In recent Sonic Fanons, the Mystic Beings are powerful living gateways between god(s) and mortal creatures that embody something that makes up the universe. These include elements, emotions, physical interactions, the sea, nature itself, and many more. Mystic Beings are distinguished from others by their eyes glowing and featuring a distinctive power contributing to what Mystic Being they are. Their ranks depend on how many times they evolve and develop, and their powers and abilities depend on their own element and strengths. When a Mystic Being dies, a newborn takes its place as the new Mystic Being.

Mystic Beings born from one Mystic Being is referred to as a "half-borne"; Mystic Beings born from normal parents are referred to as "Normal Borne"; Mystic Beings born to two Mystic parents are referred to as "Full Borne."

Creation Story & Religion


Gaian Mystic Beings' religion is a monotheistic religion highly similar to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, but combines with Native American, African, Japanese, and European beliefs. According to the Gaian Bible, Mystic Beings were chosen Gaians given superior powers by a benevolent supreme god known by many names to support their normal brothers and sisters. They served to protect their normal brothers and sisters from monsters and demons. Gaian Mystic Beings were considered prophets to the God, as a new Mystic Being often speaks with an Angel or their predecessor. They are also believed to be very powerful because of how close to nature and their god they were, and how they had a great respect for life itself and those around them.


Mobian Mystic Beings' religion is polytheistic that originates from the Sonic Games and eventually grew to more complex gods and goddesses. The Mobians have a different believe of how Mystic Beings came to be...

Native Gaian Tradition

In Native Gaian Tradition, a Mystic Being is regarded as a 'chosen soldier' of the god of the planet, and are tasked to protect the people and Guardians from any threat that would mean certain doom. New Mystic Beinga are often given revalations & first develops their powers in their teens, so they follow the Gaian tradition of leaving their parents to find their destiny. Their experiences and interactions with others help them develop their powers and become adults as they travel.

Powers and Abilities

Mystic Beings have their own powers and abilities as individuals. Some Mystic Beings use the powers of the elements depending on which Mystic Being they are, for example, Katniss Peregrine is the Mystic Being of the Sun, so she uses Fire Abilities. Others, Such as Becky Archive, and Cyclone the Hedgehog, use magic for attack. However, some Mystic Beings don't use Magic or Elemental Powers, and must rely on combat using weapons.

Each Mystic Being has a Mystic Ability, which is a power or ability that only one Mystic Being can do while others cannot.

Each Mystic Being also has a Mystic Transformation, which is the Mystic Beings' most powerful form that can be achieved by combining their will with their god's power. It can also be summoned by others when most needed.

List of current Mystic Beings

-Becky the Skyhog, Mystic Being of Love

-Rickie Readsta, Mystic Being of Fire

-Sumac the Skyhog, Mystic Being of Nature

-Queen Maureen the Hedgehog, Mystic Being of Hope

-Oddis Readsta, Mystic Being of Knowledge

-Twilight the Hedgehog, Mystic Being of Shadows

-Katniss Peregrine, Mystic Being of the Sun

-Darcci, Mystic Being of Life

-Cyclone the Hedgehog, Mystic Being of Magic

-Mion Blackheart, Mystic Being of Darkness and Evil

-Taminimo, Mystic Being of Plaque and Disease

-Nathaniel, Mystic Being of Death

-Suzy Tigress, Mystic Being of Pain

-Amber Nights, Mystic Being of Courage

-Akuma Hellfire, Mystic Being of Ghosts

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