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Cheng Na (成娜), better known as Na Cheng, is a female red panda who works as a waitress.


Na Cheng is a female red panda with auburn fur, black shoulder-length hair that is tied into a bun, black markings on her tail, arms and legs, and white markings on her face. She has a round head with medium upright ears, a black nose, and silver colored eyes. Her legs are short, but with thick fur. Cheng has semi-retractible claws, an average height for a Mobian, and a somewhat stocky figure.


Na Cheng is usually seen in her work outfit; it consists of a white shirt with rolled up sleeves, a white apron, and black workpants. On formal occasions, Na Cheng wears a red Cheongsam dress with gold trim.


Na Cheng is a solitary person, but also territorial. She is typically quiet, and keeps to herself. Cheng also prefers to awake at night and sleep during the day. The panda is a very sanitary individual, and hates filth. Overall, not much is known about Na Cheng's personality, due to her reserved nature.


Na Cheng was born an only child. Her parents divorced when she was very young, and this left a great impact on her. The divorce, coupled with being an only child, made Na Cheng into a introverted and quiet panda. This led to her not having many friends growing up. When she was old enough to leave the house, Cheng got a job as a waitress at a bar.