Naomi Mongoose is the daughter of Ash & Mina Mongoose, sister of Ruby Mongoose, the wife of Stave the Hedgehog and mother of Ursula the Mongoose and Steven the Hedgehog, all while still serving as a deck officer in the Royal Acorn Navy.

Naomi Mongoose

Biographical Information
  • as of Book Four - 20
  • Heartless Saga - 32
  • Post-Heartless Saga - 39
  • Unnamed Moebian counterpart
  • Unnamed Col'nesian counterpart
  • Unnamed Solian counterpart
  • Unnamed Gender-switched counterpart
  • Unnamed Dark Mobius counterpart
  • Naomi Williams - Party Dimension counterpart
  • Lieutenant Naomi Mongoose - rank
  • RegulaNazz - Pseudonym as a composer & remixer
Romantic InterestsStave the Hedgehog ('future' husband)
Physical Description
  • Fur: Yellow
  • Hair: Purple
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Tattoos on left bicep, right shoulder, right ankle & lower back
  • White midriff-cut singlet
  • Dark blue denim low-rise jeans
  • Navy-blue navel jacket w/ her name & rank embroidered on it
  • Navy blue bandana around her neck
  • Black & silver high-top sneakers
  • Eyebrow piercing
Political Alignment and Abilities
WeaponryFiery Pandaxe
  • Possesses the genetic ability Observe
  • Advanced combat - hand to hand, axes
  • Skilled musician
  • Trained naval officer (communications, sensors)
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

Naomi reminds a lot of people of her mother. With shoulder-length purple hair and golden fur, plus her mother's slim physique & confident smile, Naomi stands out with her gray eyes, identical to her father's. Over the years, she's acquired an array of tattoos. At eighteen, she got a tattoo on her lower back of a skull entwined with flowers. Following that, through her time in the navy, she acquired an anchor tattoo on her left bicep. By the start of the Heartless Invasion, this had been joined by two sparrow tattoos on her right ankle, while in the post-Heartless Saga universe, she had added a third sparrow tattoo in the same place, plus a swallow tattooed on her right shoulder-blade. She also has a reasonably large scar on her left flank from where a piece of shrapnel caught her after the sinking of the Regulos.


Naomi typically dresses in a feminine sailor fashion. To this end, she wears a white midriff-cut singlet under a navy-blue naval jacket, which she normally wears open, complete with her name embroidered on in gold thread over her left breast pocket, plus the unit insignia for a crewmember of the RAN Regulos on her right upper arm. She adds to this with a pair of dark-blue denim low-rise jeans, and finishes off with black and silver high-top sneakers. She also has an eyebrow piercing, from her 'misspent youth'.


Early Life

Naomi was born in Mobotropolis to Mina and Ash soon after the release of an album of acoustic originals the two had recorded together. As the first child of celebrities, she was doted upon by her punk-rocker parents and an adoring public. As she grew older, she was kept grounded by her parents and younger sister, but always lived up to the same punk ideals as her parents, who never left that style of music. However, due to the family's tours, Naomi and her sister Ruby Mongoose were homeschooled by Ash and any tutors on the tour as often as possible, as well as trained in musical instruments and self-defense. By the time she was fifteen, Naomi had performed alongside her parents and traveled around the world, and yet still had quite a few friends, including Maddy the Hedgehog in New Mobotropolis. The two continued to keep in communication over the years, and met up as often as they could.

Start of her Military Career

Despite her upbringing and love of performance, somethings appealed to Naomi - protecting people, and the sea. With her parents' permission, at eighteen she returned to New Mobotropolis and applied to join the Royal Acorn Navy. Over the next two years, she underwent training in communications, naval operations and sensors, plus additional training in weapons, specializing in axes, leaving the naval academy soon after attending the wedding of Maddy and Will the Echidna. She was assigned to an old Acorn-built supply ship, the RAN Regulos, which was built during the Great War. The old ship was still viable in running supplies to other ships and from country to country, so Naomi was always traveling across the oceans. In this time, she also struck up a relationship with another traveler, a performing magician and cleric by the name of Stave the Hedgehog. The two were in regular internet contact, and Naomi often managed to score Stave a bunk on the Regulos whenever he needed it. Then, Shadow the Hedgehog went mad and started up the Shadow Armada. This was somewhat worrying, but what was even moreso was the reappearance of The Trolls. This spelled the end of the Regulos, when a team of Trolls on board a yacht managed to position the deeper-sitting Regulos between a G.U.N. battleship and themselves, causing the torpedoes fired by the battleship to strike the harmless store ship. This caused it to immediately take on water, and sunk two hours later. Naomi managed to survive, as did most of the crew, but in the process took a shrapnel wound to her flank, causing her to start to bleed out. Immediately, a G.U.N. rescue helicopter collected her and the other injured, transporting them to Central City. While there, Naomi was given an urgent blood transfusion during an operation to fix some of the damage, the blood mixing with hers without anyone realizing what it would do. This left Naomi injured and rehabilitating through the entire war with Rageik and after that, Chicken Man's invasion, where she spent her recovery time with her family and, as often as possible, Stave. Two years after the end of the war with Chicken Man, Naomi bore her first child with Stave, a young girl named Ursula. The two married the year after, with another child - their son, Steven the Hedgehog - the year after that. Around that time, Naomi began to show remarkable moments of insight and precognition, traits that were later explained to an unpredicted combination of her genes and those in that blood transfusion, allowing her access to a low-level genetic ability, Observe.

Heartless Saga

For years, everything was fine. Then came the Heartless Invasion. Reluctant to abandon her children, even with family, but compelled and ordered to return to active service, Naomi returned to the navy as Stave headed off towards his Freedom Fighters team and her mother returned to the original Freedom Fighters before her capture and possession by a Heartless. Returning to her old position and rank of Lieutenant, Naomi was uncertain of what she'd be assigned to. This was soon revealed by her unit rosters, which placed the mongoose as a crewmember on the RAN A8, the eighth and last A-series Submarine purchased by the Royal Acorn Navy from Hammerforge Industries, a ship armed with twin two specialized twin-laser batteries, designed for use underwater as a sub- and ship-hunter. With her new ship, and new crewmates, Naomi began to serve as the communications officer, always watching for Heartless-controlled ships. For two years, she patrolled the seas with her force, but when a Heartless got on board the submarine and killed the captain, Naomi was forced into command. Unfortunately, she panicked, attacking the Heartless with an axe. This caused some of her fellow crew to worry about the current commander, and when she came close to striking one of them with her axe, enough was enough - the sensor officer was forced to shoot her, ending her life. However, when Will split the two timelines, Naomi was restored to life, with the memory of the Heartless and serving on the boat, but not dying, to her father's relief.

Post-Heartless Saga

After the Heartless Saga, Naomi remained in the Navy reserves, with the crew of the A8 maintaining her as a potential fill-in crew-member. Indeed, at times she does serve alongside her old crew, when either the sensors or communications positions are free due to injury or illness, but these tours slowly grew less and less frequent as she followed her parent's footsteps and entered the realm of music. Renowned for her skill with instruments and synthesizers, Naomi began composing and remixing music from video games, creating a cult following amongst teenagers under the pseudonym RegulaNazz, plus regular appearances alongside both her parent's band, and Starlight Dragon, a two-piece band consisting of Manic & Sonia the Hedgehogs. She also tutors the members of Team Gals in instrumentation, those being Ursula and her friends.


Unlike most other characters, Naomi lacks most forms of powers, like her father. The only power she has is her low-level genetic ability, Observe, which simply allows her occasional precognitive visions and dramatic insight into challenges that are posed to her, as well as heightened analysis of a person's body language, allowing her a slight edge over quite a few fighters by letting her accurately predict their next move.

Aside for that, Naomi relies on her axe and an array of elementless techniques to protect herself, the axe a fire-imbued weapon crafted by an ancient group of pandas - however, due to her lack of elemental abilities, Naomi can only use one or two elemental moves through the axe. She is a reasonably skilled hand-to-hand combatant, like her mother, and has a reasonably high pain threshold, as indicated by her collection of tattoos.

Away from combat, Naomi is a brilliant musician, skilled in a wide variety of instruments, which she loves to collect and use in her composing and remixing. This includes her voice, a brilliant alto that has been known to reach soprano levels. Similarly, she is a trained and experienced communications and sensors officer using naval systems, constructed by both the Royal Acorn Navy and Hammerforge Industries.

Unfortunately, most beings have a large advantage over Naomi, who relies on her observations and axe in combat. However, she has an exceptional weakness to the attribute of Sound, which can simply override her normal logic and cause her to hide, in order to retain her hearing, leaving her relatively defenseless.

Fire Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Naomi is, for the most part, a complicated woman, with music central to her life. The daughter of two musicians, she was constantly surrounded by music, something that's grown to become one of her biggest loves, and a side-career as a composer and remixer of video game music. She is also dedicated to protecting people, and loves the sea, leading to her joining the Royal Acorn Navy. However, she doesn't cope too well with command, feeling awkward giving orders which she'd much rather take.









  • Three of Naomi's tattoos have important meanings in sailor culture - the anchor symbolizes her first voyage between the Acorn Kingdom and the Kingdom of Mercia, the swallow is a good luck charm - 'so she always finds her way back home', and the sparrow is a measure of the distance she has sailed.
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