"Robotic duplicate of Mystic Monkey."

Biographical Information
  • Unknown
  • Metal Mystic
Physical Description
  • Robot
  • N/A (referred to as male)
  • Steampunk theme
  • Bronze armor plating
  • Phonograph ears that double as Parabolic antenna
  • Long chain tail with weight
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • "Dark"
  • Speed type character
  • Ball joints
  • Technokinesis
  • Spring heels
  • Mystic's skills

Mythril (also known, but not identified as Metal Mystic) is the evil "robotic counterpart" of Mystic Monkey. Similar to Metal Sonic being the robotic duplicate of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Conception and creation

"I admit, never really intended to make a "Metal Mystic" since it seemed like a cheap idea thats been done over to rip-off Metal Sonic. However because I like the word "mithril" because it is a mysterious metal, it kinda suits as a name for a robot Mystic Monkey. I decided to give the idea of Mystic Metal a try but to give him quirks that make him both different yet relate to Mystic Monkey. I am also a fan of Doctor Who (Especially David Tennant) and when the interior of the TARDIS changed in Series 5 it inspired me with the idea to make Mythril more steampunk in appearance than a recolour of Metal Sonic or something like that. While I had ideas for this steampunk robot monkey I couldn't decide on details so I asked my good friend to design the look. But asked her to base his feet after Metal Sonic from both a parody of Mystic's shoes being based on Sonic's and the funny idea that Mythril made off with Metal Sonic's feet."
Mystic Monkey sez


Born in Mad Gear Zone after Mystic accidentally fell into the same machine that restored and upgraded Metal Sonic. The machine attempted to "restore" Mystic but failed, discarding him to the bowels of the zone.

Mystic wandering the facility found to his suprise a robot double of him that was created from the Mad Gear machines failed attempt to upgrade him. All of Mad Gear Zone was made to restore Metal Sonic. Since Mystic was not him it inadvertedly created an incompleted robot from the likeness of Mystic.

Decided that naming the robot after himself with the title "Metal" is stupid and finding it harmless, took pity on it and named it "Mythril". When the robot reconised Mystic it initiated it's evil identidy crisis programs and attempted to attack Mystic. Mystic avoided the robots attack and easily dispatched it, but couldn't make sure if it was destroyed as it was lost in the abandoned mechanisms and pipes of the Cog Trap.

Mythril survived and exploring abandon bases upgraded himself over time with scrap metal and technology from broken robots and machines while also learning more on his heritage as one of Eggman's robots.

He eventually stowed away on the Sky Deck of the Egg Carrier where Metal Sonic confronted him. Despite being an inferior robot, throughout his automated adventures, Mythril has found one of Grand Kingdoms lost treasures, the Ktuga, a leathal piercing sword. With this sword Mythril was able to cut through Metal Sonics tektite legs cleanly removing his feet to defeat Metal Sonic however the fight was too much as it powered down.

Dr. Eggman took the robot, amazed at how it's primitive steam powered engine kept it going so long. Examing it's hard drive he identified his creation. He decided to recolour Metal Sonic's feet that were broken off and crafted them onto Mythil to match those of Mystics. Ever since then Mythril has been loyal to Dr. Eggman and defends the abandon bases of Dr. Eggman for the glory of the Eggman Empire.


During battle he is aggressive and very cold hearted, but he is also very loyal. As he is strongly loyal to Dr. Eggman. However at times he also tends to dessert the field of battle asserting himself in his assigned functions in order to fulfill his missions which usually leads to fighting Mystic or attacking other heroes. His purpose for fighting Mystic is his primary program, which ever he believes Mystic to be the copy or not is something he is either confused or doesn't really care about, that he perhaps just wants to destroy Mystic.

Due to his direct approach he is a robot of small words, rarely requesting anything of aid or personal use (Other than to be reconized by the name Mythril) and tends to be absent most of the time to benefit his goals of destroying Mystic. Due to his unknown nature for this hunt makes him more dangerous.

Abilities and Equipment

Mythril is a robotic clone of Mystic just as acrobatic and capable as Mystic Monkey is, however there are some things which stand him out from him.

Bronze plating
Basic metal body made from scraps at Mad Gear Zone and other various junk yards left by the Eggman Empire.

Steam Engine
A small steam engine that keeps him going and causes him to stutter as his inner mechanisms work.

Ball joints
All of Mythril's joints are ball-jointed which allows him to fully rotate his arms and legs to many angles impossible by Mystic or most living things. His major ball joint is fixed in his very center which allows him to fully rotate his upper or lower body separately.

Mythril's own sword, given he inherited Mystic's skills with swords as well.

Due to his satellite/phonograph ears, Mythril can "listen" to computers and access machines for his purposes. Such as hacking into computers or opening automated doors and such. Mythril also has control over some robots.

Modified feet
Taken from Metal Sonic and recoloured. Apparently provide him more balance than his old feet. Can be comparible to Mystic's Custom Shoes.


Mythril is a bit of a rogue, he will sometimes "wanders off" and as preprogrammed seek and destroy Mystic Monkey.

Doctor Ivo Robotnik

SNN article: Doctor Eggman

Mythril is loyal to Doctor Eggman because by default programming reconise him as master. On his mobile base, the Egg Carrier, Dr. Robotnik observed the fight between Metal Sonic and the intruder steampunk robot of similar design. He believed that this robot was no match for his best robot and it seemed that way as Metal Sonic almost destroyed the intruder. However Mythril won the battle but was almost destroyed.

Doctor Eggman had interest when this robot showed up and restored it after it's fight with Metal Sonic, even with little acquaintance with Mystic Monkey. He welcomes Mythril to his Eggman Empire. Dr. Robotnik doesn't mind if Mythril come and goes as he pleases since in comparison with his entire Badnik armada, he allows Mythril to patrol his abandon bases.

Metal Sonic

SNN article: Metal Sonic

The two met in combat when Mythril was wondering below the Sky Deck of the Egg Carrier. During the fight Doctor Eggman showed up and observed. He believed Metal Sonic would win as Mythril was being beaten. However Mythril suddenly turned the fight around with his sword cutting the feet off Metal Sonic making him loose balance and driving his sword into him.

Metal Sonic was repairable with a new set of feet while Dr. Eggman repaired the bronze robot and fitted him with Metal Sonic's old feet which he recoloured aqua-green, though odd compared to his steampunk body. Metal Sonic seems "content" when Mythril goes wandering off.

Mystic Monkey

Main article: Mystic Monkey

Since it was Mystic's DNA Mythril has inherited, his programming is to based himself after Mystic Monkey. Not just to adapt and improve his skills but to be the evil robotic counterpart of him. His programmed hatred for Mystic was also fueled when Mystic tried to destroy the robot when it was in his crucial development state after accepting his DNA. Because this was disrupted and he was damaged he had to make do with recycled old materials and junk at the foundation of Eggman Nega's base, thus the steampunk look.

Mystic and Mythril tend to just fight without reason other than Mystic can't reason with a robot ordered to fight him. When Robotnik or Nega has not assigned them to fend off Mystic, Mystic and Mythril may sometimes meet and fight in the ruins of the Eggman Empire and other such abandon factories and bases.


  • Mythril is a portamantue of the name Mystic with the word mithril and it is to sound like the later. Despite the fact that Mythril is not made from the actual metal.
  • In the game Sonic and the Black Knight, one of the items you can get for the treasury is 'mithril'.
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