Nanostrutturata the Demonhog is the daughter of Hades and a soldier in the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus.

Nanostrutturata the Demonhog

Biographical Information
  • Hades - Father
  • As-of-yet unnamed Mobian mother
  • Princess of the Underground
  • Nano - Shortened pet-name
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Fur: Black, w/ dark tan skin & white quill streaks
  • Eyes: Aqua blue
Casual Attire
  • Purple tank top
  • Dark blue denim skirt
  • Necklace bearing her aunt's seal
  • Copper choker necklace
  • Copper earrings
  • Navy blue leggings
  • Reaper Cloth bindings around hands
  • Dark brown leather boots
Battle Armor
  • Black bodysuit, visible in the gaps in the armor
  • White armor including helmet, breastplate, weapon belt and leg plating, all with grey streaks accentuating specific details.
  • Black neck protector w/ inbuilt pauldron over right shoulder, kama
  • Hardened Reaper Cloth gauntlets & greaves
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Powerful Omnikinetic
  • Advanced Combat - hand to hand
  • Experience in command
  • Possesses the Genetic Ability Burning Energy
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
AppearancesRoleplay:The Elemental Wars
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

Nanostrutturata is on the taller side of average for a Mobian, with her Demon heritage bestowing on her the gift of a more attractive physical physique, with a more than respectable bust and a reasonably well toned lower body. Her time spent underground using luminescent crystals for light has provided her with pale aqua blue eyes, while her fur is black, like her mother, and her streaks are white, the same as her father.


Normally, Nanostrutturata wears a purple tank top and a dark blue denim skirt, with a necklace bearing her aunt Spectre's personal seal, a copper choker and earrings, navy-blue leggings, dark brown leather boots and a pair of Reaper Cloth bandages that she tied around her hands, in memory of her childhood friend, a Dusknoir she had trained who was killed by accident by a stray mining laser. The same Dusknoir's Reaper Cloth was hardened and used to create a set of greaves and gauntlets for the girl, who wears them as part of a set of stolen G.U.N. Armor, taken from a member of the 11th Reconnaissance & Tracking Corps, the same group of clones the Head Battle Magess of the Nihlic Clan, Niente the Mongoose, was once part of.


Early Life

Nanostrutturata was born deep underground within a city, often nicknamed the city of demons. Down there, her father Hades was lord and master. The residents of the city often referred to him as Lord Hades, and viewed his family as almost royalty. The city was populated by Mobians, Demons and a few turncoat Celestials, with the other subterranean species, the Cavern Dwellers, not even knowing of their other underground neighbors. As a young girl, despite being spoiled, the young hybrid's closest friend was a Duskull, whom she was the trainer for, although not its literal trainer. She loved her Duskull, and it always did her right. Then, at her thirteenth birthday, after watching it evolve from a Dusklops to a Dusknoir, the accident occurred. A mining laser pierced the walls of the cavern and struck the ghost, disintegrating it's lower half and leaving a large pile of torn Reaper Cloth in the place of the deceased Pokemon. The event shattered the young girl's heart, but the trigger of the accident sent her father into full-defense mode, speeding up the training of Nanostrutturata and her siblings, as well as vanishing for hours at a time, where it was revealed he was assassinating the miners by possessing others, then repossessing a male hedgehog once back underground to return to his normal appearance. Finally, soon after she turned sixteen, her father proclaimed her ready for her revenge.

Army of Two

Alongside her father, Nanostrutturata began to assault mining facilities in the northern part of Mobius, stopping oil from being extracted from the earth. This was often backed up by attacks on G.U.N. military bases in the area to prevent them from stopping the assault. Word of this was sent back to G.U.N command, who sent two groups out to the area - members of both the Second and Eighth legions - the old-school weapon lovers and the experts of those not of Mobius. This proved to be their own downfall - the demon duo killed the group of Second Legion soldiers, with the battle armor of one reconnaissance soldier being stolen by Hades for his daughter, to protect her from the enemies weapons, although the duo replaced the gauntlets and greaves with a customized set of each, made from hardened Reaper Cloth, the same kind that she normally tied around her hands, the final remains of her childhood friend. The Eighth Legion squad finally sent G.U.N command their report - the problem was a "group of eco-terrorists". Angered by the presence of these so called terrorists, G.U.N sent in forces to lock the area back down, but by that point, the duo had grown tired of their assault, and returned to their daily lives underground. Four years later, an old friend contacted Hades, and asked for a member of his community to be sent overground to join his group to increase their power in combating all that held the right of the Chaos Beasts and Demons back. For her combat and overland experience, Hades chose his favorite daughter, Nanostrutturata, to represent him.

Nihlic Clan Experience

As an omnikinetic, Nanostrutturata was assigned as a battle mage, a decision that neither angered or pleased the girl. However, she surprised the group with her attitude, with the lack of any sort of "spoiled brat" kind of personality traits, with those filled with pride, arrogance and overconfidence, the kind of traits normally seen in a warmongering prince. Due to her armor still retaining most of the paint of the 11th Reconnaissance & Tracking Corps, her arrival was met with an assault from the head battle mage, which ceased only after she was revealed not to be one of Niente's "sisters". After that point, the duo quickly became known for their ferocity when facing G.U.N, or any other enemies to their new allies.


Nanostrutturata, as befitting a Demon hybrid, possesses immense power and omnikinesis, however, due to her hybrid genetics, she cannot control the greatest part of her power, one of two common side-effects, the other being the inability to use special attacks without suffering a repercussion, being a temporary loss-of-control or even partial crystallization. As such, being the niece of Rageik and daughter of Hades, Nanostrutturata has focused on combining her moderate abilities with ranged combat with her greatest weapon - her physical combat. She is a black-belt in Shaolin-Do, and as such is an adept physical fighter, incorporating close-combat into many other moves. Element wise, her greatest strength is in Earth-manipulation, but her greatest power is that of her Psychic abilities, including telepathy and telekinesis, despite a lack of moves. Physically, she bears respectable levels of physical strength and skill, thanks to combat training from her father. Her Darkness-based technique are boosted by the Reaper Cloths she wears, either tied around her hands or in the form of gauntlets and greaves. Her greatest weakness is, as per usual for a demon, Light, alongside Water and Chaos powers to counter her Earth-skill and Psychic abilities. Recently, she has been informed that she inherited a genetic ability from her mother's side, known as Burning Energy, which serves to boost the power of her Fire-type moves, and can also add Fire-elemental energy into her other attacks.

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