Nasty Plot is a useful technique, used for increasing the power of one's attacks.


The user mutters under their breath, bringing their thoughts from a chaotic array into a dark, cohesive pattern. By doing so, the user can conduct the Chaos Force to a greater degree, boosting the power of their Special attacks.

However, this ordering of the thoughts opens the mind to influence from inner darkness and strains the mind. The darkness can cause the user to act more viciously and animalistic, while over-use can force the user into their dark super form, or an approximation of such. Pure or innocent beings cannot use the technique, while others who are aware of their "evil" nature can use the technique, but not to awaken a dark super form.


Pokemon Users


  • Swords Dance: Variant involving physical attack
  • Iron Defense and Barrier: Variants involving physical defense
  • Amnesia: Variant involving special defense
  • Bulk Up: Variant involving both physical attack and defense
  • Calm Mind: Variant involving special attack and defense
  • Cosmic Power: Variant involving both physical and special defense
  • Dragon Dance: Variant involving physical attack and speed

Technique Rank

Due to the potential feedback traits, plus the sheer offensive usability of the technique, it bears an A-rank.

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