Nana the Mink, sometimes referred to as the Golden Mage, is a traveling water mage with a tendency to appear shortly before an Eggman Empire raid. While suggestions of her as a spy tend to be dismissed or deflected by the woman, it is strange that she fills such a role.


Shorter than average yet still slender; Nana fits the mink build to a tee. Her thick fur is a silvery-grey in color, stippled with black markings across her back and tail, while her muzzle and belly are both marked with a true white fur to help differentiate. Platinum blonde hair - only a shade or two different from her fur - falls from her head to mid-way down her back; with a strand falling across each shoulder to rest atop her respectable bust.

Before her genetic evolution was triggered, photos show Nana as being even smaller and less accentuated, with her fur overall darker in color; even her hair tending more into a murky blonde/brown hybrid.

Often viewed as being spaced-out and off in another world, Nana's grey eyes often seem glazed over and out of focus, even when casting magic.


Nana's choice of clothing is incredibly revealing, much to the discomfort of residents of the towns and villages she finds herself in. This mostly consists of a dark body stocking worn underneath what practically consists of a golden pair of panties and modified sports bra; a keyhole revealing cleavage with any lewd parts covered by the golden fabric. The body stocking grows more opaque towards her feet and hands, with soles built in to function like shoes while her hands are mostly free.



Despite her absent-minded appearance and fairly questionable clothing sense; Nana is indeed a highly powerful Water mage; with her attire seemingly a hint towards an amphibious school of magic sworn to an oceanic entity or god. Before her genetic evolution was triggered through exposure to Tidal Crystals shortly before a blood transfusion; Nana's power was somewhat more limited to the simple creation of bubbles for a variety of combat and out-of-combat uses. Back then; she was entirely reliant on incantations to unleash this magic; even with her tendency to space out.

Since her genetic evolution, however, Nana has revealed a vastly more advanced array of hydromantic powers, though still with the theme of bubbles; leading some to speculate that she taps into an advanced variation of Water. In some cases; her magic can be highly reactive and unpredictable, and even this dream-walking woman is capable of being a threat with it.

However, Nana has literally zero capability of defending herself in close-quarters outside of rapid-casting bubble magic. She lacks the dexterity or physical strength to fight, and her reaction times are often delayed.








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