Mystic Monkey was created for more of the purpose as a fan avatar than a character, however as time went by he was shared simular history with me and after a time developed his own stories and became more independant. He is still favourite fan character of mine and widely recognised as him.

Mystic is a forest monkey with dreams on becomming a hero just like his own hero Sonic the Hedgehog who he is a big fan of and greatly admires. (The resemblence is coincidental.) however what he lacks in speed and defensive hairstyle he makes up with his sword and agility. An expert in the art of swordplay as well as a bit of a philosopher.

He was born in Forest Zone, located in the british-themed country Grand Kingdom.

Conception and creation

"Mystic Monkey" is my internet name used ever since the Dreamcast era. It was made into an actual fan character later as a member of Team Psycotix. Ever since he has been used as an independent Sonic fan character as well as internet identity among the Sonic fan community. He also wears shoes similar to Sonic's except toeless allowing him to grip and grab with his toes.

Mystic Monkey is a SegaSonic fan character, being from the same Earth as the original Sonic and where his games take place. However unlike Sonic or his friends, Mystic of yet does not have any games of his own (fan games) but does have stories of his experiance of life on Sonic's world.


Early Life

Mystic Monkey comes from Grand Kingdom, growing up at the Forest Zone under the care of his mother. To begin with Mystic didn't had much confident at a young age but was very curious. However he was soon lost and alone. However someone else was also lost, a Merhog named Tidal. Tidal wanted to help the scared monkey... but eventually they got even more lost. Mystic had enough and with Tidals help manage to find there way home. Mystic earned a sense of confidence and his first new friend Tidal the Merhog. Tidal remained at Misty Lake but the two friends meet regularly Especially at Bridge Zone when on South Island.

First Adventure

Main article: Mystic Monkey (game)

While Mystic explored the Forest Zone, his first experiance with the actual outside world was when Nack the Weasel (also known as Fang the Sniper) visited Grand Kingdom in order to retrieve the Sacred Swords. Mystic was guided by a Mysterious disembodied voice to find a sword of his own lodged in a rock. Against his mother's wishes he still went off on his first adventure to follow after Nack. On his journey he had the honour of meeting heroes he had always admire such as Sonic and learnt many things. He had many fights with Nack as well as becoming a problem to the terrorist Dr. Robotnik. Willing to help Sonic and those who needed him and eventually defeating Nack in battle.


Mystic befriended Team Psycotix, a team of friends who explore around the islands but unlike Mystic who was neutral-good, Psycotix is a neutral-chaotic team of friends, he became member and friend of Psycotix regardless of his oddities with the groups comical adventures (if anything he was rather odd himself) and learning how to mess and take advantage to the gameplay elements of Sonic's world.

Psycotix is not fan fictional from me, They are my friends fan characters who permit me for fanfiction use. (Unless they want me to change something written about them here!)

Black Emerald

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Eggman Nega (Who is now more portait as a futuristic alchemist than a scientist) kidnapped Mystic to be used as an organic living component for creating a Chaos Emerald entirely out of negative properties so that it only grants negative chaos energy. While it takes strong will over the Chaos Emeralds to use Chaos Powers, the creation of the black Chaos Emerald severed Mystic's ability to use the Chaos Emeralds, regardless never using them for chaos powers and pretty much destroying whatever ""Super form" he would of had.

While not as frequent nemesis as Sonic is to Robotnik, Mystic still hates Eggman Nega and willing to help Silver and Blaze to fight against the evil alchemist.

The Black Emerald created had been prophacized eighth emerald in Ancient Echidnan lore. Since lost from the Sol Dimension it had been scattered throughout Earths timeline. It is this emerald that upsets the powers of the Chaos Emeralds.


Mystic has left to a life as an Adventurer to hone his skills as a swordsman and a hero, however decided to stay with his mates in Aquatic Ruins where he had developed a brotherly friendship with Psycotix latest member Pulse the Hedgehog, a mysterious hedgehog Turbo litually fished out of the waters of when he went fishing. The friendship between Pulse and Mystic became so close that he defended him when Pulse was accused of stealing a from Psycotix. Appauled by Turbo's judgement he left Psycotix. Mystic, Pulse as well as friends old and new such as Tidal the Merhog whom he knew since Grand Kingdom, Swifty the Fox and her sister Windy the Fox and Alexiel the Hedgehog. However Pulse mysteriously dissapeared without anyone noticing causing the group to crumble. Though Mystic is still in contact with most of his friends, he now adventures alone but still acompany by friends now and again.


These days Mystic travels. Throughout his adventures he has helped people who need a hero and met other friends and heroes (both fan characters and canon). He hopes to be a reconised hero just like Sonic is and is willing to help him loyaly if he asked. Because of his heroism he is an enemy of the Eggman Empire, fighting evil robots as well as villains. Despite being enemy to Dr. Eggman he respects him as a villain often addressing him by his old name "Dr. Robotnik".

Throughout his adventures, he has met many strangers and made many friends. Some known throughout Sonic's history, others of the fan community. From them he learns such as skills and abilities to improove himself and continues to explore the world. He still carries his sword but uses it when neccisary. Amy Rose who is also a large melee weapon user, taught him how to hide the sword on himself to appear less inconspicuous on his wanderings. He also encounters new enemies unique to him, such as Mythril whom was created in a freak accident when Mystic fell in Mad Gear Zone.

Throughout his adventures, Mystic tries to follow the moral lessons of his heroes such as personal freedom and heroic responsibility. To help others in dire need because it's rightious and to enjoy lifes adventures.


SG Turbofan

Mystic (With the Beginner) training for the EX World Grand Prix.

Mystic usually takes part in dueling tournaments, usually the kind with swords. Mystic also considers events he is sometimes invited too. Mystic doesn't usually take part in foot racing though since he is uncomfortable with not being as fast as other heroes.

It is only recently Mystic took up an interest in Extreme Gear and wanted to participate in the upcomming EX World Grand Prix (Sonic Free Riders). He stayed at Resort Island until the tournament where he trained on the island track (as well as Radical City, Regal Ruin and Reactive Factory). He could not attend the EX World Grand Prix due to expenses.

Paladin Quest

(Production story)

Believing that to be a true hero, he needs to be able to use the Chaos Emerald, Mystic attempts to find a way to use the Chaos Emeralds despite the fact that they are unresponsive to him. Even Shadow the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna who hold great wisdom on the emeralds, do not understand why Mystic is disabled to the powers of the Chaos Emeralds.

Seeking out his answer in a book on what it takes to be a hero, he found himself cast to the World of Camelot (where the game Sonic & the Black Knight takes place.) Here he meet Caliburn the Sword who takes him as a knave to be knight and to master the conflict within him of light and darkness in his heart. He must go on a quest to find the Seven World Rings.

With Caliburn as his teacher, Mystic learned advance skills of the sword. He also discovered that what he lacked with power over chaos, he held a connection with the Long Lost Light of the Sacred Swords. Because of this along with his training as a knave, Mystic surpassed the possition of the knight to that of a Paladin.

From his adventure, Mystic finally unlocked the power to use the Chaos Emeralds and was able to use the emeralds to become Ultima Mystic which in turn allows him to summon Excalibur. (However, he could only wield Excalibur as Ultima Mystic. If Mystic cannot attain his form, Excalibur will return to his dimension.) At a cost though Mystic cannot use the Super Emeralds to achieve a Hyper state, attemption will only achieve his standard super form Ultima.


To date Mystic has not appeared in any games, fan or other. However the characters has been seen throughout the internet (Especialy the Sonic Fan Community) as "my" avatar and second identidy. However their is different versions of Mystic Monkey for Storybook identidies as well as plans for an Archie version of Mystic with a much different backstory than his canon story.

He is planned to appear in his own game Mystic Monkey however this game maybe canceled.


While serving as a persona to his creator, by default he has rights to voice him. However Stephen Merchant is also ideal for the voice of Mystic Monkey.


Mystic is a kind hearted guy who learned from heroes such as Sonic about the importance of freedom and responsability, however living a sheltered life didn't give him much experiance of the world outside Grand Kingdom. He later learned that general people have there faults but despite misanthopic ideas he is willing, as a hero to defend all that need his help.

It is Mystic's goal to become a hero just like Sonic and his friends. While he is not as fast or got any particular abilities, his skills with his sword and agility gives him the edge to keep up with the expectations to become a hero, even willing to put his life on the line when others are just in trouble, no matter the cost.

Another desire of his which he usually keeps to himself, is to be a modern Knight of the Round Table. However even he does not expect this accomplishment since the stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are just legends. That and because he does not consider himself "holy" enough to be one, since he is atheist.

Of course, the most noticeable of Mystic's dispositional characteristics is his Napoleonic denial of his muridae resemblence. Even in moments of relative composure, any and all references to his apperance cause him to violently lose control of his emotions and lash out both verbally and physically. Distinctive to these outbursts is Mystic's tendency to take even the most casual mention of his muraidae apperance as a gross insult and interpret it exaggeratedly, mistaking words as simple as "rodent", "rat" or "mouse" and the like. Those unfortunate to mistake him for any sort of rodent are fated to suffer one of his vindictive tantrums. One of the major causes of this mistake it his nose, an inherit trait not common among his monkey species. This is due to him being a shug monkey which is a mythological species of monkey that is hybrid to dog.

Skills and Abilities

Mystic does not have any special abilities or powers that makes him stands out such as usual catagorised Speed, Power or Fly (Though he counts as a speed type character). Mystic is also unable to use Chaos Powers (besides premature Super transformation). What Mystic lacks in special powers he makes up for blade, intellect and skill. Being a fan of Sonic makes him improvise to keep up, especially in defense such as using his sword to attack instead of an effective hairstyle.

Throughout his travels Mystic has trained in the art of the sword as well as learning different forms of sword arts from his travels through different places and cultures. Everything new he learns he applies and thus has a sort of mixed formed, with his original swordsmanship he picked up from his master.

Free Running
A skill that is second nature to Mystic, being that he is a monkey. Freerunning is a form of urban acrobatics in which participants, known as free runners or traceurs, use the city and rural landscape to perform movements through its structures. It incorporates efficient movements from parkour, adds aesthetic vaults and other acrobatics, such as tricking and street stunts, creating an athletic and aesthetically pleasing way of moving. It is commonly practiced at gymnasiums and in urban areas that are cluttered with obstacles.

Enhanced Reflexes
Simular to Chaos Control, Mystic's extensive training with the sword and inspiration of speed has tempered his reflex to such an extent that by his perspective is able to slow down time for himself. However, he can only do this during the heat of battle which is when he can use this skill to deflect bullets and especially useful when he wants to attack living foes without actually causing serious damage to them. It is comparible to Bullet time as this is what the ability itself looks like when Mystic uses this ability.

Super transformation

Main article: Ultima Mystic

The only chaos embued power Mystic is capable of just like Sonic and other heroes he admired that can turn into super heroes. Despite the different name, it is executed just like other super transformations, the seven Chaos Emeralds. (Also 50 rings to sustain the form.)

Long Lost Light of the Sacred Sword
An ability only possible as Ultima Mystic and the reason why he has Excalibur in this form.

Why a sword?

He has a sword because he lacks a natual defence that Sonic and his friends have, especially when it comes to something as simple as a Spin Attack. Usually characters like hedgehogs or echidnas have spines which is their natual defences and with such speed these defence can become offense in attacks. Mystic lacks such defence which he requires a weapon to make up for this. Instead of a more practical weapon like a gun, he chosen the sword as a favoured weapon that he is familiar with.

Mystic is trained in Swordsmanship, especially different styles from his travels. These are the weapons he uses. Like Amy Rose with her Piko Piko Hammer, he is able to carry a sword on himself or to have his hands free, with his tail. Mystic often practice his natual skills for defence so not to be too reliant on a weapon but would still need to fight with his sword if his own strength is not enough.

His sword

Best description of his own sword is it's simplicity. It resembles the Clarent, which is just an old rusty sword used by Sonic in Sonic and the Black Knight. However unlikes Sonic's training sword, Mystic's sword is in a much better and cared for condition making it good for all his battles. It was originally an ornamental, yet rather ancient sword made in Grand Kingdom.

This is Mystic's default weapon.


SNN article: Corrougue

An ancient sword that once belonged to his teacher who taught him how to use a sword to begin with. It was stolen by Nack the Weasel and Mystic had his first adventure trying to retrieve the sword from him. While Mystic has used this sword as a weapon, he set it at Bridge Zone as a grave monument to his teacher. The weapon is said to have once been wielded by Sir Percival herself in Grand Kingdom, medieval times.


Main article: Caliburn the Sword

While Mystic was born in 20th-Century Grand Kingdom, he has visited 12th-century Grand Kingdom (Where Sonic and the Black Knight took place) Mystic does meet Caliburn and honoured to be trained by him to become a knight. While not as agile as Sonic, the two work well together, Mystic with great respect to his teacher. Caliburn discovers that Mystic has an ability over the Sacred Light and saw potential for him to become a paladin, a holy knight who wields light. Sure enough over time Caliburn dubs him Paladin, Sir Mystic. Since Caliburn belongs to the realm, he promises Mystic that as long as he holds the light, he will assist him when he ultimately needs him.


SNN article: Excalibur

Caliburn is also Mystic's ultimate weapon since Mystic is capable of summoning the "Long Lost Light of the Sacred Swords" for Caliburn to become Excalibur, Mystic's most powerful sword. However, unlike Excalibur-Sonic, Mystic doesn't gain any special armor himself and can only summon and wield Excalibur as Ultima Mystic. Without chaos energy to sustain such power, Excalibur will return to the World of Camelot.



  • Mother
  • ??? (Mystic I) - Father (Nothing is known about him, except Mystic has his fathers name.)


Mystic, like Sonic is a vagabond and never in one place for too long. However he prefers to walk than to run, (expect when running through a Zone or Action Stage.) Along his travels he met fellow heroes and people, some he befriends and most he helps.

Canon characters

Non-canon characters

  • Tidal the Merhog (Childhood friends)
  • Many Sonic OCs
  • Akira Yuki (From Virtua Fighter. They met at Chun-Nan where he taught Epic how to defend himself without the use of his sword)


Canon characters

Non-canon characters

  • Mythril (Robotic duplicate of Mystic created by Eggman Nega)

Alternate versions

Alternate versions of Mystic Monkey from different media of Sonic series and not directly related to Mystic Monkey himself other than being his counterparts.

Comic version

Main article: Mystic Monkey (Comic)

A version of Mystic Monkey who came from the Mobius of the british Sonic the Comic and through the Ring of Eternity relocated to the Mobius of the American Sonic the Hedgehog comics.

His stories take place around the late 90s of both comics productions. His fan comic introducing him can be read here.

Further stories are planned, such as meeting with his No-Zone Support Worker, his anti-self from King Sonics Mobius or his possible erasure from the last Super Genesis Wave which reset the Sonic comics multiverse.

Sonic Boom version

This version of Mystic Monkey resides on Bygone Island although he was from Gothic Gardens. Just as the majority of the cast appears radically different, he wears a grey hoodie bound with sports tape and is taller than average height, second to that of Knuckles. As usual with traceurs (as well as somewhat traditional with Team Sonic) he binds himself with sports tape to prevent his loose fitting hoody from hindering his parkour.

When it comes to team role he is a 'backbone' like character due to his climbing skills. Instead of a proper sword, he wields a special Feather Blade with which allows him to airbend and use such attacks like Razor Wind.

This version of Mystic is friends with Bygone local Perci who, like most guys, has romantic interests in her. Often showing off to her for her attention with little results. Instead Perci often ask him to help him with errands such as maintaining island defences or the study of the monuments. While Perci finds him distracting at times, she still enjoys his company and help.

While he gets along well with Team Sonic, not as much so with Sticks whom he has little patience with her conspiracy theories and finds her annoying at times. He wants to be taken as a serious hero like Team Sonic are regarded as.

Theme Song

Of yet Mystic does not have a theme song, however one is being planned for him based on Bridge Zone theme.

Bridge Zone~ Sonic the Hedgehog(8-bit)

"I dunno why I love this Zone theme. I just seem to feel for the melody and can visualise Bridge Zone as fields, cliffs, classic wooden bridges and waterfalls everywhere that is wonderful. It also sparks different emotions of adventure, hope and happiness to me which are the qualities of Mystic Monkey. Thats why I want to do my best to write lyrics for this Zone theme, remix it and give it to Mystic as his own personal theme."
Mystic Monkey sez


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  • Original story for Mystic Monkey was that comes from South Island, this is changed in favour for Modern Grand Kingdom.
  • His species is Shug Monkey, a half dog, half monkey hybrid which excuse his non-monkey nose and eyes. Shug Monkey being a mythical creature, in the folklore of Cambridgeshire, though said to have the body of a jet-black shaggy sheepdog and the face of a monkey instead of just being a hybrid of dog and monkey like Mystic is.
  • His behaviour to being mistaken for a rat, mouse or any sort of rodent is a reference to Edward Elric who reacts simular when he is accused of being small.
  • Like Amy Rose with her hammer, Mystic can make his sword disappear on person despite it's size.
  • He doesn't have an Arthurian counterpart as he himself is known as the paladin due to his connection with the Sacred Light after training with Caliburn.
  • Despite the 7 Chaos Emeralds being of equal power and value, Mystic's favourite emerald is the grey/white emerald simply because of it's colour and glow.
  • Mystic's favourate beverage is Coca-Cola Jet Cola, often enjoying it after or between adventures. His favourate food is hamburgers, preferably with cheese. His interest in them can be comparable to Sonic's love for chili dogs. He hates bananas. Mystic is also known to try different dishes from the various shops in Sonic Unleashed.
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