
  • ...I'm just gonna use Megalovania until a higher quality rip of "Silent Scream" comes up again.
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