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Cquote1 Everything you do in pursuit of power is a means to an end. Only when one has pursued all of these will he understand their true potential. Cquote2


Rarely seen unless under his Crimson Cowboy hat and Red Cape, Naoya has a silky black fur, complimented by his shiny onyx-colored shoulder-length hair. Below his red cape is a coal-colored sleeveless jumper, with a yellow cross ( X ) embedded upon it. His obsidian like pants also have yellow ribbon embedded into each leg, going downard. His shoes are simple ruby-colored boots to compliment his red cape.

Naoya looks like an average 19-year-old male with a normal build. He is abnormal in that he has yellow eyes, which shine when casting magic or using a special ability. He is somewhat approachable, however, his hiding behind the hat and cape would suggest otherwise to some people. Naoya doesn't seem frightening, but doesn't seem too friendly either at first glance. To people he knows,he seems very friendly and talkative.


Though Naoya doesn't look like it; he is generally kind and friendly. He has a good sense of humor, will laugh and may even crack a joke. Naoya likes to make friends when he can, and talk with old ones, too. Though he can be comforting and caring; he can also be misunderstood most of the time. When he may mean to care for someone; it may look like the oppposite. Naoya is generally a very happy person until he steps into a ring.

In a fight, it's almost as if Naoya's personality changes. He immediately becomes serious and will give it his all to take out an opponent.Though he won't become savage and relentless; he will use his techniques to find a worthy execution for his opponent. He knows not of the word; Mercy.


Born into an upper-class family, Naoya would use his family's wealth to his advantage by studying and learning from some of the rarest and most expensive books he could find. One book in particular, "Ars Nova" peaked his interest. At an expensive price, he purchased and studied the book to every last detail. From it, he practised the arts of magic and swordplay.

At an early age of 14, Naoya suggested to his family leaving the privileged parents from whom he had been conceived. The reason for this was that he felt he was too spoiled to become a true warrior. After a lengthy argument between his family, his father came to a single proposal.

"I will allow you to leave us at the age of 16. If you are to, however, go against this family or our wishes; I will personally exile you from this family, and this kingdom."

Naoya studied relentlessly until the age of 16, when he left his family after a meal in his honor. With a sword in his belt, and his magic at his fingertips, he ran off without a second glance at his former kingdom.

Sparring with himself in deep forests, hot deserts, and icy mountains, he had come to make a living in the wilderness. He has had several adventures with many people, and has still kept in contact with them.


Through study and practice, Naoya has become good with swordplay. He is quite nimble with a sword, but he hasn't mastered it. He also has the elemental attribute of fire, which he learned through relentless studying of his most treasured book; "Ars Nova". He can easily manipulate flames, as it was the focus of his magic training.


Naoya's yellow eyes are inherited from the power of a mystical crystal. They remain as a symbol of his magical abilities. As well as that, it also allows him the ability of weak night-vision and very keen eye-sight. Relying on these abilities too much, however, will lead to exhaustion.


Though growing up in a rich family, Naoya has liked to cook since he was young. Though not a gourmet chef, he can get by cooking without burning food, and making it taste good. Due to his somewhat long life in the wilderness, he knows the basics of survival and can overcome most feats of the wild.


When Naoya uses his power to the extent, he will become exhausted. In the beginning, he was only able to shoot a single ember of fire before becoming tired. Due to a glimmering crystal's power, his tiredness threshold is maximised to an extent. He can still become tired.

Due to his fire elemental abilities, he cannot deal great damage to water elemental beings. Though he can be harmed by water or ice elemental damage, it will not be a weakness unless he has taken on the form of a fire-elemental being.

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Items Currently In Possession

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- Silver Broadsword (Monochrome) (A sword made by a legendary blacksmith. Made for Naoya as a gift from his family.)

- Large Tome (Ars Nova) (A rare expensive tome that contains the secrets of Naoya's techniques. Mastering a skill in the book is said to be a great feat.)

- Colorless Crystal (An empty crystal that gave Naoya it's power. The power allows him to withstand using copious amounts of magic.)






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