Nancy Aligan is the the current heir to a small dukedom within the Acorn Kingdom, the Duchy of Aliris. While the country has transitioned from a traditional monarchy to a democratic, constitutional kingdom, the classic dukedoms and fiefs have similarly followed suit; retaining their prior rulers as political figureheads and celebrities; with Nancy fitting comfortably into that idea.


Slim and trim with golden yellow fur, meticulously tanned skin and big purple eyes as well as a large pair of grey wings on her back; Nancy Aligan is often used as an example of a Mobian bat a little too fixated on her personal image. Frequently seen working out and focusing on toning her body; Nancy has done everything she can to maintain a certain physique.


As a member of a fairly wealthy family that functions in the society of their dukedom; Nancy has an extensive wardrobe and often wears big-name fashion house designs; rarely wearing the same outfit more than once. Typically; Nancy has two general tastes in clothing - either tight, form-hugging dresses, or comfortable workout gear.



The heir to the prosperous Aligan Family's wealth; Nancy has developed a reputation as being skilled at spending money; though this is not always on herself. Nancy has a habit of picking up charities and helping out where she can, though many question whether or not this is an image thing or not.

Nancy actually bears a triad of elemental powers; with control over Fire, Wind and Ice at her command. However, Nancy only typically utilizes these powers to show off rather than for combat or constructive means. Due to this and her tendency to only utilize flashy; complex techniques like Blizzard or Volcanic Fountain, these powers are highly exhausting for the heiress.

Nancy only possesses limited hand-to-hand combat potential, primarily focused on basic self-defense skills. Due to this, her skill typically falls towards simple punches and kicks while screaming for help or trying to escape, only resorting to one of her elemental powers in sheer desperation.

Uncommonly for a resident of the Acorn Kingdom; Nancy owns and drives a Sparks Eagle sedan that has been modified for performance and bearing a custom paint scheme of black with a number of rainbow tribal marks along the base of the doors and in a stripe down the middle of the bonnet and roof. Unusually for a Sparks Eagle; her car seems to lack the speed governor.








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