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Cquote1.png Since my older brother is into racing cars, I get to learn on how to fly planes from Tails and be the best pilot ever! Cquote2.png
N the Hedgehog

N the Hedgehog
  • Physical Age: 20
  • Chronological Age: 17
Height 3' 10"
Weight 79 lbs.
Gender Male
Species Mobian/Rare Malay Hedgehog
  • Fur: Orange
  • Eyes: Red
Attire Coming soon!
Affiliations Tails' Workshop
  • Ned (used by J, his older brother, although rarely used)
  • Ace Flyer (mentioned by Violet)
Romantic Interests Kiri Anahera
Current Residence Chaos City
Weaponry None
Super Formation
  • Chaos N
  • Hyper N
  • Fire N
  • Data N
Ability Type Speed
DOB (Date of Birth) April 29, 1990
Birthplace (Fictional) Malaysia (outskirts of Kuala Lumpur)
American V.A.
  • Zach Tyler Eisen (Sonic Fanon X)
  • Josh Grelle (Sonic X Next Gen)
Japanese V.A.
  • Miyu Irino (Sonic Fanon X)
  • Takuma Terashima (Sonic N Next Gen)

N 'Ned' the Hedgehog (ネッド・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Neddo za Hejjihoggu) is a rare, orange, anthropomorphic hedgehog, who was born with his parents from a fictional, yet real-world, location known as Malaysia (as well as J), before his death caused by a fatal plane accident and then later revived by the G.U.N. He is a world-class pilot, who is the best of flying jet planes, helicopters, commercial planes, including flighter jet planes, and is the younger brother of J the Hedgehog, who is a racing driver. He is also a non-ULF sibling, since he was never created and doesn't wield Chaos powers.


The Cure

Before N's death and later revival, N has made his first potion that can prevent him and his brother from being roboticized. The two drank the potion and when the Robians comes in contact with him and J, they were not roboticized and the potion worked. While the Robians and Dr. Eggman are figuring it out on why the brothers were not turned into one of the Robians, both J and N manages to escape from the clutches of the Robians. Little did they know is that an unknown female hedgehog, who was roboticized, appears in front of the two and the brothers freaked out. The roboticized hedgehog groaned because she wasn't going to attack them and that she is obviously their long lost younger sister, Sadie (or "Sade"), who was not as mindless as the rest of the Robians are.

Physical Description

N consists of having an orange fur, red eyes and has light blue shirt, shorts and light blue/white sneakers. He also has blue goggles and he always wears them when he is going to pilot an aircraft. Like J, N's eyes are shaped differently, and it does not match to his older brother, however.


Like J, N has an outgoing, kind-hearted, brave and excited personality, when it comes to flying planes like Tails would. He gets along very well to his older brother, J, who is a racing driver, as the two can easily battle off against foes that stands in their way. When it comes to flying planes, N is one of them, as his excellent flying techniques can easily match Tails' piloting skills. Unlike J, N isn't too emotional, unless he lost something important for him. He gets along very well with his friends and, like J, he does whatever he can do to protect their loved ones no matter what. Unlike J, he is also humorous, even when caught on dangerous situations, so he will not hesitate to save others from dangers he is in. It is also revealed that N is obsessed at consuming chili dogs.


Stats Level
Stamina 10
Attack 9
Defense 10
Speed 10
Reflexes 10
Magic 0
Psyche 0
Intellect 9
Total 58/80

N, like J, is always up to par when it comes to battling against enemies. He has strong senses and is capable of plane surfing, and he isn't afraid of heights, unlike J. He is highly skilled at flying aircraft, much like his older brother, who is highly skilled at driving vehicles. Here are his abilities:

  • Spikedash
  • Close Combat
  • Wall Run
  • Swimming
  • Reverse Spindash
  • Super Kick
  • Sky Uppercut


Despite his great flying skills, he can get cocky quite often as this results the plane he is piloting to malfunction. Like J, N is bad at taking care of Chao, because this makes him feel like he was a babysitter than a pilot. Also, he wears goggles, but can get blinded when the sun becomes too bright for his eyesight to handle, causing him to lose control.

Likes and Dislikes


  • His older brother
  • Planes
  • Helicopters
  • Saving the world
  • Tails' X-Tornado
  • BASE jumping


  • Taking care of Chao (he's not too good at it, obviously)
  • Climbing through walls
  • Losing a battle against an enemy
  • Sewers
  • Friends arguing at each other
  • Doing push-ups

Biggest Fears

  • Enemies threatening to destroy Mobius

Relationships with Other Characters


Ultimate Lifeform Family

As a non-Ultimate Lifeform sibling, N has always stood by with J, his older brother, despite being one of the non-created Ultimate Lifeform sibling. As of now, he's become a step-brother towards those of Shima and Hali and a step-son those of Ruby. Here are his full list:

Friends and Allies


  • Statyx the Hedgehog (sometimes, Statyx attempts to frame J for clearing Shima's charges, and N doesn't like this, obviously, so he does his best to defend his older brother)


  • Dr. Eggman (main enemy; has successfully defeated him)

Love Interest

  • ???

Theme Songs

Sky High from Daytona USA
Believe in Myself from Sonic Adventure 2
Sky Troops from Shadow the Hedgehog (boss battle)
Skyscraper Sequence from Daytona USA 2: Battle On The Edge
L'arc en Ciel - Ready Steady Go from Full Metal Alchemist


"YEAH! I'm too good at this!" After getting S rank

"Totally worth the success!" After getting A rank

"Too easy! Not a problem!" After getting B rank

"Ah well. At least I managed to complete this task." After getting C rank

"I can't fail like this..." After getting D rank

"I don't like failing! Ever!" After getting E rank

"Let's go conquer the skies!" After being selected

"Bring it! I'm not too scared to take you down!" Before a battle

"Who's awesome?! Me! 'Cause I'm too great!" After winning a battle

"Ugh... karma... sucks..." After losing a battle

"NO! I can't believe I didn't finish in time!" After failing a timed mission

"My brother... I failed... I'll try again! I promise!" After failing a mission


N's death occurred at the airport of Chaos City when Dr. Eggman created massive destruction throughout the city. N and Tails are trying their best to take down the Egg Carrier 2. Tails, who is piloting the X-Tornado, was taken down by the Egg Carrier 2's giant laser blast, but Tails survives this, despite being injured. With N, he manages to do some damage with his fighter jet plane (known as Z-Hurricane, which was built by Tails), but his fighter plane ran out of missiles and machine guns, so he had no other choice but to perform an extremely risky move, known as "kamikaze". Tails urged N to not to do this, but he refuses, knowing that Eggman would destroy the people around Chaos City, even destroying Mobius. Both the Z-Hurricane and the Egg Carrier 2, who was piloted by Dr. Eggman, explodes right upon impact, ending Eggman's full-on assault (even though Dr. Eggman managed to survive) on Chaos City.

Tails rushed over to N, who was severely injured, and picks up the destroyed pieces from the Z-Hurricane, which was piloted by N. Tails tried to save N, but it was too late. N's final words to Tails are "Please... if you find... my older brother... tell him... that I saved Chaos City... and that... I'm... <small>sorry" before he dies. Tails was stricken with sadness, along with Sonic, Knuckles, and the rest of the Mobians, after Tails told them that N stopped Eggman from destroying Chaos City, but he paid the ultimate price: his life. A memorial statue of N the Hedgehog was then created at the Chaos City airport to remember him for his heroic efforts of stopping Eggman. N's unique fighter plane, the Z-Hurricane (which was destroyed), was then salvaged into Tails' Workshop, for Tails to remember him.

After the death of N, J's younger brother, J wonders where his brother went, and the President of Chaos City told him that he didn't make it, and that his life was sacrificed to save Chaos City from the clutches of Dr. Eggman. J was devastated to hear this and he rushes over to find him, only to see a statue that was lying along at the Chaos City airport. J was so sad that he lost his only brother he had in his entire life, and sees that N's death took place at teh airport, where N fought bravely and defeated Dr. Eggman, but also costing his life.

The memorial statue of N the Hedgehog has words that are engraved to the statue:

"N has successfully defeated Dr. Eggman and has saved the people of Chaos City. We will never forget him for his bravery and his amazing piloting skills Tails has taught him. It is with deep sadness that N has sacrificed his life to save Chaos City, and all the people around Mobius. N 'Ned' the Hedgehog: A great friend, a great pilot, a great brother, and a great family. R.I.P"


It is unclear how did N was brought back to life. However, this was caused by the G.U.N officers, who has recovered his body, and N's engraved statue remains at the Chaos City airport since then. N passed away once again in X Years Later (he was 65), because due to his lack of immortality, he died from his old age, rendering him completely weak and also prone to heart attacks.

Alternate Counterparts

Sir "Ariel" Type-R

Ariel appears in the Sonic and the Black Knight: The Revenge of King Arthur as a secret character, as well as in Sonic and the Black Knight: The Return of King Arthur. Like his older brother, Joseph (who forms into any kind of vehicle he can turn into), Ariel transforms into any types of a fighter aircraft, unlike Joseph V12, who is inferior to aerial attacks. Most of his friends call him Ariel, since his "Type-R" name was rarely used, despite his logo on his metal-plated chest.


  • N is one of two characters that cannot be turned into a Robian, which explains his story.
  • It is revealed that N's real name is "Ned Sinh Abil", according to his ULF profile, even though he isn't technically one of the Ultimate Lifeform siblings, due to his lack of Chaos abilities without first using a Chaos Emerald.
  • The reason why N isn't an ULF sibling, unlike J, is because he wasn't technically chosen and the fact that he lacks Chaos powers renders him weak, unless he's using a Chaos Emerald.
  • Like J, N has never encountered his Moebian counterpart.
  • Unlike his older brother, N can only understand a few languages, but not Malay, despite the fact that he was born, obviously, in Malaysia.


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