Naomi Williams is the daughter of Ash and Mina Scott, two famous Party Dimension musicians, the sister of Ruby Scott, wife of Stave Williams and mother of Ursula Williams and Steven Williams. She doubles-up as both a musician and her husband's assistant/bodyguard.

Naomi Williams

Biographical Information
  • as of Book Four - 20
  • Gang War - 32
  • Post-Gang War - 39
  • Naomi Mongoose - Mobian counterpart
  • Unnamed Moebian counterpart
  • Unnamed Col'nesian counterpart
  • Unnamed Solian counterpart
  • Unnamed Gender-switched counterpart
  • Unnamed Dark Mobius counterpart
  • Naomi Scott - Maiden name
Romantic InterestsStave Williams (Husband)
Physical Description
  • Fur: Yellow
  • Hair: Purple
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Dark blue jacket
  • White tank-top
  • Blue jeans
  • Black & gold high-top sneakers
  • Silver metallic gloves
  • Gold piercings - ears, eyebrow
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsStave Williams & Herself
  • Advanced combat - hand to hand, staffs
  • Skilled musician & DJ
  • Trained bodyguard
  • Magician's assistant
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Appearance

Naomi looks very similar to her Mobian counterpart, for obvious reasons. However, she lacks the tattoos and scars, instead sporting an array of piercings.


Naomi dresses simply, with a white tank-top and denim jacket over blue jeans, with black & gold high-tops and silver gloves rounding out her appearance. She also has three gold earrings in each ear, plus an eyebrow stud over her right eye.


Early History

Born as the eldest child of the Scott family, a family group known for their regular appearances in the Rock and Soft Rock districts of the Party Dimension, Naomi was instantly inundated in a world of music, as most Party Dimension children were. As she was immersed by her parents, however, she stuck to their genre of music for her childhood, something shared by her younger sister Ruby Scott. However, soon after her entrance to adolescence, Naomi fell in love with another genre - pop. She began to spend all her time in the Pop District, where her rock background began to pay off - she scored a gig in a pub at eighteen, allowing her to start making a name for herself.

Destined Meeting

One night at her pub, after a performance of "No Good For Me", her original track, Naomi was approached by a gray hedgehog, who strutted around with a staff strapped to his back. He introduced himself as Cast, a magician performing in a nearby cabaret theater. He asked if she was willing to try her hand at magic as his assistant the following night. Intrigued, Naomi agreed. That very night, she entered to watch his show, and did Cast put on a show. His skill with magic was amazing, using elemental combat spells and attacks in harmless, showy forms. However, at the end of the night, he admitted that a fair few of his stage tricks involved an assistant, something that he lacked. Instantly, Naomi felt glad that she planned to help the magician. The following night, she arrived to the cabaret early, and found Cast waiting for her backstage. He kissed her hand and revealed his normal name, dropping his stage-name around her - Stave Williams. He then began her training as his assistant, showing her how each of the tricks he was going to use would work, including the appearance of setting her on fire, cutting her in half, changing her clothes by simply passing a wall of material in front of her body and more. The night was a success, and Naomi signed on to become Stave's regular assistant. At the same time, she began to train in the use of the staff and in hand-to-hand combat, in order to double up as Stave's bodyguard.

Wedding of the Year

For years, the two performed together and fought together, with Naomi's skill with a staff quickly rising to match Stave's own, despite her role as his bodyguard. Even so, she also continued her own performances at the same time, growing more and more popular within the Pop District as she did. At the age of twenty-three, finally, enough was enough, and Stave proposed to Naomi, promising her that their world would never change. Over the year, the wedding was touted as being 'the biggest of the year', with excitement carrying around the Party Dimension through Party Central. The big event arrived, and the statements were proven true - Naomi was beautiful in her wedding dress, and the wedding was flawless. The reception, however, was a boiling point - a few fistfights broke out between guests from different Districts, which threatened towards all-out war. This was calmed, but to all, it was clear - this peace was tentative. Still, it lasted more than ten years, long enough for the Williams family to welcome in a son and daughter, Ursula and Steven Williams.


That time, ten years later, led to the divide of the districts, creating suspicion towards each other as street gangs, aligned to specific performers, viciously assaulted each other, with deaths slowly but surely being reported. Some gangs, in the name of her parents band, even clashed with her husband's followers. Enough was enough and so Naomi and Stave set off, leaving their children with Ruby as they began to fight the thuggish gang members. Stave's magic and her close-combat skill worked perfectly in sync, and the duo eventually managed to liberate the Pop District. Their actions inspired many others, who followed their examples, traveling to the heart of the gang warfare and defeating the gangs, until the dimension was once again free, two years later.


After the war, both of the Williams fighters settled back down into their normal performing lives, with Naomi enrolling both of her children into music schools, while Stave began to teach them magic, so that each child would truly be the best of both worlds.


Unlike most Party Dimension residents, Naomi lacks major powers of any sort. Instead, she makes up for it with skill, guile and tenacity, with her use of a war-staff and her body in combat more than making up for her lack of powers. During the war, she surrendered her standard war staff for an equally common Darkwood Folding Staff, which has served her well throughout the combat and in assisting her husband afterwards, often by fooling opponents into believing she was disarmed before unfurling the weapon.

Compared to her husband, Naomi has a much higher pain threshold, and when combined with her training, makes her the perfect bodyguard for him. As such, she uses her staff and physical attacks in a way that prevents her husband, a ranged-fighter, from taking damage by deflecting or taking it herself. This, however, leaves her vulnerable to any assault from range, certain weapons, and techniques, all of which are capable of defeating her.

Outside of combat, Naomi is known both for her skill in music as a composer, performer & remixer, and also her skill at her husband's side as his magician's assistant.

Elementless Techniques


Loyal to the max, Naomi is driven by two things - music, and her love of Stave. As a young girl, she was immersed in the Party Dimension's culture, and as such, it's love of music and partying carried over into her daily life. In performance, Naomi is renowned for her use of her powerful alto voice to cut through noise and carry her emotion.










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