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Naiche Horning is a young radical fighting for the "religious freedom" of his people as a member of the faction known as the Knights of Arkaine. While listed as criminals or terrorists by the United Federation; Naiche personally prefers simple mischief and trickery compared to his comrades, though he has still displayed skill in direct combat.

Naiche Horning

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Deep blue, with pale skin & dark grey tattoo-like markings
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Silver
  • Black vest
  • Grey gloves
  • Dark green belts
  • Dark green "leather" boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsKnights of Arkaine
  • Fully amphibious
  • Heightened resistance to pressure
  • Natural darkvision
  • Natural command over water
  • Trained preacher/orator
  • Some basic skill in hand-to-hand combat
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212


A young member of the Water-aligned echidna subspecies known as a hydridna; Naiche sports all of the classic physical adaptations for a resident of The Depths, one of the lowest colonies in subnautic Mobius. Primarily, this resolves in dark blue fur over the majority of his body and reflective irises in his eyes, with his particular eyes glinting silver. However, in spite of this; his exposed skin is incredibly pale due to lack of sunlight exposure. He also possesses some black hair atop his head, though this is typically a messy mop atop the standard echidna dreads rather than anything fancy.

As a worshiper of Arkaine, the young echidna has a number of tattoo-like patterns over his body; the fur in those places dyed permanently grey. The specific designs Naiche bears are referred to as the marks of Arkaine's magical might, a prayer to the god of the depths for additional power.


In order to show off the majority of his tattoos, no matter if he's on land, in the normal shallows or down at home in The Depths; Naiche prefers not to wear much in the way of clothing. Indeed, his style of dress is often regarded as similar to some battle mages of the Elemental Clans, despite his religious distaste towards the Water Clan. In this regard, he wears a black vest, silvery-grey gloves, as well as strange dark green leather boots and belts. These are made out of toughened kelp to the point where it moves and feels highly similar to leather.




As a resident of The Depths, Naiche sports a number of biological adaptations that many other amphibious subspecies lack as a whole. While even "shallow swimmers" can visit The Depths for periods of time, Naiche is capable of heading even deeper, his body naturally resistant to pressure. He also has enhanced darkvision due to the low-light conditions around The Depths. Despite his deepwater life; Naiche remains fully amphibious and capable of living on land if he so chooses, normally only surfacing with members of the Knights in attacks against those whom they seek recognition. Similarly, he has the same natural command over Water that all hydridnas possess.

As a religious follower of Arkaine and a self-proclaimed warrior of the God of the Depths, Naiche is a skilled hydrokinetic who would pose a threat to many battle mages or elemental warriors if he sought to cause maximum damage. His fighting style mixes his natural kinetic control over water with the study of the elemental magics taught by the Knights. Naiche is fully capable of creating spectral lights deep underwater with simple incantations, while he can also unleash torrents of water through simple thought and gesture. However, Naiche has never shown himself to be interested in fighting to kill or injure. Instead, when he performs solo missions for the Knights, he will typically target the follows of other Water-based deities and plays tricks on them; mixing his magical hydrolights with unnatural wave motion, currents and pulses aimed to terrify. Due to this; even in one-on-one fights, it is rare for Naiche to actually get serious. While he has some degree of hand-to-hand combat experience, it is nothing impressive, his focus primarily being upon the study of Arkaine's magic.








  • Naiche is an Apache name meaning "mischief-maker".
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