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Cquote1 I may not show my confidence as well as my other friends, but I am not weak. I can be as much of a hero as anyone, and don't let my princess title fool you. Cquote2
Naomi the Fox, Nikki and the Seven Spirits

Naomi the Fox (ナオミ・ザ・キツネ Naomi za kitsune) is an 18-year old fox and princess of Arcadia. Though she does not have much importance in ruling over Arcadia yet, citizens of the kingdom still adore her.



Naomi is a girl of normal height and weight, standing at 3'1" and weighing 65 pounds. She has dark blue eyes and a white muzzle with a small, hot pink heart-shaped birthmark on the right of it. Naomi's fur color is pink, also having hot pink spots around her ears, feet, and tail. Her straight, short hair is purple and reaches down to the bottom of her neck. Her bangs are not very long, and do not overlap her eyes.


Though Naomi's wardrobe consists of many different things, her main attire is a sky blue, sleeveless ruffle dress with small, blue hears around the bottom and a velvet pink neck strap. There is also a light blue band around her waist and small, velvet pink ruffles sewed on around the sides of the top of the dress. On the back of the dress is a huge, velvet pink bow which is always attacked. Naomi’s gloves and sandals match the color of her dress, while her heart-shaped hairpin matches the color of her bow.


Most describe Naomi as ladylike and sweet, just how a princess should act. Her mother has taught her to always be loyal to others, and try not to show any disrespect in front of a friend or enemy.

Unfortunately, Naomi is easily peer-pressured by her friends, especially Nikki. Sometimes they do get into things they're not supposed to, specifically when they encountered the eternal flame and Nikki was given her fire powers. She still blames herself for that until this day, though Nikki doesn't seem to mind the "burden".

In her most recent adventure, Tales of Mobius, Naomi must travel away from home and lead and represent her kingdom since the king and queen are unable to make it. This brings out a more leadership side to Naomi, as she is able to become more serious when it comes to council meetings and speaking with King and Queen Acorn.




Nikki and the Seven Spirits - Naomi is a DLC character that can only be obtained through a code available to people who pre-ordered the game in Japan. Entering the code unlocked both her normal attire and her combat outfit. Though you were able to buy her in a DLC pack later on, her combat outfit was never re-distributed.

Powers and Abilities

Naomi isn't much of a fighter, but is able to defend herself and others if necessary. She doesn't really possess any psionic powers or have any super abilities, and usually relies on her magic wand for battling. She is able to use her wand to perform magic on herself, sometimes allowing herself to float or surround herself in a protective bubble; almost like a force field. However, the effects of the magic ware off after a while, and must recharge.

Though Naomi is not very strong physically, she makes up for it with her various techniques and skills. She is also decently fast when not in a dress, not to mention agile as well.


Magic Wand

Naomi's main way of attacking is by using her magic wand. It is shaped like the outline of a heart, and is pink with a gold staff attached to the bottom. This wand is a family treasure, and she has practiced enough with it to use it the right way. It holds a large amount of magic which Naomi may use at will. There are no spells that must be said in order for it to do something, but instead receives orders through the mind. Though the wand doesn't run out of powers, using it too much will sometimes cause it to get commands wrong.

The magic wand has two types of modes. The first one allows Naomi to shoot lasers with. In Nikki and the Seven Spirits, doing different combos with Naomi can let the wand do all other sorts of neat tricks too. This can include things like forming a barrier, creating magic twisters, and much more.

The second mode turns the wand into a bubble wand of sorts. When changing, it changes from pink to purple and the staff changes from gold to silver. The inside of her wand is then filled with an infinite source of bubble soap, which can be used to form large amount of bubbles. These, however, are not ordinary bubbles. If they touch something and then pop, whatever they touch changes into something else. Naomi rarely uses this form of the wand often, because she doesn't have much control over what an item changes into, and things can turn out either good or bad. Once when she was practicing using this mode of the wand, she first succeeded by turning a wasp into a butterfly, but then accidentally turned her cat into a plush toy.

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