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Nami the Tanuki is a villainous raccoon dog who can essentiallly be described as "Tails' evil counterpart".


Nami is a brown tanuki with dark brown markings around her eyes, ears, tail, arms, and legs. She has red eyes and a cream colored muzzle with smooth cheeks. Her three bangs are swept back, and she has small, rounded ears. Nami also has a long muzzle with sharp teeth. For attire, she wears a white tank top, black short shorts, black fingerless gloves, and green and white sneakers.


Nami's personality is the polar opposite of Tails'. She is a cold-hearted, rude tanuki with a negative attitude. Nami is greedy, and always looks for a chance to be in the spotlight. Like Tails, she is a skilled mechanic. Unlike Tails, however, Nami loves boasting about her skills and gets very egotistical when it comes to mechanics.


Unlike Tails, Nami was never the target of bullying as a child. Instead, she was very popular with the other kids. She was also a prankster, as most tanukis are. Nami was gifted with high intellect, and so she was an excellent student. After school, Nami decided to pursue a career as a mechanic.