Nage the Chameleon is a (usually) pinkish purple anthropomorphic chameleon and an expert spy. Nage's name is thought to either have come from the word "espionage", another word for spying.

Nage Columnarius the Chameleon

Age 19
Gender Male
Species Chameleon
Attire Black Jacket, White Gloves, White Socks, Black Shoes
Relatives Gila the Chameleon, Espio the Chameleon
Affiliations Team Chaotix, GUN
Romantic Interests Rouge the Bat
Weaponry Daggers
Abilities Swirl Attack, Super Strength, Exceptional Speed, Camouflage
Super Form(s) Super Nage


Nage is a professional and high ranking GUN agent and joined the military many years ago. Neing as great as he is, Nage was offered the chance to become Commander, but turned it down. It was around this time that Rouge joined GUN, as Nage's duty was to be her mentor. Nage and Rouge would sometimes exchange flirtatious comments, but nothing serious happened as Nage was worried it would affect his career.

First Mission With Rouge

Nage's first mission with Rouge was to reclaim Pandora's Box from Eggman, who planned to use it to turn the world evil. Rouge, who was not ranked high enough to know what was going on, wasn't told what was in the Box, and when they reclaimed the Box, she opened it out of curiosity. The Box made Nage evil, and Rouge was forced into combat with him. Fortunately, Rouge managed to 'knock the evil right out of him' and Nage was pleased with what she had done. After this, Nage ranked her higher up, and she landed where she is today.

Team Nage

Nage was soon ordered to train two other newbie agents, Shadow the Hedgehog and (the newly revived) Mello Bumbles. Shadow thought too much about his missions, considering the risks and planning strategies, and Mello didn't think at all about his missions, delighted in the risks and did whatever the hell he pleased. After being tricked to free Gila the Chameleon, Nage's evil sister, the newbies learned how to deal with a situation, so Shadow being a professional agent and Mello quited, saying it was boring.


Unlike most of the other characters, Nage is downright serious, self-disciplined and yet, extremely tolerant. He spends most of his free time training or flirting, which he also does in a serious manner. Also, very few alive personell have ever seen him smile.


  • Gila the Chameleon: Nage's evil sister who vows to destroy him and the world for apparently no reason.
  • Espio the Chameleon: Nage's cousin, who was trained in all his skills by Nage.


  • Rouge the Bat: His ex-apprentice who both receive and give flirtatious comments.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog: His ex-apprentice and second favourite one aswell.
  • The Commander: His boss, who he is on very good terms with. Nage even knows the Commanders name.


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