Mystic Zone is a game that takes inspiration from games like the Marvel v.s. Capcom, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle and Dragon Ball Fighterz with specific button inputs for killer combos, and just pressing the
Mystic Zone
Myst Productions
Action/Adventure, Fighting
XBOX One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC
Next in series
Mystic Fever (link will be provided later)

same button over again will result in an “Easy Combo” that is fairly weak but useful for beginners. You can turn it off in the Game Settings. It is the first installment of the Mystic series.


In the main story, a bald bee named Bayard is an ambitious conqueror who has been taking over land in Mobius. However, he ends up wanting more... and, as a result, he decides the best way to do it quickly is to gather the seven Chaos Emeralds. Kennedy the Chaos Tiger, one of their attempting guardians, encounters one of his servants, learning about Bayard's plot. He warns his friends, but Bayard is one his toes, recruiting some familiar faces from some people's pasts, specifically Scarlet's and Mac's....

Aside from the main story campaign, characters have "Origins," which are battles that are exclusive to each character from some point in their history. Arcade Mode also features a usually non-canon side story to each character, also.


Mystic Zone is unique in its style - it isn't a 1v1 or a 2v2 fighting game. Instead, it could be coined as a "1.5v1.5" game. Opponents choose their main characters, the ones they fight with, before choosing an assist character. Assist characters all have three assist that are chosen in the beginning of the match, and you'll need those assists to succeed. There are also character-specific Focus Frenzies, which are activated attributes that can be used once a match.

Mystic Zone/Gameplay <- go here for more detailed info.

Button Scheme

Button Action
Left Analog Stick / D-Pad Movement
Square Button Light Attack (Attack light)
Triangle Button Medium Attack (Attack medium
Circle Button Heavy Attack (Attack h)
"X" Button Special Attribute (Exchange button)
R1 Button Attack light + Attack medium
R2 Button Attack h + Exchange button
L1 Button Assist
L2 Button Focus Frenzy
Touch Pad Taunt
Options Button Pause Game

Button Action
Left Thumbstick / D-Pad Movement
X Button Light Attack (Attack light)
Y Button Medium Attack (Attack medium
B Button Heavy Attack (Attack h)
A Button Special Attribute (Exchange button)
Right Bumper Attack light + Attack medium
Right Trigger Attack h + Exchange button
Left Bumper Assist
Left Trigger Focus Frenzy
Back Button Taunt
Start Button Pause Game

Button Action
Left Stick / Directional Buttons Movement
Y Button Light Attack (Attack light)
X Button Medium Attack (Attack medium
A Button Heavy Attack (Attack h)
B Button Special Attribute (Exchange button)
R Button Attack light + Attack medium
ZR Button Attack h + Exchange button
L Button Assist
ZL Button Focus Frenzy
- Button Taunt
+ Button Pause Game


Assist Only

  • Camille Hartley
  • Marlee Hartley
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Omega
  • Big the Cat
  • Crys the Hedgehog
  • Marlee's Energy Clone
  • Shirley the Echidna


  • Bayard the Bee
  • Blitz the Cheetah
  • Buck the Raccoon
  • Egg Walker
  • Turbo Mecha Sonic
  • Perfect Chaos
  • Hegghog
  • Drained Cluster

Game Modes


  • Training - train against computers to practice wicked combos or test new setups!
  • Tutorial - the game teaches you several basic and some advanced techniques to advance in the game!
  • Combo Challenges - test out your mashing skills to do character-specific combos!
  • Story Mode - the game's story campaign! It has a Hero route and a Dark route.
  • Character Backgrounds - find out about the characters in the game!
  • Local Battle - go toe-to-toe against computers or a friend! To do the latter, two controllers are required.
  • Endless Horde - fight against enemy computers for as long as you can!
  • Boss Mash-Up - fight against either super powered-up computers or bosses encountered in the story!
  • Arcade Mode - fight in a series of battles with one character! Some combinations of points and assists will result in different battles!
  • All-Star Strike - fight against the entire roster, including Assist-Only characters and NPCs!
  • Origins - do battle in characters' unique setups!
  • Replay - watch awesome videos of some cool battles you've had!
  • Gallery - check out art of the characters!
  • Photo Mode - utilize an in-game camera to take pictures with several options and filters!


  • Casual - don't worry about winning or losing - just face off!
  • Ranked - win multiple battles against players of your rank to go to the big boy leagues!
  • Lobby - just chill with your lobby avatars and chat!
  • Cross-Play - fight against people on different platforms then you!


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