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The fan game project is yet to be in development.

The game Mystic Monkey is a vanity project fangame that is likely not gonna happen, but would be the first appearance of Mystic Monkey as a protagonist if it did. The game is still in planning and is yet in development.


The game starts off with Mystic chasing after Nack the Weasel who has stolen one of the sacred swords. As the game and story begins Mystic must take his sword and leave Grand Kingdom for the mainland in hopes to pursuit Nack the Weasel and find the other three swords.

As Mystic visits New Station Square (famously known for when Sonic saved the world from Chaos) Mystic helped a Soleannan shoemaker named Alberto Robert and in return he gave Mystic a pair of customisable shoes made to look like Sonic's Power Sneakers, these shoes allowed Mystic to move faster than his physical capabilities as well as customise with other shoe parts for more abilities.

With these shoes Mystic continued his adventure meeting other heroes along the way, while his abilities as a hero increases.


At times Mystic will meet veteran heroes from the games and some old friends. Besides helping Mystic in his story they also provide missions for Mystic to perform once he has completed the acts of the local zone. Some of these missions which require the hero themselves to be played. They wait at Adventure Fields.


These characters can be unlocked by finishing all the missions in the zones they appear in.

Mystic Monkey

The games protagonist. Long time fan of Sonic and wants to be like him but only started adventuring once Nack the Weasel stole a national treasure to Grand Kingdom and commits pursuit of him throughout the game.

He is the first and default playable character in the game. Because he starts off unfit for adventure, running at full speed causes his Action Guage to diminish and has to stop to rest until his Action Gauge regenerates. But once he gets his first Chaos Emerald then he will no longer suffer from exhaustion.

Action: Blade Swing What Mystic lacks in hedgehog spines, heavy tails or big meaty fists he makes up for it with the sword he carries with him.

Mighty the Armadillo

Not to be confused with his mania-counterpart, he is the first hero Mystic meets, he considers him a legend. Mighty teaches him the Wall Jump maneuver.

He is unlocked by completing all the missions in Forest Zone.

Action: Hammer Drop By pressing the Action button during mid-jump, Mighty will slam down and cause surrounding damage to the impact of his attack.

Amy Rose

She is the first major hero that Mystic will meet. If being glomped then hammered by her is what one calls a "meeting". After her apology she helps him track down Nack who is hiding in the city.

She is unlocked by completing all the missions in Speed Highway Zone.

Action: Hammer Attack Amy brings down her hammer and the shockwaves that she creates destroys nearby enemies and obsticals.

Knuckles the Echidna

A treasure hunter from Angel Island who is in the pursuit of a theif. Believing the theif to be Nack, Mystic assist in his search.

He is unlocked by completing all the missions in Rushin' Roulette Zone.

Action: Punch Attack He throws punches which moves him forward, he can string three punches together which grant him a small dash.

Tidal the Merhog

An old friend of Mystic, they grew up together at Grand Kingdom. They meet in canyon ruins when Tidal got caught in an underground stream. Due to the dry heat of the ruins, Tidal needs help.

He is unlocked by completing all the missions in Sand Ravine Zone.

Action: Splash Attack When the Action Button is held down, Tidal will create a ring of bubbles around him that will offer some protection. When let go he will scatter the bubbles around him which will cause

Shields are automatically Aqua Shields. While he can breath underwater, the shields will protect him from dehydration on the surface.

Blaze the Cat

A mysterious lady Mystic meets at a reactor on a volcano. Turns out they are looking for the same person.

She is unlocked by completing all the missions in Furnace Reactor Zone.

Action: Fire Boost Not as fast as Sonic's boost but has a wider damage range.

Shields are automatically Flame Shields.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Mystic has worshipped Sonic as a hero since he was a kid. Mystic was highly honoured to help his hero. Sonic and Tails is on to Dr. Eggmans latest evil scheme which has little do with with Mystic's story, but would Mystic be side-tracked from his quest?

He is unlocked by completing all the missions in Sky Deck Zone.

Action: Boost Not as powerful as Blaze's boost but is faster.


Mysterious Disembodied Voice

Addressing Mystic from a source of heavenly light, the voice heed Mystic's desire to be a hero and guide him towards the very sword lodged in a large rock. The voice purpose is for tutorial stage and starting players off. Who the voice is can be speculated but will be revealed in later games.

Nack the Weasel

Antagonist of the game, he comes to Grand Kingdom to seek the sacred swords, ancient artifacts that come from Grand Kingdom's history. Nack plans to steal and sell them to the highest bidder in the black market. He is opposed by Mystic Monkey who needs has to stop him and returned the swords to where they belong.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Sonic's friend. Non-playable because I couldn't think of a suitable "Action" for him given his primary ability of flight is jump base. Perhaps unlockable and playable.

Doctor Eggman

Will be obligated in the game, however the majority of boss battles will be with Robot Masters than Eggman himself.


Mystic is unlocked at the beginning of the game and the story concentrates on him. He is also the weakest character to play as but throughout the game you upgrade his custom shoes and his speed and abilities increase to match that to traditional Sonic gameplay from the games. The controls are similar to classic side scrolling Sonic games but the speed, skills and abilities varies depending on Mystic's shoes or who else is the playing character. The zones come in parts (or acts) usually 2 or 3. Nack the Weasel sometimes shows up as a sub-boss at the end of the last acts.

Each playable character has an Action Gauge of various size. Using the Action Button will allow the character to use a special attack at the cost of some of the power in the Action Gauge but the gauge will automatically gradually replenish when not in use. For Mystic Monkey, he started off with a small Action Gauge but it will increase with every Chaos Emerald he gets. Certain accessories will alter how much power is used or replenished from the Action gauge. Given Mystic starts off weak, running will slowly use power from his action gauge and will have to rest until his action gauge is replenished. However once he gets the first Chaos Emerald this will no longer be an issue.

Hub Map

The Hub Map is the Level Select of the game. On the Hub Map screen you can select zones to play through, missions to do and customize Mystic Monkey's shoes.


Just like the majority of Sonic games, there are various levels or "Zones" to play through. Each zone consist of two acts and end with a boss battle. Each zone has various missions that must be unlocked, the first mission being to finish the stage before rhe next stage is unlocked and additional missions for the current stage.

Level Guest character Description
Forest Zone Mighty the Armadillo Forest
Taking place in a deciduous forest of Grand Kingdom.
Speed Highway Zone Amy Rose Urban
Taking place in Station Squares metropolis.
Rushin' Roulette Zone Knuckles the Echidna Amusement
A place consisting of towers and casinos.
Dry Ravine Zone Tidal the Merhog Desert/Underwater
A hot desert canyon while underneith flows an underground river.
Red Hot Zone Blaze the Cat Fire/Industrial
A geothermal power plant located on a volacno.
Sky Deck Zone Sonic the Hedgehog
Miles "Tails" Prower
An elaborate zone that takes place underneith the Egg Carrier.


Missions are various challenges that are available in each zone, usually ranging from completing the stages on specific difficulty, collecting number of rings or perform certain objectives. Some of these missions will permit playing as the guest character exclusively for some missions. Completing all missions will unlock the character as playable throughout the game.

Custom Shoes

Mystic Monkey is given his own pair of custom shoes which will allow him to customize his shoes with "accessories" that grant various skills and strengths. By equipping accessories to the shoes can make the wearer feel as fast as they're physically capable or become more athletic.

Customization is shown as the "Skill Grid", a 3×3 in square grid while accessories take up one or two squares, this will require players to balance out Mystic's skills carefully.

Example of accessories:

  • Speed+ Increase Mystic's speed. Takes up two spaces, stackable.
  • Jump+ Increase Mystic's jump height. Takes up two spaces, stackable.
  • Spin Aline it grants Spin Attack but an be connected with either Jump+ to have Spin Jump or with Speed+ to have Spin Dash. Takes up one space but can only be neighboured with Speed+ and Jump+ accessories.
  • Flame Guard Replaces Barrier Shields with Flame Shields.
  • Water Guard Replaces Barrier Shields with Water Shields.
  • Thunder Guard Replaces Barrier Shields with Thunder Shields.

Throughout stages Mystic will find and earn materials. With Synthesis he can combine two or three materials to make various accessories that grant new abilities such as sword skills or increase movement speed or height in jumps while some skills are purely cosmetic. It is possible to remove or replace skills in order to improove Mystic's abilities. It's possible to have more than one of the same skills while other skills maybe incompatable with one another.

Special Stages

With 50 rings, you can enter the Special Stages and earn Chaos Emeralds. In these stages Mystic Monkey balance on a ball and roll around a flat maze until you finds the emerald. Each emerald will grant a row and column on the Skill Grid (all seven emeralds will grant 10×10). When characters are unlocked you can play the Special Stages as them.

After collecting his first emerald, Mystic will no longer be exhausted from running, allowing the player to freely run without Mystic tiring out.

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