Nano the Hedgefox
First appearance

Sonic Blast X

Appears in

Sonic Kart: Drift Heroes

Sonic Adventure 3: Rebirth (cameo)

Appears in
(other media)

Sonic Blast X Comics




Same as Real-World Creator

Voice actor(s)

Dan Green (2009-2011)

Kirk Thornton (2012-Present)

Voice actor(s)

Nobutoshi Canna (2009-2011)

Kouji Yusa (2012-Present)

Also known as

Nanofox (Eggman)

Lightspeed (Sonic)

Lighting (Tails)






6 ft 2 in.


5 lb


Mrs. Betsy (mom)


New York City, New York


35 (biologically)

13 (on Mobius)

Color scheme

Neon Green and Dark Red


Neon Green with Lime Green stripes


Neon Green with Lime Green stripes




Dark Red


Dark Red Sneakers,

White T-Shirt with Microsoft Logo,



Mrs. Betsy (mom),

Unknown Father,

Ned Wilson (brother),

Kaitlyn Wilson (sister)


Team Freedom

Favorite Food

Pasta Salad


Having fun,







Beating Eggman





Chaos Control,

Chaos Blast,

Chaos Spear,

Chaos Arrow

Ability type


Nano is a male character who is from Earth, but was sent to Mobius during World War II. He remembered little when he first arrive on Mobius, but Tails created a memory restoration device to restore his memory in Sonic Blast X episode 22 "No Memories".


Nano is a heroic type of guy. He is always ready for a fight, especially when battling Eggman. Although he was a coward in his human form, Nano has become a hero at heart.


Sent to Mobius

Nano's original name was Nicholas Wilson. Nicholas was born on January 12th, 1977 to Betsy Wilson and Ronald Wilson. During World War II, his father fought in many of the deadliest battles, leaving him, his mom, his little sister Kaitlyn Wilson, and his 35 year old brother Ned Wilson at home without his dad. The war raged on, and his mom found a children protection program that sent kids to Mobius. Nicholas, Kaitlyn, and Ned were sent to Mobius. They were renamed, like Kaitlyn was now Kait the Cat, Ned was now Nickel the Dragon, and he was now Nano the Hedgefox.

Meeting Sonic

Nano explored the unfamilar surroundings of Mobius while Nickel and Kait headed for Angel Island to meet Knuckles. While exploring Green Hill Zone, he came across a Buzzbomber flying overhead. He destroyed it with a Spin Jump easily. Nano then rushed to a jungle area, only to encounter Eggman. Eggman almost killed Nano when out of nowhere a blue blur appeared and attacked Eggman. The blue blur landed with a mighty THUMP! and turned to Nano, revealing he was Sonic! Nano asked Sonic if he defeated Eggman day by day. Sonic said yeah, and he asked if he wanted to join Team Freedom. Nano agreed to his newfound job.

Items Currently in Possession

Nano's items are based upon computer objects, so the names may seem familar.

  • Black iPhone- One of Nano's prized possessions. He won it from a lottery game for bidding $250 against his rival on Earth, who was Daniel Jones.
  • Gigabit Gun- A gun that fires many bullets at one time. Tails gave him this gun to fight the Egg Killer in "The Tails Doll Curse Begins".
  • Site Shocker- This paralyzing gun shoots anything in sight that Nano targets.
  • Tails Doll Resister- This device was manufactured by Tails in "The Return of the Tails Doll Curse" to resist the curse. Nano uses it whenever the Tails Doll is around.
  • iJetPack- After Tails upgrades Nano's iPhone, it can morph into a jetpack with AK-47s attached to the sides.


Sonic Blast X

Nano debuts in "No Memories" where he is found in Green Hill Zone, in a close to death condition by Sonic. He is sadly killed in "Heartless Hero" by a possessed Super Shadow. In a Japanese only scene in "Remembering a Hero", Nickel and Kait are seen staring at his grave. However, Nano was revived as an evil cyborg by Dr. Eggman, but betrayed him and set out to get revenge on Shadow for killing him. In "Nano's Return", he manages to kill Big, Froggy, Cream, Cheese, and Amy, all who are from Team Rose.

Sonic Adventure 3: Rebirth

Nano's cyborg form can be seen on a poster in the Peaceful Peak hub stating that the police want him dead or alive for a $5000.000 reward. When Sonic interacts with it, he'll say "Sayanora, Nano."

Sonic Riders: Off the Ground

Nano's cyborg form is playable. His passing and other quotes can be found under Battle Quotes. His Extreme Gear is the Whirl Borg.

Other Information

Battle Quotes

"It's all come to this"- Before battling a possessed Super Shadow.

"Your power won't surpass me!"- Killing Amy in Nano's Return

"Our game ends here, Sonic the Hedgehog!"- Charging a Chaos Blast before Sonic, Sliver, and Shadow fuse to become Sondilver the Hedgehog.

"You are my purpose to kill." - Speaking to Shadow in a vision.

"One day, I shall rule Mobius with an iron fist!" - After killing Eggman.

"Your heroism is over, Miles Prower!" - Killing Tails in My Venegance, Episode 30 of Sonic Blast X.

"My true power shall surpass all Mobians, so I may rule!" - After killing Mighty, Scabbard, and Poptropic in My Venegance.

"Get ready to die you fool!" - Before killing Eggman

Quotes for Sonic Riders: Off the Ground

"Up and at 'em!" - Before a race.

"Way past awesome!" - X Rank trick

"Flip and spin!" - SS Rank trick

"Superb!" - S Rank trick

"Spinning your way!" - A Rank trick

"Great, but I can do better!" - B Rank trick

"Failing here..." - C Rank trick

"Darn it!" - D Rank trick

"Trick System shutting down...." - E Rank trick

"Speed ya later!" - Passing 2nd place and 3rd place racers

"Adios, fellow riders!" - Passing 4th place, 5th place, and 6th place racers

"Passing circuits are at full height" - Passing 7th and 8th place racers

"I am awesome!" - Winning a race in Top 3

"Darn." - Losing a race


  • Nano is a recreated version of Nanolight the Hedgehog.
  • His cyborg form looks like Mecha Nazo from Sonic: Nazo Returns.
  • He has no Super forms, which is odd for a Mobian. It maybe due to his blood being half Mobian and half human that he has no Super forms.
  • Nano's death was caused by Chaos Blast, the same thing Nazo suffered to after Shadic hit him with Chaos Blast.
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