Dame (later Queen) Mythika Panthera is a 15 year old leader sage (a type of guardian), who resides in Syrisi, a "dual" planet in comparsion to the Mobius planet and universe, although she was born in a distant planet called Fiorers.

Mythika's Childhood

Mythika was born as the daughter to the first sage that lived, Koyborn Panthera, and a Fioreren resident, Sybil Panthera. She was raised in a rich lifestyle due to her mother inheriting most (about 2/3) of her father's money, and had a happy life, and had a good relationship with her mother and father, who wasn't around most of the time due to work as a sage.

However, her mother, at a tender age of 7, died of a unknown illness. She was left abandoned as nobody wanted to take care of her, and her father was missing, so she knew if he knew.

At her funeral, she was abroached by a female wolf, called Aleumae Canis, who took her off to the Golden Palace: the main HQ of the Sages. Here, she stayed for 8 years, she took lessons from the other sages: Renia Cynomys taught her martial arts, Kieran Suricate taught her survial training, Tenaxa Rattus taught her Gymnastics, Ventus Buteo taught her cooking and Aleumae Canis taught her Sword fighting.

When she was 15, the Golden Palace was attacked by unknown shadow-like forms. In despiration to protect her mentors, she cast several spells that knocked several shadow forms out of the sky, which then got out of control. When the shadows fled, Aleumae gave Mythika a special necklace with would control her powers to a limit.

Aleumae and the others then told Mythika about the War of the Shadows, a century long grudge between Koyborn, Mythika's father, and Fenrirs. She was surprised to hear that one of old childhood friends, Rowan the Bobcat, was the son of her father's enemy.

Aleumae, with much regret, also told her that Rowan was now fighting with his father against Koyborn, and that he has recruited 5 others to help lead the attack. She also told Mythika that the other sages powers were fading and she also needed new recruits. Mythika then agreed she would find the new recruits for them, which had no objections from the others. Alume, Renia, Kieran, Tenaxa and Ventus each gave her a description of their chosen apprentice to help her recognise each one.

Alume then told her to wait on the glistening, white boulder near The Lake of Green Stones.

Forming The New Sages

When Mythika arrived at The Lake of Green Stones, she is startled by a scent of her mother and she, at first, believes that she has left the Ghost Zone and she is haunting her (She is later told by Aleumae that Sybil tried to form as a ghost to her, but she didn't have the energy). She is then greeted, with suspision, by a young wolf. She recognizes him as Aluemae's apprentice, and she greets him. The other apprentices follow soon after: Kronos the Echidna (Apprentice of Renia), Lili-ya the Echidna (Apprentice of Kieran, and sister of Kronos), Sayber Clawver (Apprentice of Tenaxa) and Hailey the Bat (Apprentice of Ventus). She, along with the others, are visited by the Ancient Sages and they show them the HQ.

She is then visited by the current Oracle, Gaia-kia, in a dream. Gaia-kia praises her and she hoped she would become a good leader but she also warns her of a prophecy: Beware the monster at midnight, for it will cause you pain.

The Battle at Midnight

The prophecy worried Mythika greatly, and she suffered from a slight illness when it was too great. The other sages also noticed that she was acting strange and they all-with the execption of Lupus- tried to make her confess. Lupus was her main source of comfort and she then told him about the prophecy, which he laughed at. This made her feel better and she became good friends with him, and even taught him how to sword-fight.

However, the prophecy did come true but it caused Mythika pain in a different way. When Kronos and Lili-ya went to sparr in the woods , she wasn't worried but told them to come back in a hour. She got slightly worried when they hadn't been back for a hour, but she didn't panic. When two hours had passed, she got greatly worried and she was prepared to go out to look for them. She was surprised when she saw Lili-ya collapsed on the doorstep. She and Hailey gave Lili-ya some sugar tea and Lili-ya, through tears, told that a monster attacked she and Kronos and he had sacreficed himself to save her. Mythika promised her that she would find him, and she went to search for him with Lupus.

While searching for Kronos, she wondered what monster would attack them as monsters were rare in Syrisi. She is also more surprised when she finds Kronos barely injured with a few minor scratches on his torso and unconscious, thinking that he should have been badly injured. She tells Lupus run back to HQ and reassure Lili-ya. She then carries Kronos back to HQ for medical attention.

She becomes increasingly worried by Kronos' movements when he awakens as he is constantly using his crutches even when his bones should have mended (he broke his arm and leg). She contacts Kieran-as he had the most medical training- to check on him, but he reveals bad news to her when she tells him about Kronos lack of feeling in his broken bones. Kieran tells her that Kronos' broken arm and leg have had their nerves cut off from the rest off his body. He then tells her that he would have to undergo a operation to have his limbs removed and replaced with advanced prosthetics as replacements as his limbs will remain useless and they will slow him down. She is also the one to tell Kronos about this infomation, and she promises him that she will think of him as a great warrior for doing it. She is also included in his operation as she has medical experince.

The Ghost Zone/Turning into Negative Mythika

She and Lupus grew closer together as the weeks went by, and they soon became boyfriend and girlfriend when they made it official. She also became good friends with Lili-ya and Hailey, who were like little sisters to her. Although she was already trained, and neared to perfection, she still enjoyed to sparr by testing out her skills. She was also seen by many of the other residents of Syrisi, and she became a known face.

She became disliked at one point when a child had died in a fall from a cliff. The mother begged for Mythika to turn back time and stop the child from falling, even trying to bribe her with jewels and money. Mythika refused and told her that she wouldn't. The news spread around like wildfire and people became wary of her. Ambernette Tygare, her cousin who was visiting at the time, confronted Mythika about this and made her reveal why she would turn her back on a helpless mother. Mythika revealed that it was against the rules to turn back time to stop a person dying as it could make a time explosion as the future would be changed so quickly. Ambernette told her it was possible to and that she was a coward for not even trying. Mythika, hurt by her cousins truthful words, teleported to the Golden Palace.

She is then confronted by Aluemae, who confirms the possibility of turning back time and bringing back the dead as she tells the story about how Koyborn saved Ambernette's father from death by releasing his spirit from the Ghost Zone. Aluemae then encourages her to do it as it will give her experience.


Mythika is mainly seen in one outfit: a yellow, long sleeved shirt, grey trousers, brown and white high heels, brown fingerless gloves, a pearl-and-amythest necklace, and a white cape,with gold lining, which is held by a brown belt. She also wears her black hair down, mostly in single strands.

When she turns into Negative Mythika: her hair turns white, her yellow shirt turns blue, her grey trousers turn darker, her white and brown high heels turn blue and black, her fingerless gloves turn light blue (as well as her belt), her cape becomes black with blue lining, and her eyes turn purple. Her necklace stays the same color, as it has magical powers and it isn't affected with her turning into her super form.

When she gets married to Lupus she wears a ivory white wedding dress, with a long train of the palest blue. She also wears the future Crown of Frostflare Queens, her pearl-and-amythest necklace, and her mother's jeweled rose hairclip. She also wears white high heels, and wears her hair down.

As Queen of Syrisi, she has to wear dresses. She is seen wearing two dresses, one casual and one for grand meetings.


Koyborn Panthera (Father, immortal)

Sybil Panthera (Mother, deceased, nee Ferrume)

Arthur Ferrume (Uncle,alive)

Ingrid Ferrume (Aunt, alive, married to Arthur Ferrume, nee Pyron)

Ambernette Tygare (cousin, alive, married to Tristan Tyagre in 25 years later, nee Ferrume)

25 years later:

King Lupus Frostflare (husband,alive)

Crown Prince Darius Frostflare (son,alive)

Crown Princess Lumaria Frostflare (daughter,alive)


Mythika Panthera's main affinity is time and darkness. She also has some connection with negative energy, shadows and dark matter.

  • She can time travel to different periods in time
  • She can teleport to different planets and places, including other dimensions
  • She can create portals and 'spacial paths'
  • She can turn invisable
  • She can seperate her particles to make herelf intangible
  • She can summon-and also create from scratch- wormholes and black holes

When she travels to the Ghost Zone-and survives- she can summon small groups of ghosts and she can sense unatural forces (such as when she senses Lord Darzinloran in his shadow form). She is also a skilled nercomancer and martial artist. She is also a qualified healer.


Mythika rarely uses weapons and only relys on her powers and her skill on martial arts. When faced with a tough suituation, she will conjure a diamond sword by the name of ' Periculosus' (latin for 'dangerous').


Mythika's surname- Panthera- comes from the scientific name of the panther.

Mythika's name comes from the Fiorers ancient language. Myth in Fioreren is the simpler version of Mytih which has two meanings- ancient and/or wise. Ika is also Fioreren, and it has one meanings- maiden. When combining the two words together, it means- Ancient Madien or Wise Maiden.

When Lupus and Mythika were to get married, they made two weddings. One was based in Fiorer, when they were 16 and it was celebrated with a toast and a dance, and the other was based in Syrisi- when they were 22 and they made it formal.

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