Nakoma is the best friend of Julia the Hedgehog.She is a member of The Mohingan Clan of Kingdom Kon. She is a quiet young teenager who is pretty wise for her age.


Nakoma the Fox

Biographical Information
Age 16
  • Mayma(Mother)
  • Soyi(Little Brother)
  • Kaguya(Father)
  • Sillipi(Grandfather)
  • Gerana(Grandmother)
Romantic Interests Powhatan the Hedgehog
Physical Description
Species Fox
Gender Female
  • Fur: Brown
  • Hair:Black
  • Eyes:Green
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Intelligent
  • Soul Abilties
Other Information
American V.A. Michelle St. John
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)


Original Creator Famotill


Nakoma had a good life as a small child. She would be tasked with most of the chores, but she didn't like change and liked to conform and follow the rules. She was best friends with Julia since childhood, but Julia would always be the one to get attention from boys. Nakoma wasn't jealous she just wished she could meet a nice boy. So her life was that of the average girl. Nothing majorly special and that's how she liked it.


When Smith came to the village Nakoma seemed skeptical, and warned Julia. She even told Powhatan about Julia and Smith's meetings. Still after the peace treaty was signed Nakoma befriended Smith. Her love for Powhatan was revealed, and the two began to date.


Nakoma is quiet pacifist who doesn't like change. She likes to go with the flow, and is the last to speak up to someone she doesn't know. She also shares a similar opinion about outsiders as Knacku except she doesn't want them to be hurt. Nakoma also only opens up to those who are close to her. She tends to worry a lot especially about Julia.

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